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Charles Grant says Bears have tools to win the Super Bowl

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Last season, defensive end Charles Grant helped the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl.

He said Wednesday he sees championship potential with the Bears.

"Chicago was a great fit," Grant said. "They have all the tools and what it takes to win the Super Bowl, and if you're a player, you're going to look for those tools to win, and Chicago has everything to be in that championship game in Dallas."

Technically, Cowboys Stadium is in Arlington, but I digress.

Here are some other highlights of Grant's interview:

* On if he was surprised by the signing: "The D-coordinator, you know, he played at Tampa in the NFC South division. You know what to expect from him when it comes to playing football. Surprised? No, I wasn't surprised. I was just waiting for the opportunity to get back on the football field."

* On how long it will take him to acclimate: "That's on the coaching staff and the coaches. But the coaches have done an outstanding job. I spent time with them yesterday learning the defensive scheme, so we're up to pace on that pretty much, so we'll wait and see what that does."

* On if he's ready to practice: "Yeah. I was in Miami (with the Dolphins) for the whole training camp and I was in the UFL for two weeks playing real football. It was a great experience for me, also a humbling one. It was good."

* On what he learned from his time away from the NFL: "As an old guy, everything I wanted from the National Football League, I've been able to acquire through this league. You know, being able to take care of my family. Super Bowl ring. Meeting great guys. The only thing I haven't got out of the league is a Pro Bowl, and I think this is my time to do that. You've got a guy like Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher, all of those guys on the defense that's humming. For a guy like me, all the pressure is not on me. The pressure is on me just to make plays and play good in the scheme. But at the end of the day, you just come out of here with a group of guys like this that want to win football games, game in and game out. That's what you like."

* On his second chance: ?It makes you appreciate a lot because the world is so negative. People look for negative stuff all of the time, and I've learned that. The last two years of my life have been probably the roughest but I've been able to balance them, so, for me, I'm just enjoying life now and thanking God for everything he's given me."

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I won't even pretend to know anything about Grant's ability because I don't. The fact that he got shipped to the UFL has to bring up some red flags but he can't actually be worse than Mark Anderson can he?

Mike he is probably the 5th end. He is not going to be the starter. That's Izzy. If it makes you feel better he was actually cut by that UFL team.

By the waythe Vikings just traded a 3rd round pick for Moss. Could the Bears trade a 3rd round pick for Mankins?

Thats my boy, Grant.

I'm sure he sees a lot of tools. Mostly in the front office. lol

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