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Haynesworth fined for hit on Webb

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The NFL has fined Albert Haynesworth $7,500 for his hit on J'Marcus Webb during DeAngelo Hall's 92-yard interception return in Sunday's game, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Haynesworth's hit on the Bears right tackle was not an effort to pave the way for Hall. Hall was well ahead of the play when Haynesworth flattened Webb near the Redskins sideline. Webb was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct when he retaliated.

Had Haynesworth's hit come on a quarterback he likely would've been sentenced to five-to-10 without parole.

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The only thing that should be talked about with Albert Haynesworth and his play on sunday, was how he completely dominated Chris Williams, and that Williams looks physically overmatched at the guard position, and has too short of arms and lack of aggressiveness for the tackle position.

Something has to be done about the officiating! I counted at least four games last weekend that the outcome would have been different but the refs screwed up! Pitts, Baltimore, Green bay, and Washington might not have won if not for missed calls, reversed call that should not have been reversed, and just plain bad calls! As much as I hate the Vikings and Childress, they got screwed bad then the head coach gets fined for speaking his mind! That's all wrong! The refs can screw up all day long but you get fined if you call them out?! Do they get fined when they screw up? I doubt it!
The Bears got hosed too but Lovie screwed up worse. Maybe the Redskins game was payback for the Lions game we should not have won! Bottom line, The officiating is horrible, week in and week out!!

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