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Cutler given day off to rest

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Jay Cutler got a partial day off during Wednesday's wind-blown practice at Halas Hall.

Offensive coordinator Mike Martz said the decision wasn't injury related but instead a chance to rest the quarterback.

"Always during the bye week, even though he feels great, like a pitcher, any rest you can give them will pay dividends down the stretch," Martz said. "Even though he feels good his body needs the rest. He'll throw a little bit tomorrow. It also gives us a chance to look at Caleb [Hanie] and Todd [Collins] and get them going again on what we do against a defense in seven-on-seven, so it was a good day for that."

The Bears have been relatively healthy this season. Coach Lovie Smith said the bye will give injured players such as linebackers Lance Briggs (ankle) and Brian Urlacher (groin) time to heal.

"When we play next week we feel like we'll have most of our guys ready to go if not all," Smith said.

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If ever a guy deserved a day off, it's Cutler. The pounding he has taken so far this season would wear on anybody. Giving the back-ups some reps is also a great idea because , unless pass protection improves and the game plan utilizes more short passes with quick releases, I can't see Cutler surviving without some time off with injuries.I do think the line is getting better and am optimistic that they'll do better the rest of the season.

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