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Chris Williams could remain at left guard

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It seemed a natural move to plug Chris Williams at left guard, since Roberto Garza is scheduled for a knee scope that will sideline him this Sunday.

Williams, who has missed the last three games, was projected during the offseason as the left tackle of the future. The 14th overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft, Williams has bounced around, and Bears coach Lovie Smith wanted him to focus on one position. But the Bears are believed to be tweaking their plan. In the name of continuity -- or what little they can cobble together -- the Bears want to keep Frank Omiyale at left tackle. It's a position Omiyale is comfortable at.

Williams is athletic, but he's struggled with pass protection. Swinging inside takes some pressure off of him, so he's not in as many one-on-one situations with a player who oftentimes is the opposing team's top pass rusher.

The Bears are looking for some continuity on the offensive line, and this group (Omiyale at left tackle, Williams at left guard, Olin Kreutz at center, Edwin Williams at right guard and J'Marcus Webb at right tackle) will get a chance to keep their jobs.

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This makes me sad. Now he won't be the bestest and wonderfulest tackle in the NFL. Jerry just doesn't get it sometimes. Oh I assure you it's rare! I still love you Jerry. XOXO

I bet Edwin Baldwin will be at center soon with Lance Louis at right guard. That will be the line of the future!

Wait wait I think Mr. Roger Goodel called up Jerry A and asked him to move Chris Williams sense he was too good at tackle and it wasnt fare to the other teams. Little does he no that my big bad Chris is a total beast at any position! Go ahead use hi at saftie. No one would be better expet future hall of famer Craig Steltz.

"fare" Fare ????????? Creighton if your going to do these fake, stupid, childish, poorly thought-out characters, try knowing who to use the spell check a little better.

Hey why not try not to try posting lame duck 2nd grade crap.

I think that Creighton has some issues with people that like watching and enjoying a Bears game. I love to watch Da Bears but if they don't win its not the end of the day. It doesnt get me in a bad mood. I dont try to be an armchair coach or GM. I just like watching the game and move on.

Move on Creighton, Move on. The Bears will lose at some point in the season and then you can be happy-go-lucky but till then put a lid on it!

Sean any idea where the Bears stand in terms of penalties along the offensive line. I believe it is near or at the top of the league.

Tripper you listed two guys as the line of the future is this a new protections scheme created by Martz to get him the maxium possible recievers on a field.

Lets see, who on the line has graded out the highest.

Edwin Williams at RG would probably be first but has only played 101 snaps

Olin Kruetz would be second, while his run blocking is bad his pass protection has actually been decent.

3rd place goes to Lance Louis, Louis is horrible in pass protection and just below average at run blocking. He would grade out in the negative.

Next we Webb who seems to get a lot of attention for a guy who has not been very good over 101 snaps. He would grade out in the negative in run, pass and penalty.

Here would Garza, he is done. Lets just leave it at that.

Below Garza would be Chris Williams if Garza is done what the heck does that make Chris Williams.

Last but not least you have Frank Omiyale he struggles with Sacks, Pressures, hits, penalties, run blocking, pass blocking and screens. Not sure exactly what he does but he does not do it well.

The good news this week is the the Seahawks much like Panthers have no passing game, zero, none, so another one demesional team.

The good news for the offense, thier defense can't defend the pass. The only QB not throw for multiple touch downs against this team was Alex Smith.

It should be a cake walk.

Final question what does it mean to be bad on the worst offensive line in football and still be a starter? Does this suggest a bright future of this line that many fans seem to think because Webb is tall or Louis is young? Or does it suggest that Cutlers Career will most likely be shortened, if not ended behind this line. It is currently been reported that Cutler is currently on Concussion number 5. 3 suffered in college thanks Chris Williams. 1 In denver and one here. Those are the documented ones. Cutler took a horrible beating in College and is now taking a horrible beating here. By the way listen to the Cutler interview, he says he was woozy before the the second quarter.

So a fan might ask why did the Bears bring in an OC who is known for getting his QB's beaten sensless? I believe Aikman has the Bears offense ranked 31st. Now I use Aikman because those are the stats Lovie prefers and has stated as much more than once.

I believe Short yardage is still a problem,
3rd down is still a problem
Scoring is still bellow average 18 pts a game.
No run game.
The goal line is still a problem.
The offensive line is still a problem.

"Tripper," I think you're on to something there. That sounds like the best five offensive linemen on the team. Edwin Williams is probably the reason they let Beekman go. He was suppose to be the future center. Kreuz has been a great center for the Bears but he is on the end of the playing trail... Go Bears!!!

umm, could be wrong but if you're going by the Chicago Bears web site they were talking about Edwin Williams replacing Garza, not Chris Williams. Chris Williams and Omiyale would still be the starting tackles, Edwin Williams and Lance Louis the guards....

Edwin Williams has experience playing center and guard. He could very well be the future center once Kreutz leaves. Lance Louis looks to be the possible answer at right guard. Chris Williams might be better off at right guard because of his shorter arms. Would rather see Frank Omiyale back at left guard. J'Marcus Webb has long arms and would make a great left tackle. Just one man's opinion... Go Bears!!!

I got a question, desn't anyone else find it funny that Chris Williams became health and ready to play right when they didn't have anyone else to use.

Garza was playing with 2 braces on his knees. Lovie said about Chris Williams who has shown no signs of ever being hurt that offensive linemen need to be healthy in their lower bodies in order to operate on the field. Garza operated with two bad knees, no ACL, needed surgery and had two braces his legs and he was ok to play, but Williams had what appears to be at most a mild hamstring pull.

Matt Forte played all last year with a mild hamstring pull as well. Yet Chris Williams was not capable of practacing for weeks, but as soon as their is no one capable of playing is healed and now a Guard.

I wonder how long he as actually been practacing their?

Just another in the string of draft failures from the Angelo era. You don't draft a left tackle with the 14th pick and "convert" him to a guard. Tice can actually evaluate OL talent (as opposed to Heistand who didn't do much of anything good), so he's trying to be gracious by moving Williams after an injury. Just amazing how poor this front office is in acquiring talent thru the draft, or free agency.

The Bears are 4-1.

Once upon time there was da 2010 Chicago Bears O-line... they were too this and too that but they finally got inTiced to work together ...they lived happily ever after. Da growing pains are a little ugly but this line in going to be just fine at the end of the story. Mike Tice knows what he is doing.

I too believe Coach Tice knows what he is doing with this patch work o-line,and it is funny that now there is no one to place in the line now Williams is back in,but we all know how Angelo is with his draft picks.Williams seems to fit better at guard.The one good thing is I have not heard any complaints from Williams,maybe he knows Tice knows what he is doing.Go Bears,you still got your paws full,LOL

I like the move and I like the things line coach Mike Tice is doing. You got to like Tice's ability to evaluate his personnel. The bottom line is Frank Omiyale has outplayed Chris Williams at left tackle and seems to be a better fit there, again, you gotta like the fact the Bears coaching staff isn't giving out starting positions based solely on draft status. Omiyale really hasn't been that bad at left tackle, he needs to cut down on the false start penalties, but he could develop into a pretty good left tackle if he continues to improve.

I won't lie, I wanted the Bears to draft Chris Williams in the hope he could be the answer at left tackle for Chicago. That might not work out, so be it. Moving Williams inside might not be a bad idea, the move worked out pretty good for Robert Gallery in Oakland, Gallery is now one of the leagues best left guards. Moving inside also was a good career move for the Cowboys Leonard Davis, who like Gallery started out outside at tackle, but once he got moved inside to guard was a much better and more effective player. Not saying Williams is gonna have the same type of success as Gallery or Davis, but you just never know? Tice seems to think Williams can get some push inside as a run blocker and will be a lot more effective for the Bears lined up inside, in the end, thats all that really matters. You also gotta like the last moves Tice made by playing youngsters Edwin Williams at RG and J'Marcus Webb at RT. The one thing Tice has done is made Chicago's front bigger, left guard Chris Williams is 315lbs, and right guard Edwin Williams is 313lbs, throw in Webb's 328lb frame and this line is getting some much needed size. Hopefully this lineup works out now GO BEARS!!

Thank you Ryan. These people are just trying to start something.

Uhhhh Tumbler, you also draft D-linemen and convert them into guards, tackles. Stop hating, sip your latte. Guess Peppers, and Taylor, and C Harris were horrible free agents as well.

Creighton, I agree with you to an extent. A mild hamstring usually does take a few weeks to heal from my experience. I suspect he has practiced partially for about 1 to 2 weeks now. I have to say though, maybe Forte should have sat last year, because you see things in him now we didn't see last year. Garza sucked before the bad legs unless he came over here with them, he's been a weak link for years.

That's how I see it.

Lovie probably thinks that having the Williams boys at guard will magically offset Minnesota's having the Williams boys at the D tackles.
And please, if you cannot spell the simplest words, stop commenting. Like Farve and his pathetic texting, etc., you're only showing your shortcomings. What a commentary on the public school system.
May I take a moment or two?
Fair=Even handed, unbiased.
Fare=What you pay on the bus.
Their=Belonging to them.
There=A place (over there).
They're=Contraction of, they are.
Safety=A position on a football team.
Safties=Plural of safety.
Sorry to be a pedant but these should have been learned in 3rd grade, at the latest.

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