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Bears release Grant; sign of move to come?

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The Bears have released defensive end Charles Grant, the Sun-Times has confirmed

The veteran defense end was signed away from the UFL's Omaha Nighthawks after Mark Anderson was released two weeks ago. He was inactive for the last two games and leaves without ever having suited up for the Bears.

Since the Bears now have an open roster spot, might the move be an indicator that general manager Jerry Angelo has something cooking before today's trade deadline?

It's possible, although Angelo downplayed the likelihood of trade while speaking with the team's website last week.

Stay tuned.

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I'm not going to grasp for straws here with absurd high hopes.

Let's put it this way...Jerry better have something cooking to release Anderson and sign a guy for 2 weeks, and then let him go again. Melton appears to be doing pretty well, and Idonije is stepping up as the starter, so maybe he would rather get Wootton some time, but there has to be a roster move coming with this. Perhaps one of the OL from the practice squad? Marten or Asiata could both be brought up to add some depth.

Or more likely, Jerry just gave up a 1st round or second round pick for a guy who isn't worth it by any stretch. I highly doubt they would give Angelo the leash length to make a move for Mankins, especially after the team has basically started falling apart in their "do or die" year.

I guess we'll see...

This is just horrible. They bring in HOF talent like Grant, and then flush him. I love Jerry but sometimes he just brings me to tears. I've got a bottle of Hawaiian Blue MD 20/20 that I guess I'm going to get started on.

Trade Jay Cutler for Matt Ryan!

There is no trade, we signed Barry Turner off the Practice squad. Grant was fat and out of shape.

Nuff said, there is no help on the OLINE coming..


Then why bring him in at all!? Neil, Grant still got paid for his forgettable two week stay right? I would imagine he did.

And if that's the case, if the Bears could care less about throwing millions around then here's two suggestions:

1.) Trade for "Fat Albert"

-Haynesworth wants out of Washington. Washington wants him out. He'd be coming to a 4-3 paired with Peppers. Word is he could be had for less than a 2nd rounder.

2.) Ditto on Logan Mankins.

Time is running out and the NFC North is so easily there for the taking it's sickening. A few moves like that can help the Bears get over the top.

"By Jay_Cutler_is_a_Bust on October 19, 2010 2:44 PM
Trade Jay Cutler for Matt Ryan!"

Better idea! Lease that empty space between your ears to a working, functional brain.

Jay Cutler is one of the best QB in the NFL...he's just running for his life every freaking pass play. Unlike Kevin, I HATE Angelo, I think he's like most of his first round picks, A BUST ! I would have the O-Line on the practice field from morning to night and when they think they're the weight room !!!

They just moved Barry Turner off the practice squad. Wow, huge move for the Bears pause not.

Well Creighton is Kevin Bumstead and all Creighton is talking about is Mad Dog 20/20 and cheap red wine. Sounds like you are a cheap drunk Creighton.
That explains some of his short storys that go on and on about the same stuff all the time.

By Jay_Cutler_is_a_Bust on October 19, 2010 2:44 PM
"Trade Jay Cutler for Matt Ryan!" (This is actually Brando by the way who wants Hanie to start)

You see this is how you know Cutler haters are stupid, just read their posts. They hate Cutler, call him a bust, say he is the worst ever, etc then turn around and say trade him for Ryan, or Brees, or Manning. If Cutler is what you believe he is why would teams trade for him? Why would the Falcons trade Ryan for Cutler if he is as bad as you say?

You do you even understand how stupid you have to be to say something like that?

Well, I'm sure if Jerry told the teams website that there wasn't going to be a trade, then there's no way there'll be a trade. Jerry would never, ever use to intentionally send out misinformation, would he?

Cutler is not the problem...clean house (from the GM down to the coaches...and take Ted Phillips with you for believin' these fools, Jerry and Lovie, could fix this mess. ) Lost another year while they try to turn this sinking ship around. Bring in Bill Cowher and his team of specialists to bring that blue-collar ethic back to Chicago football. Can John Tait be persuaded to come out of retirement?

Yep...there will be a roster move...

Angelo will play QB. Lovie will block for him. Phillips is the new water boy. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...think he already has that job.
Mike McCashkey will have the stretcher ready for Lovie. It won't take long for him to have his block knocked off.
I think that covers the roster move......or ...maybe...
After the performance, Lovie, with his concussion, and angelo with broken leg....or is it the other way around?......anyway...they may see the need to fire each other for being worthless.

"Jay Cutler was introduced to this offense last spring in organized training activities. He went through an entire training camp with it. He was force-fed all of the information by Mike Martz and shown clearly what this offense is about. They use complex protection schemes and utilize one back in the backfield most of the time. It puts a tremendous burden on the quarterback to know who's blocked and who's not blocked. Ultimately, it's Jay Cutler's responsibility, when secondary people are coming, he needs to know they're either being picked up by my offensive line and my backs, or I'm responsible for them with hot throws. Regardless of what the issue is, ultimately it falls on Jay Cutler to get the ball out of his hands and to prevent these sacks and the turnovers that come with them." -- ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer

Trent Dilfer broke that down very well. Jay does have to know his hot reads. Jay needs to do a better job of reconizing what the defense is throwing at him. people on here have been saying(Creighton) it has been all Martz and the O-Line fault well somewhat but what it comes down to is the QB cant read a defense then he is no better then his O-Line.

Go Bears!!!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Angelo has to be feeling the heat. The O-line needs solid veteran talent to find positive consistency. There is definitely some wheeling and dealing in the works at Halas Hall.

By Jay_Cutler_is_a_Bust on October 19, 2010 2:44 PM
"Trade Jay Cutler for Matt Ryan!" (This is actually Brando by the way who wants Hanie to start)

Why is it when someone wants to ruffle Creighton's feathers it has to b me? Im a Jay Cutler fan Im a little disapointed in the way he played last year and a couple of games this year. I for sure would NOT trade him for Matty Ice at all!

Just to clear that up with all of you others.

"You do you even understand how stupid you have to be to say something like that? "

Creighton you are the last person to call anyone stupid! Anyone else on this blog agree Creighton should NEVER EVER call anyone stupid?

With Cutlers play last year and this year Creighton, I think Atlanta would ask for a first round pick and Jay Cutler for Matt Ryan. Yeah who ever that was that said that really isnt thinking things through.

Brando, I would love to see your boy Trent Dilfer behind this offensive line. It's so easy for guys like him and Warner to say Jay should do this or Jay should do that but put them in Jay's shoes and I'm sure they'll be singing a different tune.

This really is a bad line. It may be the worst in football. That Cutler still has a 2:1 td to int ratio and is still standing is nothing short of miraculous.

I get what you're saying that Cutler hasn't been perfect and his decisions seem questionable at time. But to pin it all on him and pretend that all he has to do is "hit the hot read" to make the offense better is moronic.

Obscenely bad blocking, no run game, receivers running the wrong routes...hey Jay, hit the hot read! It's so easy because Brando and Dilfer said so!

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