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Cutler limited in practice Wednesday

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Jay Cutler's head may have been ringing on Sunday night but his armed seems unaffected by the beating he took at the hands of the Giants.

The Bears quarterback was practicing in full pads and everything seemed normal during the brief period when the media were allowed to watch practice.

Everybody appeared to be participating except for rookie safety Major Wright (hamstring) and tackle Chris Williams (hamstring). Williams working out with a member of the training staff on the side, which is an improvement.

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Rub some dirt on it, Jay, and get back out there!!!!!

So said Lovie Smith, whose job is at stake and who will be gone in a puff of smoke (or a record setting number of sacks) if Cutler doesn't play 99 percent of the snaps this year.

Jay, you feeling any pressure to play this week?

Seedy it's not up to Jay. Bears fans need to get this in their heads. He has to be cleared by team doctors and I believe and independent doctor to play. Then Lovie has to clear him. It was limited practice by the way.

By the way you can't rub dirt on a concussion, you also don't want a guy who might be experiencing vertigo every now and then playing QB.

Throw the ball Jay!

Neil I just heard Cutler has not been cleared by the medical staff. According to league rules he should not be practicing until cleared by the independent doctor. No football activities until cleared. Are you sure he was practicing? Or was he just throwing the ball around? Cause the Bears usually stick to the rules pretty tight.

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