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Briggs knows what Panthers will do

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You don't have to be a five-time Pro Bowl player to know what to expect when the Bears visit the Panthers on Sunday.

"They're a team that is going to run the ball," Bears linebacker Lance Briggs said. "It's what they do best. They have two quality backs and a young quarterback, a good offensive line. You do what suits you."

Briggs said there's a reason why rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen, who will start Sunday, is in the NFL. But that doesn't mean the former Notre Dame star doesn't have a lot to learn.

Briggs and the Bears hope they can provide a lesson.

"It's good to get him moving, get a good pass rush when he's trying to pass the ball, make it hard for him," Briggs said. "Make it very difficult for him, give him welcome-to-the-NFL type of situations."

The Bears No. 1-ranked run defense dropped to eighth after allowing the Giants to rush for 189 yards on 32 carries for an average of 5.9 yards per carry.

The Panthers, meanwhile, are averaging 103.3 yards per game and 4.0 yards per carry.

'We played too good of run defense up to this New York game to fall back," Briggs said. "We're too good of players, too smart, too physical to ever take another step back. We need to take many steps forward this week against the run and this is really a good game to do it."

The Panthers have been a run-oriented team under Fox, but are expected to be even more so with Steve Smith out with an ankle injury and Dwayne Jarrett having been released after a DUI arrest.

"Part of the problem with the cutbacks from last week is we didn't make tackles," Briggs said. "We had Ahmad Bradshaw tackled in the backfield a couple times and didn't finish. We let him out of our grasp. Those tackles for losses turned into positive yards. This week, we just have to finish the plays."

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Stack the Box and let Peppers go after Jimmy...... That's all the Bears need to do.

On offense how about something new, how about the Bears run the ball against a small D-Line. They have 3 good LB's and that's about it. Brown weighs 250 pounds, 250 run him over. They don't even have a pass rush. Just don't try and run outside on them to much.

Colts version of the Tampa 2 without the talent.

I think that's sound advice Creighton.

I would also like to see Daniel Manning benched indefinitely on defense, because he absolutely cannot play the run, and is too chicken-shxx to take on RBs head on. I know because I'm chicken-shxx too. It takes one to know one. Play Steltz.

You know what they can do with Manning? They can convert him into a WR like they did with Hester, because he would be a beast in terms of yards after the catch.

The plan is to keep the bears defense on the field so Briggs and company will be tired in the 4th. This will also keep collins off the field so he can never even have a chance to get in sync with his surrounding cast.
We'll see just how long the bears can stop the run...especially against a running team. Even a running team like carolina has a better offensive line than the bears. And I'm sure the new young QB is going to set up for a lot of play action with their running game...something the bears don't have.

yes, Creighton, that is exactly right. too bad Major is still out this would be a great game for him. Bears didn't have too hard a time with Marion Barber or Jahvad Best, we know they can stop the run with disciplined gaps.

Problem is on the other side of the ball. But if the Bears really have taken a step forward this year they will show it with a sound strategy, short passing game to TE and runnin the hell out of the ball. They shouldn't need Cutler for this one if we can just put together steady drives and let our defense rest.

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