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Lance Louis confident O-line will ''correct'' protection issues

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Allowing 10 sacks to the Giants and getting their franchise quarterback concussed might seem like a reason to think the Bears have some critical pass-protection issues. But to the Bears it was one game, one loss.

''We just had a bad game,'' guard Lance Louis said. ''We missed some things -- things that easily could be corrected.''


''Like technique ... feet. That's a big part,'' Louis said. ''Feet not being right. You miss a step or two and you get beat. You can get that corrected. But things happen. This is the NFL. It happens.''

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when is the last time a team allowed 10 sacks in 1 game?
it doesnt happen quite as often as Louis thinks...that game was straight up - embarrassing!

A bad game? Cutler has been getting pancaked since he got here. He was on the dead run last year, roughed up during preseason, battered in the first three games this year, and finally finished off in game four. Bad game? The Bears are concussed from the owner down.




Please stop talking to these so called lineman. They should be wearing bags on their heads. I don't want to hear them talk I want to see them play like men, not scared cats.

Well, Louis didn't personally get beat for 10 sacks, but he is a bit young and inexperienced to be asked to be the spokesperson for the Oline.

They have had major protection issues for years. This line has been bad sense the preseason. I sure they will have better moments and i doubt we will see anything like we did with the Giants. But don;t say this right before you play against a Carolina team that has a couple of sacks from their defensive line and thats it. Do it against the Vikings line, the Jets, the Pats, the Phins, etc.

Don't pick one of the worstteams in football to make a false claim. How about the running issues when are you going to fix those? Don;t give me that one game garbage either. Protection is half their job and they can't even get that right. A cockroach couldn't squeez through the run lanes they arn't opening.

Is Olin going to come out next and tell me how great Omiyale is again for the third time? "He is going ot be a great guard" "He is going to be a great tackle" 0 for 2 Olin.

How about this, put your damn hands on sombody, I saw at least 5 plays where Bears linemen and TE's litterally missed touching anyone. Olin and Garza both missed a 320 pound run stuffing DT who has no speed and let him land on Cutler. Are you kidding me?

Ive felt olin is over rated and is known for being locker room bully.I think he is a cancer to the lines masculinity,how can these guys be tough and grow some marbles if hes constantly keeping them in check think about that

Listen, I understand everyone has literally flown off the bandwagon already and I don't blame them after Sunday Night. It was disgraceful. But that does not mean it will happen every week. We have to look at the whole picture. Whether you care to admit it or not, the Bears went into that game on a short week after an emotional win against Green Bay. They weren't ready to go and they played like it. Still, the defense is healthy and playing very well. They have yet to surrender three touchdowns in a game and they won't against Carolina.

Mike Martz is stubborn but not an idiot. The tape shows that his play call adjustments were right, the execution was not. He knows the Bears need a stable showing Sunday and Todd Collins is experienced enough to manage the game. They don't need a stellar performance. Maybe 180 yards and a touchdown will suffice. Feed Matt Forte and Chester Taylor, no matter how many times it looks like the line is getting no push, and be content with kicking field goals when they come. We have the most accurate kicker in the league, lets use him. Stop the run, harass Clausen and get to next week with W. Not pretty, but it works against bad teams.

EJ85 stop with the short week, it was 24hrs. We are in week 4 and 1 day is going to make that big of a difference? The only emotional win they got against GB is them thanking GB for losing the game, the Bears did not win the game. I like the idea of Taylor pounding the ball but Forte is not showing anything to warrant that many carries. If you really want to run the ball activate Bell and sit Forte.

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