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Jay Cutler seems like he's "in pretty good shape right now," Smith says

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Jay Cutler attended meetings at Halas Hall today, and the Bears quarterback is looking on track to returning to the starting lineup Sunday in Charlotte.

Although Cutler and backup Todd Collins were knocked out of Sunday night's loss to the New York Giants, the Bears are not expected to sign any quarterbacks to the roster this week.

Currently, veterans Pat Ramsey, Chris Simms and Pat White headline a relatively thin crop of quarterbacks.

Bears coach Lovie Smith expressed optimism in his press conference Monday about Cutler's status after enduring an NFL record nine sacks in the first half Sunday and leaving the game with symptoms related to a concussion.

"Jay right now - I don't know if you guys saw him or whatever - but he's here, and he seemed like he's in pretty good shape right now," Smith said. "There are no visual signs or anything that I can tell, where I try not to be the doctor and leave it to our other people. But it seems like he's OK today."

Smith said Cutler showed symptoms after his ninth and final sack, just before halftime, when his head hit the turf at New Meadowlands Stadium. Despite the record number of sacks for one half, Smith said he never considered taking Cutler out of the game.

"We're trying to win a football game, and Jay gave us our best option to do that that," Smith said. "Jay wasn't thinking about coming out of the game. Everybody out there was trying to make a play.

"You have to keep in mind that it was a 3-0 game. Us taking out our quarterback during that time? No. That never crossed our mind, or any of our other players that I thought would help us win, that were healthy and ready to go. It will always be that way, too."

Backup Todd Collins left the game early in the fourth quarter with a stinger. But, Smith isn't counting anyone out for Wednesday's practice.

"First off, I'm hoping we'll have all three guys available for Wednesday's practice," he said. "We didn't have two of our quarterbacks finish the game but that's not to say they won't be ready to go for practice."

The Bears have proven very diligent in dealing with concussions, placing veteran linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer on injured reserve after he showed symptoms of a concussion following the season opener. But, Hillenmeyer admittedly had several concussions before that one.

"If a player has an injury, were going to let him see whoever he needs to," Smith said. If there's an expert he needs to see, we don't quite feel good about our evaluation, we'll continue to let other people look at him. That's not the case. If anything, we go beyond the call of duty when it comes to our football players, making sure they don't go back on the football field unless we all feel good about them doing that."

Other highlights:

Smith on Zack Bowman's play: "None of us responded, so we can start with that blanket statement. Zack, of course, the strip, and the fumble recovery were big plays. I thought he was trying to play hard, and trying to make plays like all the guys were doing. But we're not giving a lot of game balls."

Smith on Tommie Harris: "It was good to get him back in the mix. Practiced hard last week. Was willing last night. Didn't make a whole lot of plays. But he was willing."

Smith on whether Harris can start again: "We're still evaluating. Tommie did some good things. A lot of things will go into that, before we decide who will start and who will dress."

Smith on left tackle Chris Williams: "Each day, Chris Williams, is getting a little bit more healthy to play. So hopefully before too long, we'll have a bigger group to choose from but that's just a part of it."

Smith on if Cutler should have had better pocket awareness: "Yeah, he could have. We could have blocked better, tackled better. There were a lot of things. I definitely could have done a better job coaching. There were a lot of things we could have done better last night."

Smith on running the ball more than seven times in the first half: "Any thought to trying to run the ball more? Sure, there was thought to it. We put a lot of thought in everything we do every play. What we thought we should go with, we did last night. Last night it didn't work. This week hopefully we'll have better results."

Smith on where things stand: "We've played four games and lost one. Let's not panic around here all right? The reality is, we're 3-1 right now with this group."

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Harris was willing to do what? Get knocked down by 1 o-lineman repeatedly. Williams is getting healthy, so hopefully we'll have a bigger group to choose from. Bigger group of what, people standing around watching the QB getting killed!! We can now see Lovie will do anything to keep his job, even send out our QB who was visible not right. Way to go Lovie, you got my vote for Coach of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throw the Ball

Throw the Ball Jay. If I had started we would have won that game. Jay is a quitter he didn't even get hit that much really. All the recievers where wide open and line played excellent it is all on him. I am glad he got hurt now maybe we can make a trade for Orton.

Mr. Angelo has put together one of the Best lines I have ever seen, and nobody can stop the Bears run game. The only reason it is not working is because of Cutler I predicted everything ever and I want you all to notice me. Someone please talk to me. Kevin are you out there?

What a joke the recievers where wide open all day and the TE's were sticking their blocks. OMG and the defense, wow even without Peppers they would be unbeatable. Nobody can run on them and they shut down every passing game they face. It is a good thing Peppers came here though so Lovie could coach him up, he really was a great draft pick by Mr Angelo.

Hey can someone tell me how Collins got hurt? I didn't actually watch the game. You see me and Kevin got together for a play date there was this Glee marathon on. I mean really, Glee or football? Hello.

Glad to hear Cutler is feeling better, tough night for the guy. At least some fans are concerned about the players health.

By Brando on October 4, 2010 8:21 PM
"Throw the Ball"

Jump off a cliff. "Crosses fingers"

Try running the ball. The Bears claim they like to make teams one dimensional on offense by taking away the run, this makes teams easier to beat. This true and smart. So then Lovie gets his friend hired who has a one dimensional offense that rarely ever has a rushing attack and hardly ever runs the ball. Go figure, that's some kinda logic Lovie has.

Boy they are 3-1, what a start. What was their record last year after 4 games.

Frank Omiyale (next to Chris Williams) is the second bestest and wonderfulest tackle in the NFL. Sure he whiffed big time on a few blocks and made two false starts. But he did that to mystery and excitement to the game! We'd have an even better line if we could get Fred Miller back. Mystery and excitement!

Hey Brando, I want you to know that I just read your post. "Throw the Ball." OMG, the brilliance and insight. I just discovered this very fine, prestigious wine called MD (Mad Dog) 20/20. (Strangely it runs only about $3.50 per bottle throughout Chicagoland. Some day I hope to figure that profundity out. Like Michael Okwo, I’m sure it’s just a huge unclaimed treasure.) But I want you to know that I’m raising my glass high to you tonight in a fitting toast. You've got your Bumstead on, bro!

This team can be fixed. It was a bad game for the offense but they are still learning. Hopefully Cutler will be alright and start releasing the ball when his back foot hits the ground like Kurt Warner use to do. There were areas of the field to throw the ball to without getting intercepted. Cutler needs to learn more about ball placement (throwing the ball to a spot on the field where only the receiver can get to it or it falls incomplete). The will be okay... Go Bears!!!

Tommie did nothing worth mentioning in a positive light, but you know Lovie...has to make it sound like his "tough love" of paying a guy to stand on the sideline in sweats and a ball cap actually accomplishes something. Tommie didn't even bother to bring his legs along with him when he lunged at the snap. He over-extended himself repeatedly, and got dumped on his gut play after play. When Collinsworth is seeing it, you know it is happening way too often.

I hope Tice is putting all of the active linemen on notice this week. None of them played well, with the possible exception of Webb, who I didn't notice giving up a sack. And it's not like they were outsmarted, or overpowered by blitzes. Many times, they barely got a hand on their man as he blew by. You can see that happening occasionally on the outside, but when Louis, Kreutz, and Garza are whiffing on guys inside, that is a major black flag in my opinion. No reason to let them back on the field if they can't even make contact to slow down their man 1 on 1 pass protection.

Every team in the league is going to drop 7 into coverage on us, and expect their front 4 to beat our front 5. Until we show we can win those battles, there will be no chance for this offense to move the ball. I think Carolina will be the genesis of our run game to try and offset it, but unless both Martz and Cutler change their mindset, we are going to see a lot more games like Sunday night, at least until Cutler gets a serious injury.

As far as Cutler is concerned, he needs to take what the defense gives him, but we are very quickly making a David Carr out of him. He is getting drilled on almost every dropback, and it's not just the sacks that are hurting him. If I were him, I would not trust our line either. They aren't even giving him enough time to throw on 3 step drops...Screens are not helping, because the linemen are late getting out, and missing blocks to boot. I hate to even speak the words, but maybe some quick WR screens need to be put in the game plan. Instead of running end-arounds, why not quick hit out of motion away from the QB, and see if we can make someone miss before the defensive pursuit gets there...

If Tice can get this OL group together to keep Cutler alive, it might be his best coaching job ever....

Brando K. Schrute on October 4, 2010 10:15 PM said: "Jay is a quitter he didn't even get hit that much really."

Wow! What game were you watching?

I think We,as fans need to put this game behind us and appreciate the fact that this team has exceeded many of our expectations, and is once again- "relevant" in the division, to the national media and the NFL.
After all we could be the 49ers or Detroit Lions, making excuse or trying to find reasons for a poor start.

It's Time to-
A. Wish Cutler a speedy recovery.
B. "Mentally" rake Martz over the coal for such a poor game plan.
C. Chastise Lovie for NOT interceding in "Mad-man's Martz's" refusal to alter his game plan, while our franchise QB gets almost killed.
D. hope every "O"-linemen watches the film and offer their heart-felt apology to Cutler, and resolve to do better next week.

We face a team in Carolina in a situation- "Similar" to the Giants.

And LASTLY, don't EVER, EVER- sell another team short this year, or get too big headed.
The Bears are not that good, to take any team for granted and/or expect them to lay-down. Coaches, players, GM's livelihood is on the line each and every game, to expect "compliance" by a NFL team is just plain dumb.

Cheer up Bear fans. I'm watched Miami get their butts handed to them by a New England team at home(mind you). Out-played, out-coached, out -everything.

Just think, WE could be worse off than 3-1, at the bottom of the division...

Actually, how the Bears played on offense against the Giants was a lot closer to how I figured they would play the entire season. I certainly didn't expect them to give up a World Record number of sacks, but given the offensive line, I did think Cutler would be running for his life most games.

What is frustrating is that it seemed the Giants often rushed only 3 or 4 d-lineman and still got to Cutler. In the second half, the Bears appeared to make some line blocking adjustments, so the Giants brought some blitzes to reach the QB.

If opponents can continue to get away with dropping 7 or 8 defenders into coverage and rushing 3-4, Martz' scheme loses a lot of its effectiveness.

I won't even comment on the running game other than to ask whether Forte has surpassed 100 rushing yards for the season?

Btw, Lovie is saying Cutler is okay because without him, Lovie and his entire staff will be looking for new jobs come January 2011.

Rich that was Creighton on his best trying to be funny.

What is more funny is I didnt even write "Throw the Ball". Someone else did probably to make fun of me but got Creighton all fired up.

Creighton that Cutler trade is looking kinda bad and the Bronco's looks like they got a QB that can throw the ball when needed.
The Bronco's QB, the one we traded for an INT machine, is having another good year on a bad team.

The Bears should trade Cutler back for Orton;)

Anything to save Smith's job. Smith would send Cutler back in no matter what. How can anyone trust Lovie Smith under the current circumstances?
Did anyone see whether the doctors were checking out Cutler at any time during the game? The only thing the cameras were interested in was cutler hanging his head down, cutler getting killed, cutler heading to the giants bench, cutler sticking out his tongue to see if he can sense it. Not once was there a doctor testing out his faculties. Orders from Lovie. He should have at least been checked out after 5 sacks with the beating he was taking on the field.
What do the bears organization think we are fans are? Stupid or something? So far date...QBs getting smashed with concussions have been asked to stay away from the field for up to 4 weeks. But not Cutler...he is superman. He can handle anything. He never gets a concussion.


I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but, comparing Kyle Orton's performance in Denver to Cutler's in Chicago just makes you look stupid.

First, Denver is not a bad team. They have much more all-round offensive talent than Chicago. Their system is also very low-risk and QB friendly. If you can't see that, you're an idiot.

The Bears needed to draft a QB with one of the first round picks they traded, and the other later round pick was compensation. The only net loss was one first round pick for Cutler. That's a good deal for a highly talented QB.

The OL isn't blocking. That's it. That's the problem. They aren't blocking for Matt or Chester or Jay. That's the problem. That's the problem. That's the problem.

Cutler was one of the leading QB's heading into last week V. the Giants -- who exposed Chicago's greatest weakness, and one that many on this blog have drawn attention to (Creighton), the OL.

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