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Caleb Hanie says he will be ready

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Not much went right for the Bears Sunday in New Jersey.

But, third-string quarterback Caleb Hanie looked solid late in the fourth quarter. He completed three of four passes for 36 yards, including a team-high 26-yarder.

Hanie said starter Jay Cutler "seems fine," but he will prepare himself in case he's pressed into action.

"I'm just going to play it by ear this week, try as hard as I can in practice, study, just get ready like I do every game," Hanie said. "You get ready as if you're going to play every game or otherwise you're going to be unprepared."

Hanie acknowledged that it's rare that the third quarterback plays.

"It was unfortunate that Jay got hurt and then Todd too. There was not really too much time to think about it. You have to hurry, get loose and get in there and make a pass on the first play," he said. "There wasn't much time to think about it and get nervous so that was good."

Asked what Mike Martz's message was to the offensive players, Hanie said, "Just to evaluate yourself critically and get ready for Carolina, put all that focus and bad energy into being ready for this week."

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Thought Calib Hanie looked better than Cutler and Collins. Cutler held the ball too long on most of those sacks. Marshall Faulk showed footage of receivers running to open areas of the field where Cutler could have been throwing the ball. He had short & deep routes to throw to but he held the ball and got beat down. Watch Warner run this offense and the ball comes out when his back foot hits the ground. The ball needs to be thrown in a spot on the field that allows only the receiver to get it or it falls incomplete. The offensive line did have a bad game but they were not to blame for all of those sacks. Hope they can fix the problem before next week... Go Bears!!!

I think Cutler has gotten so knocked around this season he has become disoriented on the field. There were times during the game when did not have a chance to throw the ball. How can a quarterback make intelligent decisions with the ball when he is getting clobbered on every play?

Moreover, why did Martz not have Cutler roll out ever on pass plays (he did this well in Denver)? Because the Bears did not have a running game they were forced to pass on almost every down. This meant the Giants were able to key in on where Cutler would be in the pocket. That is, they knew where he would be when he dropped back to pass and could rush to a "spot" without having to worry about the run.

Perhaps Martz needs to adjust his offense play calling to the suit the talents and capabilities of his offensive players-- sort of like when a teacher has to calibrate his lesson to the academic competence of his students. For example, you cannot expect a kid to master calculus if he cannot add. Likewise, perhaps the Bears's offense simply has not mastered enough of the basics to execute the complexities of Martz's offensive scheme. Or perhaps Martz is not using the types of players he has in an effective way.

Finally, if you think about it, Chicago is the graveyard for quarterbacks in the NFL. It is the place where quarterbacks come to die. The Bears have not had a decent quarterback since Jim McMahon. But perhaps the failure of quarterbacks in Chicago is really the fault of the those running the team -- from ownership to the GM to the coaches on the field. How else can you account for the fact that the Bears have been so weak at this position for so many years? How else can you account for the fact that Cutler, a Pro Bowl Quarter back in Denver, has become a mediocre player at best?

I just hope Cutler rebounds and reaches his athletic potential. A lot rides on the dedication and effort he puts into mastering his craft. But the competence of his surrounding cast will also play a vital roll in whether he succeeds or fails as the leading man for the Bears.

We will rally around Caleb Hanie, and we will play good football!

Todd Collins wasted a quarter and a half. He is a waste on this roster. I am so sick of hearing that you need a veteran presence. These QB's have been playing football their whole lives. Collins sucks plain and simple. If Hanie was in for the whole half I believe we would have probably won the game the way the D was playing. But since the D had to play 56 minutes they got a little tired.

I really hope Cutler can go, if not please start Hanie and make Collins the 3rd QB.


Caleb can throw the ball, start him.

Dick Vermeil is not dead he just lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania now.

Tom I thought the D only played 33 min. 36 against the Pack, 34 against the Boys, and only 25 against the Lions.

Time of possession means nothing right? The Bears defense couldn;t possibly start breaking down more and more because the defense is on the field to much for a whole season. Nonsense, it's good exercise, lots of Cardio. Players don't get beat up over a season do they? Football isn't hard it's fun. It's not like this has ever been a problem for a Lovie defense, has it? And if you can't read the sarcasim in this post you probably should stop reasing.

Hey Brando I can throw the ball too. Can you throw a ball? Great insight as always. How many Snaps did Hanie take and ummm when was he on the field? After the game was basically over right? Hanie, is he your next pro bowl pick? Hmmm your next favorite player? The next guy you hold onto until he is gone or proven he can;t get it done. You sure where loving Cutler the last three weeks. Your some kinda fan. Do you just jump from player to player hoping to be right once in awhile?

Yo Bears fans - wow did we take it on da chin or what? These guys can't be that bad; maybe they thought they were actually 3-0 while the Packers and Lions thought shoulda been 1-2! True-Martz and Lovie need to get Cutler to set that ball free in less than 7 steps and no more than 3 seconds. True- Collins is NOT the answer at backup. True- Caleb Hanie has looked good in pre-season and in mop-up but needs real life experience. (I believe he can be a good NFL QB - better than anything we've had since Jim Mac and flashes of Cutler.) And true- our running is pretty good when used effectively. Where's Khalil Bell, by the way? I sure wish Dan LeFevre was no.3 and Hanie no. 2. We need a Vermeil, Cowher, Leslie Frazier, or someone with a clue and passion!!

sarcasm or no sarcasm there's no question the Bears beat the Giants if their offense just shows up and scores 14-20 points. if we would have gotten ahead of the Giants things would have been much different in the 4th quarter for Eli and Co. the Bears were throttling the Giants offense but it just didn't seem like it because the Giants were mauling the Bears so much worse.

Glad Hanie's ready. While not much of an increase, I had no hope of a Bears come back last week until Collins got knocked out of the game.

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