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Jimmy Clausen planning to visit Notre Dame during the bye

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen is naturally disappointed that he didn't have more success at Notre Dame.

He headed to the school with hopes of national titles, but he had to settle for a victory in the Hawaii Bowl. In addition, head coach Charlie Weis was ousted.

"It was definitely hard, and not the way I wanted it to be for coach Weis," Clausen said. "But at the end of the day, he's moved on and I've moved on from there, and he's having a great start, so far, and things are going all right."

Weis is now the offensive coordinator of the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.

Clausen said he's talked to new Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly a few times, and he plans to return to his alma mater for the first time since his NFL Pro Day during the Panthers' bye weekend. The Fighting Irish host Western Michigan next Saturday in South Bend.

"I'll be going back next week, to watch the game and see my buddies," Clausen said. "I enjoyed my time there. Some people may say otherwise, but it was one of the greatest experiences of my life, going to school at Notre Dame and being a student athlete there."

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People of Chi Town

Why is that you are so hard on this team.The bears are 3-1 they got there butts kicked one game. They have a good possibility of winning this one even with Todd Collins. I reside here in Buffalo loving the bears since 1984. How about being excited the bears are leading the division

People are excited Garry and it will be hard for the Bears not to make the playoffs. But their is a difference between a good year and a good team. People are made right now because the QB is getting killed and some of us like Jay and are tired of seeing him get beatup.

This team doesn't really have a big future about once every 4-5 years the Bears make the playoff's and then it's back to medicore land. This usually happens becuase after a few bad years managment goes on a spending spree and brings in a big FA or two. Sometimes through trades sometimes with money. But it doesn't fix the drafting problems. Consistant teams draft well and the Bears are as bad as gets at drafting.

The talent and leadership on this team is mostly in it's 30's and behind them their does not seem to be much help on the way.

On defense: Urlacher, Briggs, Tillman and Peppers. The fact that are cutting linemen mid-season tells you what they think of some of their draft picks. Players they claimed where rising stars.

On offense You have Cutler, I would love to say Forte but he is three years into his career and every year he gets worse at running and becomes more of a reciever. You Olsen who is not really even a TE anymore he is a hybrid reciever. He is also the best reciever on the team and believe it or not that is not a good thing. Lance Louis is their best offensive line prosepect and I think he has a chance to be decent. Decent?

Your core offense is a Stud young QB (good), a recieving RB, a hybrid TE/WR, a decent RG prospect, and a Knox a limted reciever. And the best player on offense is getting killed. It is not hard to see the problems on this team.

What you seem to be missing is this is typical Bears. It's been like this for 20 years. We usually have pretty good defenses in this town, what the organization seems unable to do is build an offense. 4 playoff apperances sense Ditka. Are you kidding me?

Remember the 05 and 06 Bears? Was that team built through the draft?

The the three defensive Captains where either hold overs or from a trade.

On defense you had Urlacher, Iron Mike Brown, and Goon. The Chicago Bears under Lovie Smith would never make the playoffs without Urlacher. They never have. When Brian has a bad year the defense has a bad year. He is that good depite what some Butkus desiples think.

On offense Jones, Tait, Miller, Brown, Kruetz, Garza, Clark, Moose, etc.

Everyone knows you don;t build through free agency. Cause it is a short term fix. You will be incinsistant and won;t go to the playoff's very often.

To Quote Angelo when he was hired. "This organization will be known for it's drafting, that will be are trade mark we will be the drafting team in the NFL." Do you know why he said that? Because even back then the Bears where bad at drafting. They still are. It gets a little old for some of us after a few decades. Ever sense they broke up the front office from the 80's, this team has had problems drafting.

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