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Bowman injures foot

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Bears cornerback Zack Bowman has injured his foot. His return is questionable.

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Eating my first bite of some crow yuck. 1 phase showed up today and that was the special teams. Saftey Blitz! Hester seems to be, Earl Bennett Boom!,back to his old self. The O-Line performed at a high school level today. Nothing, Saftey Blitz Omiyale, new there.

Defense is just as much at fault for the loss then the offense. Both bad. Was Ron Rivera, JaMarcus Web Corner Blitz, up in the booth calling the same defensive play over and over again? Mike Williams looked like an all-pro??? One good thing I saw on defense was Brian Iwuh can hit hard and did a good job filling in for Briggs.

Stupid loss, Stupid plays, Stupid game. Bears are still, Cris William and Omiyale Why The Eff are you 2 blocking a linebacker, leading the NFC North. Who is blocking the left defensive end... Omiyale your guy is knocking Jay Cutlers head in the dirt!!!

The offensive line must have caught a contact buzz because they were smoked all game. They look confused and OMIYALE pick up your head, your looking at the ground when the ball is snaped.

Where is Donald Trump when you need him..... Frank Omiyale, Your Fired!

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