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Hester not celebrating record return

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Devin Hester was in no mood to celebrate his NFL-record tying 13 return for a touchdown after a disappointing 23-20 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday.

"It hasn't hit me yet," a dejected Hester said. "I can't get excited about it right now coming off a loss. I just want to make sure that when we get in these types of games we win."

Hester fielded a punt late in the fourth quarter, picked up some key blocks and headed up the left sideline. Once he turned the corner, there was no catching him. The 89-yard return pulled the Bears to within three with 1:54 left.

Because the Bears had used all their timeouts, after a failed onside kick, the Seahawks were able to run out the clock.

"If we can get him to the sideline, with his speed, nobody is going to catch him," Corey Graham said.

Hester tied the record set by Brian Mitchell despite 808 fewer returns. He second punt return for a touchdown this season was the ninth of his career, tying him with Mitchell for second-all-time, one behind Eric Metcalf. The 89-yard return equaled the longest punt return of his career.

"That was big for Devin," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "We rely on our special teams quite a bit, but it was a little too late."

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Devin seems to be finally getting it again. Make A move, get moving upfield, and beat the coverage to the sideline. Once he gets to full speed, no one is going to catch him.

I am glad to see him wake up. He was trying too hard to make joystick moves like in a video game to get clear, instead of doing what made him great in the first place.

One more, and he owns the record overall, and ties with Metcalf for the most punt returns. And all of this doesn't count his KO return in the Super Bowl.

Speaking of which, does it also count his missed FG 108 yard return, or is that considered something else, and not part of the total?

No Joe the 108 FG does not count. They are only counting Kick Offs and Punt Returns.

Maybe Neil can tells us what stat a missed feild goal return go's under.

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