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Jay Cutler has proven his toughness, but head injuries are "totally different"

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Jay Cutler has distinguished himself as a tough quarterback. But he said he draws a line with head injuries.

"I've been banged up before and still went out and played. But your head and your brain; that's totally different," Cutler said. "So once you start getting into that element, you kind of have to take a step back."

Cutler said he wanted to play last week against the Carolina Panthers, after suffering his first concussions in the first half of the Oct. 3 loss to the New York Giants. Bears coach Lovie Smith said it was on the last sack of the first half -- an NFL record nine -- but Cutler said he wasn't sure if an earlier hit hurt him.

But he said he trusted doctors who said a week off would help him.

"I wanted to play. But concussions are kind of tricky," Cutler said. "You never know when you're going to be 100 percent.

"Everyone thought it would be better if I waited a week."

But Cutler said he won't be more inclined to slide or play more conservatively now.

"I can't change the way I play," he said.

Here are a few other highlights:

* Cutler on confidence in his offensive line: "We're kind of moving some guys around. We got some guys banged up. Hopefully, we'll get Chris Williams back here, pretty soon.
I think this whole offense is going through change and still figuring out what we're good at and what we need to work on. But the good thing is, we're 4-1,and we keep wining ball games while we're figuring it out. That's kind of the path we're on."

* Cutler's thoughts on the Seattle Seahawks: "It's kind of tough to play a team coming off a bye week. They have an extra week to prepare, so you know they're going to have something you're not prepared for, something you haven't seen on film, defensively for us. So it's going to be interesting."

* Cutler on watching the Bears defense from the sideline last Sunday: "Whenever you're playing the game, as a quarterback, you have so stuff much going on. Once you come off the field, you're talking to Mike and what looks and what plays we want to get down. Every once in a while, you catch a third down, right before a punt or something. Just being able to sit there and watch them and see what kind of pressure they put on offenses, and how they get them into second and long, and put them in third and long. They're playing really well right now, and they're keeping us in ball games."

* Cutler on Todd Collins' performance: "I felt bad for Todd. It's hard, to come in mid-camp, and not be at the start of this offense and the installing, back in March and April. It's tough to pick up right there and not get any reps, once the season starts. It's almost impossible to do it. So, you know, he had a few tough breaks, missed a few throws, but that's how it goes sometimes."

* Cutler on if he will visit with former Denver Broncos quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates, now the Seahawks offensive coordinator: "If I see him. I don't know if they come out before and throw and what he's up o. But if I see him, maybe."

* Cutler on if he will be tested again: "It's over, I'm assuming. I got tested Monday, and everything was clean, so I'm assuming I'm done."

* Cutler on how he feels about his 4-1 team: "I mean, yes. You might not, but that doesn't relay mater to us. We're 4-1, the locker room, everyone is good. We're playing good football. are we playing our best football? No. I don't think anybody is. I don't think you want to be playing your best football right now. That's November and December, when you really start peaking."

* Cutler on if he knows what hit concussed him: "No. I haven't really went back and watched it and really looked at each and every hit. So I'm not sure which one it was."

* Cutler on if he could have avoided a few sacks against the New York Giants by getting rid of the ball quicker: "Yeah, it takes 11 guys to make a play go right and it takes only a couple for it to go wrong. So we're all responsible."

* Cutler on if his "wooziness" affected that: "I don't think it helped. But, I think I still knew what was going on. Still knew where the hot reads were, still knew where guys were at on the field."

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Good to see Jay is returning. I think if i had to watch Collins again I would just throw up in my mouth. Bad bad bad quarteback play.

* Cutler on confidence in his offensive line: "We're kind of moving some guys around. We got some guys banged up. Hopefully, we'll get Chris Williams back here, pretty soon.

Is Jay atill concussed? Wlliams might be the worstest player on that line and thats saying alot. Ithink hes just saying some nice things for his Vandy teammate but really williams sucks hard.

I see the Bears winning there next three games sense they are gimmees but after Bufalo watch out i twont be pretty. Mark my words the bears will finish below .500 and you will all see how i have been write this hole time. Deal with it loosers i am your King.

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I'm glad the NFL is taking these head injuries a little more serious, I'd hate to see a guy like Jay Cutler have any long term side effects after he retires. I think its a good thing they let Cutler sit a week.

As far as his play, I think Cutler will be a little hesitant despite what he said, which is to be expected. The Bears can really help Cutler if they simply continue to improve their running game, that would go a long way in keeping Cutler standing straight. Mike Martz needs to come up with a more balanced game plan. Hopefully the additions of right tackle J'Marcus Webb 320lbs, and right guard Edwin Williams 313lbs, will continue to help Chicago's dismal rushing attack, they certainly came up big vs the Panthers, both Webb and Williams got some push which went a long ways in helping the Bears rushing attack. If Martz's can come up with a more balanced game plan, and Webb and Williams continue to improve, Cutler should have a batter chance of staying on the field GO BEARS!!

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Did he just lose his job to Omiyale? Hahahahaha, Omiyale has been as bad Williams, I guess they want to see whio is the worst guard now.

Nothing like more line shifting to help the team.

It looks like we will never know but I don't think Cutler was quite right going back several plays before that last sack.

I don't know what Cutler was supposed to say about the line. It's going to be interesting when Williams does come back. He is a better player than what he was showing before he got hurt. Omiyale may have had a chance to nail down the job at left, but I don't think he did. Franky better believe Webb is going to continue to get reps unless he plays better. Then there is the whole Louis/Williams thing at right guard. Garza is not playing well enough to relax either.

The Bears keep saying they want competition. They definately do at O-line. These younger players have talent, but they are still really raw. That's what Tice is for. It's not the popular line, but I still think they will have a decent line when November and December roll around.

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My friend, what game were you watching on Sunday? Webb looked ok at best and yes, I know it was his first game starting, but the offensive line still got no push at all. Remember when Webb came out of school his big weakness was strength. And take it from someone who has been in a weight program since the 6th grade, size doesn't equal strength. He is not going to go from 18-19 reps at the combine to 30 in 6 months with the Bears. Well, not naturally. As I pointed out the other day in a post, the 3 biggest plays from Forte came from either missdirection or him ad libbing on a run. Later in the game when the needed to sustain drives, they couldn't get any push. So much for your "bookend" tackles for years to Just giving you crap. I do like Webb and hope he can learn from Tice. Maybe he can be like 'Big Cat" from a few years ago.

Where's my "buddy" Hub when you need him. He and I argued {on draft day and as the Bears were contemplating a move} over the Bears staying at 14 or trading down and taking Mendenhall in the first and a tackle in the second. Let's hope he can stick at guard.

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