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Updated: Clark doesn't know why he's not playing

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First Desmond Clark disappeared from the starting lineup and then from the 45-man game-day roster. The veteran tight end, who before this season had started 99 of 105 games since 2003, doesn't know why he hasn't been in Mike Martz's plans and isn't about to ask the offensive coordinator why.

"If you ask for explanations and it's not what you want to hear or you don't think it's legitimate that's when you get frustrated," said Clark, who has caught one pass for 12 yards this season. "I just go out to practice and let that speak for me. I can control the things I can control. That's what I rest on. I can control what I do out on the practice field. I can't control the personnel decisions."

Despite ranking second all-time among Bears tight ends with 242 receptions, Clark has always been known as a solid blocker, which is what made him being inactive for the 17-3 loss to the Giants on Oct. 3 such a surprise. With Brandon Manumaleuna and Greg Olsen getting most of the playing time, the Bears allowed 10 sacks, including an NFL-record nine in the first half.

Clark was inactive last week and tight end Kellen Davis active for a second straight week.

"You have to understand that if you are not starting for us right now, special teams is a major reason why for a lot of things," Martz said. "So it's not an indictment against anybody, other than one guy's really involved in special teams and one is not. That's the biggest consideration. "People read more into that sometimes than what's really there."

Earlier, Clark said he did not think special teams play was a primary factor in Martz's decision. The 12-year-veteran also said his lack of playing time isn't performance related.

"It would be more frustrating to me if I couldn't get the job done and I felt that and I knew that and they weren't playing me," he said. "For me, that would be more frustrating because that's on me."

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Category No. NFL Rank Chicago Bears
Offensive yards per game 280.8- 27
Points per game 18.4- T-22
First downs per game 14.8- 27
Third down pct. 21- 32
Passing yards per game 182.2- 24
Passer rating 74.8- 22
Rushing yards per game 98.6- 23

Defensive yards per game 295.2- 6
Points allowed per game 14.8- 5
First downs allowed per game 16.6- T-6
Third down pct. 30- 3
Passing allowed yards per game 216.6- 17
Passer rating 67.4- 4
Rushing yards allowed per game 78.6- 3
Takeaways 14- T-1
Giveaways 12 -27
Total penalties 28- 20

Look Brando is using stats, hey Brando hahahahaha, are you kidding me? You hammer everyone who posts stats. Can I give you a hint, if your going ot posts stats you may want to tell people why you are posting them, otherwise they are just numbers.

Is this a reason behind this or did you see numbers and get excited. Heck who's stats are they, PFF, NFL, BEARS.COM, Aikmen Ratings, Fox? They're all different you know. Here are the Aikmen ratings on the Bears described by Rock. N oI did not write this and I don't believe in luck.

"In the latest installment of the Aikman Efficiency Ratings (click here for description), even the best analyst in the NFL today cannot explain why the Bears are 4-1."

"Through Week 5 of the NFL."

Bears Offense Ranks – 31st (59.8 A.E.R.)
Bears Defense Ranks – 3rd (85.2 A.E.R.)

Of the three teams that are currently 4-1 (best record in the NFL), the Bears have the widest gap between the two sides of the ball.

New York Jets (4-1) – Offense (5th – 87.3 A.E.R.) Defense (13th – 79.1 A.E.R.)
Baltimore Ravens (4-1) - Offense (13th – 78.2 A.E.R.) Defense (14th – 78.9 A.E.R.)
Atlanta Falcons (4-1) – Offense (6th – 81.9 A.E.R.) Defense (5th – 84.6 A.E.R.)

Overall the Bears rank 24th in the Aikman Efficiency Ratings combined while the other three (4-1) teams are all included in the top 10 of the overall combined Aikman Efficiency Ratings.

Make no mistake about it, the Bears 4-1 record is logistically/rationally/unfathomable/etc.

Otherwise known… LUCKY!'

You see that is someone describing stats.

Word just landed Garza to have surgery.

Never did I "hammer" anyone for posting stats. I like stats.

What is up with you I question that your a Bears fan
1.Never ever a positive outlook on the Bears
2.Wouldnt mind seeing the Bears end up with a loosing record only if Lovie and staff plus Angelo gets fired.
3. Even with a 4-1 record you dont acknowledgethat they are tied for first in the NFC.
4.Dont give players a chance to develope they are all bust if they dont make the pro-bowl in the first year.
5.With a good game played and a good record you still sniff out the negitive things about a game or season.

Creighton you are the biggest Negitive Nancy on this board. Are you proud to be the biggest Negitive Nancy in Bears history?

You know if you have a positive outlook on life and everthing else you feel better. Being positive helps with high blood pressure, helps the skin look better(less zits), lowers stress, well it is good for the body and mind to be positive and have a positive outlook.
Unlike you I dont try to drag people down with me because I hate my life. I like to pass knowledge and a good attitude on people to brighten up their day.

Have fun Creighton, living life in the dark!

In keeping with the topic, I hope that Martz has plans to use Clark as the year goes on. Clark is still a valuable asset. He is the most complete tight end on the roster... Go Bears!!!

Despite being older, Des Clak is still more effective than stone-handed Kellen Davis, Lovie and Martz should activate him.

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