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Bennett's block for the ages

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Earl Bennett has had several good downfield blocks this season but nothing that compares to the crunching blow he put on Seattle punter Jon Ryan during Hester's 89-yard punt return.

"I mean, I wasn't trying to like kill the guy or nothing," Bennett said. "I'm playing football, you know?"

Bears kicker Robbie Gould came off the sideline to see if Ryan was OK and was quickly followed by the Bears' and Seahawks' medical staffs. Ryan remained down for several minutes before being helped from the field.

"It sucks when you get one returned on you like that, especially when you don't remember it," Ryan said.

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Yea, that was the Bears Best Highlight!

OMG I have not seen a hit like that in years. Neil do you have a link so us fans can watch that again and again and again.

Didn't get to see the game but lets not get to excited when the best block of the game from what I hear comes against a punter.

Didn't get to see the game but lets not get to excited when the best block of the game from what I hear comes against a punter.

Who cares if it is a punter, wide out, d-lineman, who cares that hit was crazy. I thought Jon Ryan was gonna die. Watch it up rooted you will see it is a nasty hit. Also Jon Ryan isnt your normal looking kicker, he is 6ft and 225 lbs that kinda beefy for a punter.

Add some weight to bennett, and he could be our best OLineman all year. Maybe the coaches (Tice/Martz), can see what some blocking (*on a punter*), can do to spring someone free. How many times do we need to see Webb/Omilaye miss blocks because they are to focused on the down linemen?

I have seen better blocking in Pee-Wee football boys...have some damn pride in playing for that team and in the NFL.

Chris Williams - Overpriced Backup OT/OG on the Roster. how was he ever a #1 pick?

exactly, tx you didnt see the game. so shut up

Hey pete this is a blog, a place were anyone can say anything. If you don't like what someone rights ,don't read it. You very well could have responded like Brando, but instead you have to respond like every other butt kissing bears fan.

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