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Hanie not worried about not starting

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The reason why Todd Collins will start for the Bears on Sunday against the Panthers rather than Caleb Hanie is because of his experience and game management skills.

"Todd has played a lot of football in the league," Bears coach Lovie Smith said of the 12-year veteran. "He's anxious to get another opportunity to start in a game, so we're going to pick up the pieces around Todd and play our butts off this week."

Hanie, who was entrenched as the backup before being injured in the preseason, was disappointed when he learned of coach Lovie Smith's decision on Thursday morning, but is taking it in stride.

"I'd like to start," Hanie said. "Who doesn't? But I try not to worry about that stuff."
While Collins will replace Jay Cutler this week, Smith said he does not expect Cutler to be out for an extended period.

"There's no reason to think that," he said. "He's making progress. You guys see him around here right now. Hopefully, that won't be the case. Of course, all we know right now is he's not playing this week. Hopefully, he'll be ready to go next week."

Smith would not divulge who the emergency third-string quarterback would be this week, although it could be Devin Hester or Matt Forte, who could take direct snaps out of the "wildcat" formation.

"We have an emergency plan," Smith said. "Most of the time, you don't get to that third quarterback in a game. Very, very seldom does it happen. But I'll just say without going into that and giving away too much more about our game plan, we have a guy in mind, maybe a couple of guys in mind, if we get down to No. 3. Hopefully we won't get down to No. 3."

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Let me get one thing straight, I don't ever, ever want to know who the #4 QB is for Chicago, lets hope thats one secret thats stays in Halas Hall.

Now, as far as Todd Collins, Carolina is a team he could have a little success throwing the ball against for the simple fact they don't really have an impressive front. As bad as Chicago's line is, this should be one of the fronts they might be able to handle. Carolina's best pass rusher is left end Charles Johnson, who has 2 sacks on the season. Kevin Shaffer/J'Marcus Webb should be able to handle Johnson. I'm waiting for Webb to become the full time starter at right tackle, but thats beside the point. I don't know if Chicago will be able to run on the Panthers like they would like to, because Carolina's linebackers are close to being elite with Beason, Anderson, and Connor, their very active. Hopefully the Bears can get some type of run game going, it should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Calenb Hanie > Collins

Take it from a guy who's had one too many Tom Collins on occassion. You always regret it Sunday morning.

Back to Smith Communication 101. How do you measure "progress" from a concussion? Cutler's not a vegetable? This has to be evaluated by independent medical specialists, so Smith should just say that, and that Cutler is able to practice OK. Smith makes a lot of his own problems with fans and the media by choosing to say things in strange ways. If he'd just be a little more clear and direct, he'd have fewer problems.

Meanwhile back at the blocking or lack of it, they need to rethink Dez Clark's inactivity. OK he's getting old and was never a star, but he makes his blocks and makes critical catches on third down and on goal to go situations. They could use ten gallons of that. Also, better sign Josh Beekman if he's still around, not because that's who you want but because that's all there is and he may be needed.

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