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Kurt Warner stresses quick decision-making

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On an appearance on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning, former St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner outlined the course of action for when his offense was under duress.

"There's a lot of different approaches," Warner said on ESPN 1000 Chicago. "In a situation like that for me, get everybody out in a route, and I'll get the ball out quick.

"Let the playmakers make plays."

Warner wasn't fleet-footed, so he thrived because of his ability to anticipate and quickly release the ball.

Last night, against the New York Giants, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was sacked an NFL record nine times in the first half. Not surprisingly, he was knocked out of the game with a concussion.

Warner said a key to the Mike Martz offense is to make quick decision.

"You can't sit back and wait for the big play," he said.

Certainly, the Bears offensive line didn't do Cutler any favors; Giant defenders were coming at him from all angles.

The Bears gained a solid five yards per run in the first half, but they only dialed up seven runs.

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I have to admit, I thought we would see quite a few quick hitting plays from out of the back field or over the middle.

Maybe it needs to be explained to Jay, take the snap and throw it quickly before taking three full steps back.

Warner worked well with this type of offense because of interpreting Arena football. That is a fast pace game. Therefore Martz's offensive game is an extension of that.

The Bears backed into their three previous wins and their lack of coaching has caught up with them once again. I don't know what Lovey has on the McCaskies but he should be thrilled for whatever it is?

Cutler was definitely hanging onto the ball for too long but I don't know how much of that was due to poor decision making on this part, fear of getting killed, or already being knocked senseless and not knowing up from down. My guess is a little of the first two with a lot of the last one.

There is a reason the broncos traded cutler. Why trade a walking god for orten???? Who is performing very well.....go figure. How's that happen, luck, I dont think so! The system broke and are they running for the bus or from the bus?

Thrived? Warner can zip his lip. When has Warner ever been good when he wasn't on a team with a loaded offense.

When the Rams line started fading and Warner kept getting hurt. Martz benched him and his quick decision-making. Why was he getting hurt because he kept getting pounded into the ground. Behind a good line he was sacked 40 times a season. How was that 2002 season for Warner? Or 2003 when he started 1 game as a backup because he was replaced.

13:45 Left in the second QT. Olsen blows a block on a QB dash, Cutler gets leveled by Osi. Cutler gets up and doesn't know where he is on the field. The Bears send him out to take more of a beating. Dude had Cobb Webs in his head for most of that first half. Make quick choices when you don't even know where you are?

Cutler had 3 recievers and TE defending him in Bodyguard positions and they couldn't protect him. Giants had 3 recivers covered with 5 and 6 defenders. Make quick choices?

2 TE's in Max protect who can't block. Make quick Choices?

7 Step drops when you can't even make a 5 step drop. Make quick Choices.

Can't run the ball and keep a defense honest. Make Quick Choices?

Not every team has 3 pro bowlers on their Oline, Marshall Faulk, Tory Holt and Issac Bruce.

I gotta quick decision for Warner. Tell Warner to march his *** down to Halas hall and try his luck on this team. He knows the offense.

Ask yourself this Sean. If Collinsworth was wondering if something was wrong with Cutler early, and David Haugh, Jim Miller and the 670 crew all thought something was wrong with him and even I thought something was wrong with him. What the heck where the Bears doing sending him out there. Cause it was pretty clear to most of us he was hurt. Heck Collins didn't even know he was going to play until he was coming out to the field after the half. Your backup didn't know he was going to start the half. What the hell?

Has the Bears medical staff not learned how to do their damn Jobs yet. Williams back and the tragic Adams.

Anon when do qucik hitting plays you have to call them. Their is no quick hitting 7 step drop. The Bears tried a few of them but they got stuffed, so Martz went back to deep drops.

By thew way can someone explain to Hester where to stand. How many times out of the huddle break did Cutler have to tell Hester where he needed to be.

Do you understand the proggression system in the Martz offense? You read deep first and work your way in.

Nice post Bigbear at least some people have a clue.

creighton - you are spot on. Our tight ends Olson and manomualenua (sp) failed us miserably. Especially Olson our fears came true last night with his blocking abilities. let's see if Lovie sits him this sunday. Trap game coming off a big win against the Pack doesn't help.

Read most of the online Trib and Suntimes this morning.

As I predicted on the Suntimes in-game chat last night, no one (other than blog post commenters) is demanding Angelo's resignation....or even suggesting that it is appropriate.

After a debacle like last night, how is that possible?

These guys (Angelo and Lovie) have essentially gotten a free pass since the middle of 2006 from the mainstream press. There have been articles / columns here and there criticizing in-game decisions or the occasional draft bust - but nothing that gets at the root cause of the problems with the Bears.

They cannot consistently draft and cannot consistently coach. Assistant coaches and players leave (or are fired or released) and flourish elsewhere. Is that a coincidence? I think not.

Now we have Angelo - AFTER THREE FRICKIN' YEARS - finally admitting that maybe, just maybe, they haven't been up to snuff on their evaluation of how to run a football franchise. That's after he and Lovie have pocketed millions and millions of dollars.

How is it possible that armchair commenters like me (and many others that have been commenting here and elsewhere for years) have noticed this incompetence but no one in the press or in ownership notices - or has the guts to write it in the paper?

I'm not talking about bad draft picks here and there or firing competent coaches occasionally, but GROSS incompetence in the management of a professional football team.

Even giving these clowns 2006 (which would have turned out much better if Griese had started the Superbowl and Lovie hadn’t forced Rivera to play Cover 2 after Daniel Manning missed an assignment in the first quarter of that game that led to a Reggie Wayne touchdown), there have been THREE YEARS of stupidity that has gone unchallenged by those that have the power to put the bright lights, not on the occasional gaffe, but on obvious incompetence.

Can someone please explain to me what the purpose of sports reporting is? Is it to simply spout the company line with the occasional criticism, as long as you never ask the “big” questions – like does the head coach or GM have any basic understanding of how to manage a franchise or prepare their players for games. Is mismanagement year after year to be accepted as “just the way things go sometimes” or “we had some bad breaks/bad luck”.

Doesn’t a reporter have the duty to explain to fans why certain franchises are sucessful every year despite injuries, free agency, player turnover, coaching changes, etc. and yet the Bears are mired in the occasional playoff appearance followed by 5 years of mediocrity syndrome?

The problem as I see it, was as much Cutler wanting 6-7 seconds as it was the O-line. The last two weeks he seems incapable of making a decision in less than 5 seconds.

The BEARS were beaten as a team yesterday by one who was much hungrier and desperatlety needed a win. Martz's play calling and Cutler holding the ball too long were cause for most of the sacks. There were times that he had protection but no one was open, he needs to throw those balls away to save the down, distance, and his body. One-loss does not a season make just like 3 wins don't make a season. We need to improve upfront on the O-line for sure, like what I saw out of Edwin Williams who came in for Garza who had an off night to say the least, saw a bit of the 7th rounder Webb in the game also, but calling plays without trying to establish some kind of run against the Giants last night was a big mistake. They did all their damage with a 4-man rush primarily, although Cutler went out after the corner blitz by Ross. Looks like it Hanie this week in Carolina....Go BEARS


Last night you tweeted you bet Todd Collins would get the ball out quicker than Cutler. How did that work out for you?

Sean how is the wait going at Halas hall? You should go knock one the doors where they are holding their meetings. Just keep knocking and say things like Candy Gram, Pizza, Land Shark.

The Bears couldn't wait to meet the media last week. What's up, they still trying to figure out what to say about the O-line?

Sense you are their can you ask a question for me. With less than a minute in the half and Bears on the 19, with Cutler having had his face kicked in for a half. With Cutler sitting on the sideling at one point licking his face and his eyes going in two different. Please ask why was Cutler sent out their for the final minute of the half and why in the Blue hell was he droping back to pass? Hand the damn ball off and get out of the half.

I agree this time with Creighton and also want to say this team lacks talent/depth. That is a reflection of the GM and don't know many Coaches out there that would do better with the talent this team has. I am not saying the coaches are great, but do want to point this out since everyone blames Lovie and the coaches. The talent on this team has been subpar for years and years! Our drafts, a number of free agent aquisitions and personnel moves have been horrific! I would like to see a ranking of GMs and see where JA is ranked!

Actually the bears were getting just what they wanted from the play calling. They had the Giants rushing only 4 people instead of facing multiple blitz packages like they say in the first three games. Only problem is they couldn't stop the 4 rushers and the 7 in coverage took away most of the early routes.

why is Tommie Harris always on his arse? He needs to be traded or cut immediately. The dude doesnt have it anymore. you have Peppers on your line demanding the double and you cant beat your guy once. Either decrease his pay or cut him. Hell trade him and Anderson for Haynesworth.

Cutler is a bum....i wont give up on my Bears....See you in Charlotte next week

it was just plain foolish for Martz to keep calling plays where Cutler had to drop back 7-steps and play where it was important that he had to wait for pass plays to open up. the "arrogance and pompousity" of Martz was on high display yesterday,and it almost got our QB killed.

On the other hand, Jay should have went to Martz and said- "Look, I'm getting killed out here, dropping back passing, how about we throw some screens, quick hitters and a few runs until we get a better handle on this game?

Lovie should shoulder a portion of the blame for NOT telling Martz to change up his attack, because we are getting killed out there AND we afre only down 3-pts. As the head coach, you have to be in charge of the ENTIRE team.

The offensive line should be totally ASHAMED of their performance, The Giants were rushing-

4 men! Which meant it was 4 against 5- most of the time and often times a TE and RB blocking, as well. If 5- can't contain- 4, or 6, can't contain 4 defenders, it's time to re-evaluate what you have.

lastly, blame Angelo for going into this season w/o adequately addressing the "O"- line, except for marginal free-agents and using a "band-aid" approach to the line.

After a 3-1 record, 2- nationally televised games, The bears WILL NOT be sneaking up on anyone, anymore this season.

Carolina is in the very same position as NY was. The Bears will facing ANOTHER hungry, desperate and in need of a win, team.

Martz, Lovie, Mariucci, better "ADJUST" their game plan, or sign a few more QB's...

{sorry if this double-posts}

Consider that this happened against a mediocre team. The Giants don't have a great defensive line or a great defense in general. This is exactly what many of us expected when the Bears did nothing to improve the offensive line in the offseason and after the way it played during preseason and the first three games. What's surprising is how the Bears could win the fist three games as bad as the line blocked. The Giant game is more like what can be expected with this miserable ownership and management.

Consider that this happened against a mediocre team. The Giants don't have a great defensive line or a great defense in general. This is exactly what many of us expected when the Bears did nothing to improve the offensive line in the offseason and after the way it played during preseason and the first three games. What's surprising is how the Bears could win the fist three games as bad as the line blocked. The Giant game is more like what can be expected with this miserable ownership and management.

Everybody has the answers when they're sitting on the side line or behind the TV screen instead of playing. Warner played the game and getting that ball out quick is important. The one quick pass to Olsen in that Dallas game stopped all the pressure. Cutler had chances to make it happen Sunday but held the ball too long. I'm a Cutler fan and I want to see him stay healthy but he has got to throw the ball when his back foot hits the ground. We all know the offensive line is still a work in progress. That balls needs to come out of there fast or this is what happens, 10 sacks. I still believe it will be a good season...Go Bears!!!

Yes Angelo shares some blame for the O-line debacle, but everyone here seems to want to let Mike Tice off the hook for some reason. According to reports here and elsewhere, it was Tice who said he didn't want aging veterans coming in and taking away from his ability to "teach" and "mold" young guys into what he wants. I realize building a good o-line is not a 4 game process, or even a 1-year process, but it's got to be faster than this, fer cryin' out loud. It was a big mistake not to bring in some more experienced guys up front and it's coming back to haunt him.

Cutler was the main problem not Martz!

The seven step drops get a lot of mention, but what most of you fail to realize is that in Martz's system the QB is not supposed to take seven steps and then decide who's open. Once QB/Cutler gets to the seven steps the ball is supposed to be out! Cutler wasn't doing this on 5-steps, or 3-steps.

I think what a lot of you fail to understand is that in Martz system the QB is not supposed to "throw to the open WR." Rather he's (QB) is supposed to throw the open window. Cutler is trying to play this system by what he sees, not by timing.

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