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Cutler wants to go after Hall --- again

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Jay Cutler said that not only did he not try to keep the ball away from DeAngelo Hall but he would go after the Redskins' cornerback again if given the chance.

Hall had four interceptions --- including one he returned 92 yards for a touchdown --- in Washington's 17-14 win over the Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday.

"No, not at all," Cutler said when asked if there was talk of throwing the ball away from Hall. "I've played against him bfore. There's no reason to shy away from him. That's hard for me to say after throwing four picks to a guy. Still, if we had to play them tomorrow, I'd still go after him every time if we could."

Cutler said he would take the blame for all four interceptions, although one came when Johnny Knox didn't run a precise route, allowing Hall to step inside and make the pick.

"I'll take them all," Cutler said. "I'll have to take a look at the film. Obviously, it's very discouraging right now. We let a game get away from us. Our defense had every right to be mad at us. We blew the game offensively. Most of that falls on my shoulders."

Although the defense played well enough to win after only allowing one touchdown, defensive end Julius Peppers said he wasn't mad at the offense.

"It ain't about being mad at nobody," Peppers said. "We just have to be mad at the outcome. We all could've changed the outcome of that game. That's the frustrating thing."

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Cutler had two favorite targets today. #13 and #23. Johnny Knox had another solid game. DeAngelo Hall had 4 catches for what 110+ yards and a TD.
Jay Cutler had one good moment before the half. Besides that he stunk.

Jay Cutler that was a Gross-Man.

Who cares what Cutler or anyone in the Bear's organization says. They are just plain bad at football. To many examples to name in one blog to prove this.

The defense played fine and usually does. The offense is just plain terrible. Perhaps the defense should start playing both sides of the ball.
Can somebody fire the coaching staff and general manager now?

Let the official line on the Bill Cowher pool begin!

This team is is the same old same old. Can we fire Lovie before the end of the season? Might give us a leg up on the next regime.

I know there will people who say we are 4-3...I agree...for now. This team has been sliding for some time and there is no outside help for the O-Line. This continuity line of bs is just still have to block someone.

They are manufacturing ways to lose instead of ways to win. Winning and Losing are contagious.

Lovie...prove me wrong and make me eat my words. Until then, I'm going fishing and thinking about more creative ways the Bears can lose a game.

Frustrated and PO'd

We need Dan LeFevour back. D*mn those Bengals.

Brando, wern't you all fired up when the Bears got Cutler and now you make it sound like he is the worst QB ever. Correct me if I'm wrong on this. Maybe we should see that Cutler is a little shell shocked out there because his o-line SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cutler has to get used to being on a crappy team. They traded everything for him so he can't complain about not getting good young players. He stunk at Denver, where he had some of the best weapons around and an excellent o-line. He is not an intelligent QB and that does not change with age.

Interpret Cutler's arrogance and I understand a QB has to have some, but his statement I will go after Hall again, instead of making a joke of it, let me know he does not care where he tosses the football.

Cutler is so busy challenging people instead of trying to win a game - and if that means managing for a win, dog-gone-nit do it! - that he screws up. And we gave away Orton for this inept clown. Please! I don't care how great his arm is, there is something missing between the ears of this young man and it is football intelligence.

I am not going with the shell-shocked analogy or the O-Line & receivers are not good! We have a tenacious defense that has kept us in all games except one!! Now why is the offense not producing enough points to win? It is because Jay Cutler is not managing the game(s), yet he is throwing games away! Y'all better go to Vegas and make sure he doesn't owe somebody money out there!

By the way, Jay threw three INTs, why is he not pulled from the game? Are we sure he is not still groggy from the concussion?

You all want to put this on Cutler....the Bears receivers vary rarely fight for the ball or make a play. The only time they make a play is if the ball is exactly in the right position. Receivers have to position them selves for success and help the QB out every now and then. I am really tired of the receivers giving up on their routs and looking stupid after the dam ball gets picked.
You wonder why Cutler is shell shocked....dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn't. When he throws many times he gets screwed by his receivers and gets picked. If he doesn't he gets sacked, he is running for his life......
Maybe Cutler should just chuck it out of bounds 75 % of the time when the receivers are not getting separation or giving up on their routs.
That would go over real well hey?
Did you see Martz just about throw up on the sidelines after the pick 6?....LOL
Just sayin......

I cant take it anymore. I tried to support Lovie as much as I could, He is our coach, but yesterday was my final straw. I love the Bears and as much as I try to not watch, I keep on watching them. BUT, No fire whatsoever from the COACH or players. They play with talent alone, but with no passion. I dont care if you lose, but show some passion. They do a stupid play, and they srugh it off as if thats what they were supposed to do. The run game is pathetic. No fire in them either. Receivers (as in Knox and hHester) are afraid to catch the ball. Two INT could have maybe been broken up if they are so afraid of getting hit.

Hey Anon, I'm sorry but Cutler does not make trades, draft or sign free agents. You can sit there and honestly say that Knox and Hester run good routes, cut to the chase hit it on the head "THEY HATE TO GET HIT" all they want to do is run straight down the field. I would like to see you out there behind this line. It's the coaching and the gm who are to blame for this garbage team. Let me guess I bet you were calling for the bears to get rid of Grossman and Orton also.

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