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Defense gearing up for second half

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Defensive players have been working on fundamentals this week while taking solace in the fact that all three of their losses have been in close games.

"We've had opportunities to win all those games," Israel Idonije said. "They've been really close, and games that we should have won, and unfortunately we just didn't do enough. We hold on to that and knowing that we're going to be rested up in this third part of the season into the fourth [part], this is where playoff teams, championship teams, turn it up. We want to be in that mix, so we're ready to go to that next level and get better. We've done some good things, but we're looking to get better."

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It looks like an 8-8 season.

I'll bet we go 10-6 in the new head coach's first year.

They have beaten one team with a winning record. They have played only one team with an offense most would consider "elite" (Green Bay Packers) and two with good offenses (Cowboys, Giants). The rest of the teams have had "offenses under development" (Detroit, Washington, Seattle) or no offense (Carolina).

They play teams with much better offenses in the second half of the season. We will see how well they fare then.

They will fare just fine. They won't lose a single game in their division.

This is a good defense and is the reason the Bears are still in contention for the division title at their bye week.

Peppers has been hot and a little cold at times, he really disappeared in the Seattle game and has not really turned it on to the level one would expect of the new defensive leader on the line.

Indonije has had a good first half as had the rest of the line, they say that Tommie Harris is coming on, that would really be great if that is true because if he could get back to being dominant that effort could help carry the team to the division title.

Url, Briggs and Pisa are damn goon and the replacements are also pretty good.

Corner play has been spotty sometimes this year and my belief is that Tillman needs to find a new home as free or strong safety in the next few years. Talk about an awesome defense once his move occurs to safety you can count on the defense for big turnovers, there are not many as good as Tillman, the true unsung hero of the defense.

D Manning has been good and not so good beaten and out of position at times has cost the Bears, but he seems to be getting better. C Harris has played consistently but not the yet the big time player he was portrayed to be after a great year at Carolina. Major Wright may be the ticket to help solidify the safeties, lets see in the second half.

If the Bears do anything and reach the playoffs you can say the defense was the catalyst for the season as the offense has been spotty at best, hot, cold and really inconsistent.

If the offense can turn in some consistent performances in the second half who knows how far this team could go. Cutler using his head with good game management (few poor decisions) will make the difference. I would love to see Cutler step it up from being an average NFL QB so far and finally achieve the elite status he is capable of once he decides to play QB with his head as he has with his arm. No turnovers in the red zone, take open reads don't always go for the long gain, don't consistently throw into coverage when the play simply is not there and take what the defense is giving. QB's cockiness but also patience and discipline make the difference between an average and great QB.

Cutler take out some achived tape of Joe Montana and really watch a master QB and when watching please realize Joe was great with an average arm, because he was savvy and a great leader. Joe was not great because of a great arm and throwing into coverage or turning the ball over in the red zone. Watch the tape and learn because you are not there yet, you could be one of the greats.

Time will tell and history will determine your ranking amongst the NFL QB's of the past.

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