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Briggs availability in doubt

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Lance Briggs left the locker room after Sunday's game wearing a walking boot on his left ankle, casting doubt about his availability for Sunday's game.

Briggs aggravated a high-ankle sprain he first suffered in the third preseason game while stuffing Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart late in the third quarter.

"Lance is a good player and has consistently made plays," safety Chris Harris said. "It would hurt but we have very capable guys behind him in Brian Iwuh and Nick Roach. They can play pretty good football too so if Lance has to miss time, I don't think it will be a huge letdown."

Smith also said that tackle Chris Williams and safety Major Wright were improving from hamstring injuries and could be available this week.

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Wright and Williams have not worked their legs or Cardio in weeks. Well maybe Wright hasn't. I hope they don;t start that rotation garbage with Williams. It does not help the line, you either start a guy or you sit a guy, you don't rotate players on the line like a turnstyle cause that is what you get.

To bad about Lance, high ankle sprains are a #####. You got to be cearful cause it can lead to micro fractures if you abuse it.

So why not move Pisa over to the weak side, and put in Roach on the strong side? Pisa has been a weak side backer for most of his career, and Roach is capable of playing any position, but strong side appears to be his best spot.

Leave Iwuh on special teams. I agree that we should not push Lance back early, especially since we are only playing Seattle. Marshawn Lynch is still going to be learning the offense, and he is not that fast to begin with.

I would like to see Wright back on the field more than Williams, but admittedly, we need both of them back. If Williams is ready, does that push Omiyale back to RT, or do they stick with Webb and Williams on the right side? They seemed to function well in the run game, but Webb was beaten a couple of times in the passing game (then again, who isn't beaten a couple of times in the passing game on our line?)

I would be interested in seeing E Williams and Webb staying in the lineup and see how they do. That leaves Omiyale with no place to go other than LG, and we all remember how that worked out...

Well Pisa is better in coverage than Roach

All the more reason to move him to the weak side if Briggs is out. Naturally, he would stay in for the nickel regardless to play with Urlacher with Lance out of there, but I would rather let him run to the ball rather than fight through more traffic. Maybe he can stay healthy longer by moving into Briggs' spot for a week or two.

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