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Hayes is taking your questions

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for Friday's Q&A, which we are now posting on the blog as well as the website.

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Knox is probably the most well-suited to the type of receiver Martz wants in this offense, but how does the coaching staff keep putting him out there when he quits on almost every slant he is asked to run? He is making incorrect reads, giving up on routes, and is certainly guilty of more than one drop. I can't understand how he gets a pass, and Aromashodu gets benched for a drop in the first week. Knox to me is the offensive version of Danieal Manning, who has all the physical tools to be good, if not great, but has not been able to put it together. Manning has played well as the SS, so maybe Knox needs to be moved to another spot to see if he can excel somewhere else (the slot?). He doesn't have to make as many reads from inside, and can still press deep from that spot.

My thought is put Bennett (FL)and Aromashodu (SE) on the outside, and Hester in the slot, and let Knox and Davis rotate in behind them. Hester and Knox should be fighting for that role, not pushing WRs who actually know how to run routes to the bench so they can line up outside the numbers.

How is the Chicago Media not asking Jerry Angelo about his inability/refusal to draft O-Line for several years now? How can he trade the farm for Cutler and then ignore the line? Is he afraid to draft OL? How can a man so inept, not be flambasted by the media? The time for flowery softball questions is over. JA is getting paid big money to handle a core NFL team... and its a disaster. Columbo had a promising start.. got injured and then recovered. Why did JA cut him loose?.. he has been a solid RT for Dallas for several years now. JA threw Orton under the bus after the '08 season stating it all starts with the QB. He gave Lovie a pass on his horrible D that cost 3-4 games that year. JA continues to ignore football 101.. IT ALL STARTS UP FRONT JERRY!!!! Good lines on both sides make the engine run. Joe Montana would be a pile of mush behind that joke of an OL.. This is such a joke that its hard for me to watch. The time has come for the Chicago Media to put JA in the spotlight and ask the questions that need to be asked.

I may be in the minority here but to me there are so many personel snafu's on this team and one of them is hanging onto players too long, with that being said how in god's name is Brad Maynard still punting for this team? With such terrible run game and pass blocking comes a lot of punts and the guy just can't punt us out of trouble. Is there a possibility for change or like many other Jerry Angelo moves will we hang on to a player too long? PS- I know they signed a punter to the practice squad, but something needs to be done Neil?!!!

On the sneak attempt from Jay Cutler in the last game it was obvious to myself watching on television what our play was going to be. Was it that obvious to everyone, especialy Albert Haynesworth? Why do we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot all the time with this type of obvious play? Where is our creativity that you see with other teams?

Can you please explain to me again why they aren't playing Devin Aromashdu? To me that is one of my biggest disappointments this year. Do you think he will play more the 2nd half of the season? I thought we finally got a tall receiver to go up and get the ball. I like Johnny Knox's speed but he looks soft when fighting for position. Also, it seemed like Cutler was lobbying for him to play more last year and the begining of this year. Has he lost confidence in him?

Through the first 7 games, do you think Julius Pepppers has made the impact that warrants the money he was paid? Would you say he has underachieved to this point? Do not recall his name being called much the past 2 games.

I'm a staunch Cutler fan, but he really upset me in the performance, particularly the dumb pics against the Redskins. Is it time to give up on him?

It seems that the Bears offensive line played better when Chris Williams was not on the field. How does a player that size get pushed back into his quarterback? Would you say there exists the possibility that Jerry Angelo blew it on this one too?

With all of the injuries over the years to both the opponents and Bear players alike (Mike Brown starts a long list) with all the slips and falls seen every week,broken plays - when for God sake are the bears going to put in feild turf - do they feel they have a better chance to win on spray painted dirt?

When are the owners and coaches around the league going to say enough is enough with the danger this feild presents to their investments - the players


I like Devin Hester. I think he plays a pretty good wide receiver. I love his explosiveness. I agree the Bears need to put the ball in his hands as much as possible given that teams will not kick him the ball.

Do you think the Bears will consider using Devin more like the Vikings use Percy Harvin and the Saints use Reggie Bush? Take the pressure off of him of being a full-time wide-out and make the defense be accountable for him all over the field on any given play.

What do you think?

Alright, my question is not about scheme or talent or statistics, it's about attitude. It seems like we have some size on our line now but no 'fight'. My question is whether or not the Bears O-line is suffered from an attitude problem. Olin Kruetz seems to be the only one on the line that has even attempted getting in the face of an opposing d-line after a crushing Cutler blow. It has been incredibly frustrating watching newbies like Webb just walk back to the line without even looking back at Jay after a play. Especially when it is usually his missed block that end up putting a crushing blow on Cutler. I'm not saying someone has to get into a brawl, but a little pushing, helping the quarterback up, and taking away the d-line celebration by getting in their face would at least show they actually care about what is happening. They don't even look back. I just don't get it! Please help me understand this.

Neil, I am still absolutely bewildered by the challenge/non-challenge fiasco from Sunday's game against the Redskins.

If I may begin with the first challenge, where was the necessity in that? It was first and goal, from the one yard line, and the Bears were winning by four points. Again, first and goal, with the lead. Would any other coach in the NFL throw the flag there?

Then, Cutler gets the ball in the endzone on a sneak, but it is ruled a fumble. I clearly saw the replay on TV and expected an easy challenge only to explode in disbelief when McNabb snapped the ball on the subsequent play.

From there the Bears missed out on an eleven point lead and the offense imploded with a plethora of turnovers. The very same offense Lovie believed was "in control."

Anyway, do you see Jerry Angelo firing Smith and promoting Dave Toub to interim head coach, if not another former head coach that's on the team, before the season is over? I just can't seem to come to the conclusion that Lovie's blunders are not a fireable offense.

Even Mike Pereira, former VP of officiating, is dumbfounded by the aforementioned sequence of events and he proceeds to call Smith out on this.

I know getting rid of this long term headache who should have been gone by the end of last year at the latest may seem unlikely, but the Bears have made shocking moves in the past such as the acquisition of Cutler.

Please, your thoughts on the matter, Mr. Hayes.

Neil, I watched The Blind Side the other night and noted the description of the desired left tackle (at least according to the movie): wide butt, thick in the thighs, long arms, big hands, and quick feet. I know J'Marcus Webb is tall and good size. Does he have the tools to be a legitimate left tackle??

If the Bears continue to play poorly and end up with a 6-10 or 7-9 record on the season, what changes do you expect a Halas Hall?

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