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Jay Cutler talks timing

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said developing the timing with his receivers is ongoing.

"I think it's always going to be a process, not only for me, but also for the receivers," he said. "They've got to be at the right spot at the right depth at the right time against the right coverage. There's a lot of variables involved and it's a process.

We're still going through it."

The play of the receivers hasn't always looked sharp, but Cutler expressed confidence in his group.

"I think we're really good with the receivers right now. I like what they're going out there so they've just got to keep improving every day," he said.

Cutler said offensive coordinator Mike Martz is mindful of several keys during this bye week.

"Mike's aware of everything - the running game, getting the ball out of my hands a little quicker, helping out the offensive line," Cutler said. "There's a lot of things."

Finally, Cutler downplayed any criticism directed at him.

Asked if he ever listens to it, including if it comes from a Hall of Famer, Cutler said, "No.

"I don't listen to anything. I listen to what's happening inside our building. There's so many distractions out there, we've just got to hold ourselves up and concentrate on what we're doing and listen to our coaches and go from there."

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Oh no he di'nt ! "we'll go from there" ? Is Lovie scripting Jay's press conference now ? Please Jay, it's bad enough listening to Lovie drone on and on about looking at film and going on from there,not you too !

Really Jay? What did you and the receivers do during the OTAs and training camp. Please don't attempt to insult our intelligence as Lovie does on a regular and continuing basis!

"Asked if he ever listens to it, including if it comes from a Hall of Famer, Cutler said, 'No.'

'I don't listen to anything. I listen to what's happening inside our building. There's so many distractions out there, we've just got to hold ourselves up and concentrate on what we're doing and listen to our coaches and go from there.'"

Geez, that might be part of the problem. I'm sure Lovie is telling Jay that everything is perfect since they're 4-3 and leading the division, that a 4 interception performance is a "good thing," that all the sacks he's taken are really hugs, that the o-line is just a big, ole' bag of juicy, happy peaches...

Why I even bet Lovie gave Todd Collins a pat on the back after the game and said, "Great job, Todd. I thought you did some good things today!" only to have Collins give him a confused look and say, "What are you talking about? I didn't even play." Todd's response was then met with Lovie nodding at him, as if he understood, before Smith stared into space for a few minutes and then threw a challenge flag at him.

"I think we're really good with the receivers right now. I like what they're going out there so they've just got to keep improving every day," he said.

Who wrote that for Jay? Second if they are so happy with what the recievers are doing, why does he state they need to improve every day?

I hate lip service but this is all part of the Bears organizational approach to the media. Cutler could get sacked 9 times in a game and say he thought the line did some really good things. Oh wait he did say that.

I see Mike is now excited that Jay is talking like Lovie. You big Lovie Smith fan you.

**Asked if he ever listens to [criticism], including if it comes from a Hall of Famer, Cutler said, "No."**

That's so unfortunate. When HOFer Dan LeFevour gives advice to Jay, he should listen to it. That's just not right!

Hey......Brando here

And Kevin here.

Brando: We are going to share with you why we think Jay Cutler is the worlds worst QB.

Kevin: First, he doesn't have a big sexy beard like ultra sexy Kelly Orton. so..... hot.

Brando: Second, he likes girls. That's just yucky ducky.

Brando and Kevin: Third, he won't send us a picture of himself in pink panties. That's just so inconsiderate, total jerk.

Brando: Anyway gang we all know the Bears have a bye week and that is sad. But to help the week pass and make it fun for all of us Kevin and I have decided to throw a little party.

Kevin: It's a halloween party this sunday at my families barn. It's gonna be a total super blast.

Brando: It really does promise to be a wonderful night. Now let me give the skinny. It's a theme party, and the theme is "TWILIGHT"

Kevin: OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, best idea evers.

Brando: Oh I know, it really is amazing I came up with that. Now first off we will be having a Twilight movie marathon throughout the night.

Kevin: YES!! The cast is so talented and the story is so true.

Brando; I will be going as the loevly Bella Swan, heroine of the Twilight saga. So nobody else can be Bella. Kevin will be going as my dashingly handsome escort Edward Cullen.

Oh and Creighton and Mike, neither of you are invited. How do you like me now? BURN!!

Kevin: WHAT????? BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE A BOY. You promised I could be a girl like you this time. You promised, you promised, you promised!

Brando: But Kevin honey we need so of us come as the boys from the movie. If nobody comes as boys who is going to sweep us off our feet at the end of the night and kiss us?

Kevin: But I am just not butch. Can't I be Alice? Please???

Brando:I would love for you to be Alice pumpkin but just where will we get someone to be Edward and Jacob. We need boys.

Kevin: What if Creighton and Mike come?

Brando: Oh Kevin I am not that desperate.

Kevin: We could make them go shirtless.

Brando: : ) I'm listening.

Kevin: And body glitter.

Brando: Kevin! You naughty boy, fine they can come. But I expect to be swept off my feet. And I don't mean to be given a swirly either, that wasn't funny last year.

Kevin: YES, YES, YES, YES!

Brando: Ok gang I expect to see you this sunday. Sean you and Neil can come too, it's gonna be so funzzers. Now to give you a little idea of what you are in for, I got this little clip for all of you. If this doesn't get your blood pumping nothing will. It's so hot.

So until sundat Kisses from Brando and Kevin.

I suppose Cutler should call out his receivers like Brad Childress called out Favre this week for his 3 picks? I'm sure that would sharpen the receivers up.
I know, maybe Cutler should say that he and his receivers suck and should be replaced or benched........
How about Lovie calling out each player that screws up.....
Can you say losing the locker room?
I hear the bitchin, but no solutions........
Wait, hey, I believe we are in a good situation being Bears fans.
We have a 1/2 game lead on the Packers at almost at mid-season.
Players get rest and time to reflect.
We could make a good run and make the playoffs and who knows?
OR,the offense could implode and we loose the majority of the games.
Through the smoke of a possible implosion, can you see a certain William Cower that loves Jay Cutler coming to the rescue?
Cutler would be back in his natural element under Cower....just sayin.

The timing is not as important in my opinion as the vision. The receivers are not seeing the same things Jay is seeing. The offensive line is not seeing the same things as a unit. The defense is not seeing the matchups the opposing offense is presenting (simple Cover 2 beater routes that we are getting killed on game after game).

The timing will get better when they are all trying to do the same thing. Except for Johnny Knox. Nothing helps when you have no heart or guts. How do you stop on quick slant routes time after time? This isn't the first time he has done that. More like the 5th or 6th time he has gotten Jay picked off by quitting on a route.

I applaud Jay for not publicly bashing his receivers, but he had better be giving some serious he!! to Hester and Knox for hanging him out to dry all these times. And he sure better be kicking Williams in the balls for letting Haynesworth treat him like a little girl...Since Tice, Martz, and Lovie refuse to see what is happening and lead this team towards improvement, it is going to fall to the leaders on the roster. Urlacher, Cutler, Kreutz, Peppers, Briggs, and guys like Dez Clark need to start holding players meetings, and holding themselves accountable. meanwhile, the coaching staff will continue holding themselves....

Timing!! How in hell can a quarterback develop timing with his receivers when he's running for his life on most pass plays? The root of "timing" is"time." How often have you seen quarterbacks pick any defense apart if they can stand back in the pocket and wait? How often have you seen great quarterbacks look like amateurs when the pass rush disrupts every play called? Warner is a perfect example. If he had time, he was the best; if he didn't, he could do little or nothing. give Cutler some protection, and he'll be a perennial pro-bowler.

Funny how people are jumping on the "criticize the Bears" bandwagon now. For those of you who, like me, have followed this organization for the better part of 5 different decades, did you expect anything else. The ONE improvement I have seen with Jay Cutler since becoming a Bear is that he seems to have matured and grown up a bit. Jay's not stupid. He knows he may be playing for a new head coach in 2011 or 2012. {If there is a work stoppage.} He's towing the company line {which he should} and giving standard Bear "talking points."

If any of you have the NFL Network, one of the stories Mon/Tues. were the coaches on the hot seat and who might be in the mix for the job. Thankfully J.J. has his eye on Jeff Fisher. When they got to the Bears there was one name and it was Cowher. And until late in his tenure with the Steelers, he never had a QB with the physical skill set like Cutler. I just hope that this coaching staff doesn't ruin him mentally, and physically. Cowher would go back to a 60-40 run/pass ratio with an emphasis on the OL and a physical defense.

I won't be Mr. Popular after this blog.
First of all lets truly look at the facts about Cutler.
Since the trade he has been an average QB, great physical talent but he has simply not performed at a better than average perspective.

Of course everyone will blame the Offensive Line and Wide Receivers but how about lets put some direct blame right on Mr. Cutler, it is time for the city of Chicago to get over this love affair with Cutler and start to realize that he is long on style and physical talent and short on patience, lacks discipline and makes poor QB decisions, throws way too many interceptions, makes an effort for the big play at the teams expense when a shorter first or second read play is open and he holds onto the ball way too long.

I could back in time and recant a number of situations that have occurred that support my point but to be brief lets just go back to last weeks game against Washington, which the Bears would have easily won had Cutler played half as good as Orton.
Time to have Cutler step up and start using his noggin and think before he throws the ball. Four picks against the same corner, what was it an ego thing, he was so obsessed to beat the corner that was beating him and the receivers that he kept throwing his way into coverage......... He did it all day throwing into coverage when others were open.

Lets go back to just a few plays, how about the play returned for 92 yards, there was no way that play would have worked, the Bears were in a position to score at least a field goal but no he threw into coverage and somewhat across his body, did not look at other options and stared down his receiver who was not in a position at all to make a play or stop the corner on intercepting the play. That play alone cost the Bears a minimum of 10-14 points. 7 points for the interception touchdown and at least 3 for a field goal or 7 for a touchdown the Bears should have had on that drive.

How about the last three minutes of the game, finally Cutler was starting to consider first reads and short gains and had moved the ball past the 50 into Redskin territory with around 2:00 minutes remaining. Instead of having patience and using his brain, taking what the defense was giving, realizing that a field goal sends the game into overtime and a touchdown would most likely win it, instead he goes deep once again and once again against the wrong corner, the fourth and final blow to the Bears.

Cutler is not the leader he was portrayed to be. A great QB like Payton, Brees or Brady would have worked the clock taken what the defense was giving and worked it down the field to take a few shots in the end zone at the very end of the game and in a worst case scenario kick a field goal to tie the game but never, never throw into coverage and risk an interception which kills the team.

Yes Cutler is about average with nothing going on between the ears, yes great arm, maybe the best in the NFL. No Cutler is not a Montana, an Elway, a Steve Young, Brady, Brees or Manning. He may be as good as Orton but so far not any better.

I know lets blame all others on the team, the coaches, everyone except Cutler, well I think Cutler deserves quite a bit of blame and the Defense deserves quite a bit of Praise for coming into the break 4-3.

How about the lack of a challenge with the touchdown and Cutler fumbled the ball?
Lovie's record on challenges has to be one of the worst in the league, that had to be seen by the coaches up stairs on the replays and called down as a Touchdown and to challenge the decision on the field?

Lovie, the next time just close your eyes and go with the force within you, like Luke Skywalker!! I am sure that way your results on challenges will improve.


Sorry Dahli but while Cutler makes some mistakes, a lot of that is really because of what's around him. According to Hub he has not missed many open recievers this year, in fact the problem is not many of them are getting open.

The fact is every QB in the league colapses under heavy pressure. You can't compare him to guys who are getting hit 1/3 of the time he is. Sorry that's just not the way it works. Orton buy the way is 4-13 in his last 17 games so I wouldn'e be braggin about him. Not after his team just got destroyed by Oakland. Basically all he does is throw high percentage short passes which help boost his stats.

It's apples and oranges anyway, you are comparing two different teams. Cutler is on pace for 16 int's. That's down 10 from last year in an offense known for interceptions. That's a huge improvment.

You want to compare him to Elway? Fine but you better take a look at Elways numbers. Elway through more picks than TD's 5 times in his career. Elway didn't get really good until Shanny gave him a top 5 O-Line and a running game. Those late denver teams where very talented. Elway also didn't have to chuck the ball up 40 times a game. John Elway's career passer rating is 79.9. The dude had some horrible years. But everyone only remembers the last 3.

All I know is after the Game Aikman who spent his career in that offense hammered the recievers and line. Jim Miller nailed them and Hub nailed them.

So while you may want to be mad at Cutler, it's not all him. Dahli go back to the early Martz articles you will find some posts that wrote. Those posts tell exactly what would happen if the Bears hired Martz. So far I have been right. It's just a matter of knowing what works best and who can do what. They have a bad OC who has been fired three times, a bad scheme, a very weak supporting cast and a QB who is being asked to fix all the problems while he gets his brains beat him.

Do you think Manning would excell in this offense? You put pressure on the guy and he makes a lot of mistakes. That's tha case with almost all QB's. And nobody is under more pressure than Cutler. Not to mention nobody else is taking as many deep drops as him either. Basically you have a bad mix. Sean did an article about a former scout who worked for Martz saying it was basically a disaster waiting to happen.

You want to compare Orton to someone compare him to Matt Cassel. He plays in the same offensive scheme as Orton. Last I checked Denver is putting up 19 points a game and has 2 wins. Orton has hurt the team in the last two games. Because of Orton that Denver offense can't actually cut loose. They can only dink and dunk with the passing game. The ydon;t stretch the field well and because of that teams play them short and take away the running game. Every QB in that offense is doing good. That's not a coincidence, it's just a very QB freindly spread style offense. Orton couldn't run the Martz offense to save his life. Put him behind this line and you have about 10 more sacks, Cutler is way more mobile.

I really don't think people get the problems with this offensive system. Or the personel requirments to make it work.

Hey Mike on a different post I said I thought you were a Lovie fan and you said you were not. You told me to check the archives and I was mistaken. On sept 20, 2010 at 10:14am you said Martz was a genius. Sorry for my mistake on which coach you were praising.


Cutler is not a pro bowl QB at this point and I do recognize that he was awarded this award once. I stand by my words that he is not using his head like he should in games and he is consistently looking long instead of taking what is open on shorter routes.

I am not saying that Cutler does not have it in him to be a superb and elite QB but he is not that yet until he gets the mental aspect of controlling a game and not putting his team (the Bears) in a compromised position. Cutler has been making poor decisions as he clearly did on the interceptions by Rogers last week that went 92 for a TD and in the last few minutes of the game when he clearly threw into coverage after getting the team into the position past the 50 with two minutes to move closer and then to take some shots in the end zone, with a worse case scenario kicking a field goal to tie the game or possibly win it with a touchdown.

Lets reflect back to when the game is 14-10, the Bears lead and with a field goal at the least the score is 17-10 Bears, instead the pass (which anyone would say was a poor decision and was into coverage, the Bear receiver was not open at all) then the ball is intercepted and returned 92 yards for the score, to make it 17-14 Redskins and the whole complexion of the game changes. It is amazing how we can forget that the Bears went 28 straight plays on 3rd down without a first down! Creigton, what none of that is on the QB Cutler.

It is time for Cutler to start managing the situations better and winning games he should win like the Redskin game and the Seattle game. Yes the O line has sucked and the receivers have been poor but don't give Cutler a pass, he is absolutely a big part of the problem.

It is not his arm that is the problem it is his decision making that is causing these concerns for the Bears.

Creighton, quit drinking the cool aid until Cutler turns into the true Elite QB that he is capable of being but he is not there yet, he has performed at a mediocre level thus far this year.

I completely agree.

Dahli and Creighton, you guys both make some good points, but the Bears are still leading the North Division in spite of some pretty pitiful performances. If cutler and Mattz are going to be blamed for losses, they should get some credit for victories. In fact, the Bears could easily be sitting on six wins this season, and I suspect they will be two games ahead of both Green Bay and Minnesota after this weekend, with a fairly easy game coming up the following week. I also think they are going to be more consistent from this point on. The bye came at a great time for them to get their acts together. Film work and some nice direct coaching coupled with some nose-to-nose coach-to-player confrontation pointing out realities should be the watch words this week.

Thanks Mike, believe me I would like nothing better than having Cutler turn into the elite QB he is capable of becoming and lead this team to a championship which I think he is capable of doing but he will not until he gets his head into the game.

Just like Golf, the mental aspect is half of the battle, shot selection etc.

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