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Bears QB Todd Collins: 'Probably my worst game ever'

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Bears coach Lovie Smith said quarterback Todd Collins ''did some good things'' Sunday.

After throwing four interceptions, including one on third-and-goal at the 1, having two passes batted at the line of scrimmage, overthrowing open receivers downfield, getting sacked twice, throwing six passes that neither team caught and getting pulled in the third quarter with a 6.2 passer rating for the game and 0.0 on third downs, even Collins probably would like to know what those good things were.

''It was probably my worst game ever, since I've been playing any sport,'' the 38-year-old Collins said. ''It's not like it was a surprise gettig pulled. It's disappointing. But I was most disappointed in how I played.''

After Jay Cutler suffered a concussion against the New York Giants last week that forced him to miss Sunday's game, Smith and offensive coordinator Mike Martz turned to the veteran Collins over Caleb Hanie.

But even with a conservative game plan loaded with running plays that worked to near perfection in the first quarter -- Matt Forte had touchdown runs of 18 and 68 yards in the first 7:25 of the game -- Collins was either so rusty or so ill-prepared he could not avoid disaster.

Collins' biggest error came with the Bears leading 17-3 and ready to blow the game open with a first-and-goal at the Carolina 1 with 2:34 left in the first quarter.

After Chester Taylor was stopped for no gain, Martz turned to Collins. But his pass for Johnny Knox in the end zone was intercepted by 6-2, 296-pound defensive tackle Ed Johnson.

And as Collins said afterward, ''it continued to get worse.'' He completed 6-of-16 passes for 32 yards, four interceptions and a career-low 6.2 rating. It was the lowest for a Bears ''winning'' quarterback since Rex Grossman's 1.3 rating against the Vikings in 2006.

''Too many turnovers -- that was probably obvious,'' Smith said when asked about Collin's performance. ''But early on he did some good things. He was in control and we took a 17-3 lead.''

Smith said it was too early to speculate whether Collins or Hanie would start Sunday against the Seahawks at Soldier Field if Cutler is unable to play.

Hanie replaced Collins at the end of the third quarter. He was 2-of-3 for 19 yards and an 84.0 rating. But he had the advantage of going last.

''I was excited to get the opportunity to get in there and make a couple of plays and show them what I could do,'' Hanie said. ''It was good to get a little bit of work and be ready for next time.''

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Collins is terrible! Every game is a bad game for him. We could have lost that game because of him. Release him immediately. When you get paid that much money, there is no excuse for that type of performance!

Lovie is right, Collins did show something in the game. He showed how Lovie and JA waste money on free agents, lose draft picks like LeFevour. No I don't think LeFevour would have done anything this year but at least they could have had a QB to develop. But are great brain trust(JA & Lovie) decide to go with a washed up old guy who stole money from them like all the other free agent bust's do. Can't wait for the brain trust to get fired.

Todd Collins: 6-of-16 for 32 yards, 4 ints, passer rating = 6.2
Total beast! He makes the Bumstead Total Beast team!!

in a worst case scenario- that is, if cutler cannot play next sunday at home against seattle- that the coaching staff has to think about whom would be next in line is just proof that they also are suffering from concussions.
we all knew that even with the minor injury caleb had during exhibition season, that he was better prepared mentally as well as book-wise for the understudy role.

shame on lovie smith again. even if the bears end up leading the division with a 10-6 record in an obviously weak NFC, it is time to get rid of him at season end. we no longer tolerate his need for control
and self-serving.

I think everyone would be happier if we were 1-4. D played an outstanding game and I think maybe we can run the ball a little bit, something that many of you thought was impossible. Some of you people need to get a life...the entire league is parity. The boys went down again, the Chargers lost to the Raiders, the Saints couldn't beat the Cardinals. You're not going to get perfection from anybody at any time.

Larry t., really? Seriously? If Bears go 10-6 and win division, I will be jumping up and down like crazy ... and I would definitely let Smith and the rest of the coaching staff come back. If Bears can squeeze out a play off spot this year, man ... that's more than anyone expected (including the Bears themeselves probably). No coach can be fired in that scenario.

Not a pretty win but a win is awin. Our defense is sick nasty!


You haters, fire the coach that took us to the SB? Fire the 4-1 head coach? Hire who? Who? Who? Now the NFC is weak...what about the mighty Pack? NO, the SB champs? The great Dallas Cowboys? You people kill me.

Fans and media don't know how to judge talent, just report on it. The favorite saying now is eyeball test? Whose eyeballs? My eyeballs see 4-1, not 1-4. Keep doing what you are doing Lovie and JA. You make mistakes like all 32 teams. If everyone got fired for their mistakes, there would be no people left to work. Like Potash, it was second and goal at the 1, not first and goal. They have a chance to do something special in Chicago, and a chance is all you can ask for. I bet San Fran or Minnesota wish they were 4-1.

I don't blame Lovie and Angelo for acquiring and playing Todd Collins.

I too had no problem with Hanie being No.2 and LeFevour No.3. But Hanie did hurt his throwing shoulder, which could be tricky, and I doubt many would've had the balls to say "we'll just plug in LeFevour and we'll be okay."

Things have turned out for the worst.

I doubt many would've thought the Bengals would cut a veteran backup quarterback (their No.2, not their No.3) in J.T. O'Sullivan to pluck LeFevour (a sixth round project) off waivers to plug into their roster, resulting in a wasted 6th round pick for the Bears.

And after Collins' preseason performance (10 of 15, 1 TD, 118.5 rating), I doubt many would've thought we would be in for this kind of performance from him. He played in 3 games last year, and didn't look particularly bad either. (Knox could've done a better job fighting for the ball too.)

So, I don't blame them for making the calls to acquire and play Collins.

But having said that, results are everything, and Lovie and Jerry should be held responsible for things turning out for the worst. That's just terrible.

Well, duh, it was your worst game. For one, you had to put down your clipboard and put on your helmet. And two, you weren't behind the Redskins O-line beating the Bears!


Put down the Kool-aid, wipe of your mouth, make sure you don't dribble any on your Ditka jersey, and take a deep breath. It's fans like you that, on a small part, allow the Bears to keep idiots like JA and Lovie around. With reactions like above, it is, in a sense, "enabling them to fail.

Don't fire a 4-1 coach? Don't fire a coach that took us {didn't win, mind you} to a SB? Who ever would we hire, you cry? How about Bill Cowher for 1? I would even throw in Jasson Garrett into that mix as well. He's a great offensive mind who's being lumped in with Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones and that mess down in Dallas. Mike Shannahan could coach circles around Lovie with either of his brain lobes removed and he was fired. And wait...he WON 2 SB's.

And it's quite obvious you haven't looked at Angelo's drafting, and trading record. He does good in free agency, but that's because the talent has already been found, molded, and coached up to that level. His one big free agency bust in the past few years is Omiyale. Why? Well, because JA thought he saw something in him that other GM's didn't. Yeah, he thought he saw talent and success...ooops. And if you read my posts regarding JA {and I know you do} you will see that I don't expect him to be perfect, but you would think that in almost a full decade of drafting he would have 1 draft where he pulled a "Polian"..or a "Vainisi"...meaning that he hit on just about everything in a 1-2 year stretch. He can't even hit on 1 or 2 players per draft. So, YES, if someone in the real world failed like Angelo, they would have been gone years ago. If a design engineer for say, Boeing or Ford failed like this, you would have airplanes that couldn't fly and cars that wouldn't run. This doesn't even take into account the failed experiment with Hester that he put his seal of approval on.

This Offensive line still can't move anyone off the ball in a straight line. Once again, the ball on the 1 foot line and they can't move the defensive line. The 3 longest runs by Forte were all his doing. The first was when he got bottled up at the line of scrimmage and bounced it to the right for a 10+ yard gain. the second was the first touchdown. Hmm..A misdirection play where an all pro LB took a bad angle and the long TD run was Forte taking it to the right, cutting left, seeing a hole and was gone.


This defense is what??"sick nasty"...are you demented? The 84-86 defense was sick nasty. This defense is 11th in total D. It's 20th against the pass. Behind 2 teams without a win. Carolina and Buffalo. It is 6th against the run, but that is in a "pass first" league. And even after their performace against a horrible OL yesterday, the Bears are 17th in sacks. Once again, all of this is being done against the weakest part of the schedule. What's the "sick nasty" going to do against the Jets, NE, MN 2X {maybe Favre will have been suspended by that time for his conduct}, Miami, GB at Lanbeau?

As for Collins, as I wrote last week. Hanie should have been the starter. But, the great silver haired genius wanted a veteran QB that supposedly knew his system and the Bear's management, never having an assistant with this sort of resume, gave in and brought one in. So, Martz got his man, and was painted into a corner and had to stand by his guy. Thankfully, the Bears played a team that was totally inept in the passing game.

We are still 4-1 folks. The wins have been ugly but still in the win column. Yes, it hurts when Collins is intercepted in the Red Zone and over throwing receivers.

Julius Peppers is worth the money.

Remember folks all we had for a long time was Walter Payton on offense and a defense that would smack the opposing offense down to get wins. Give it time, the franchise QB - Jay C. - every one is glad to have will get those BIG receivers to toss to and learn to utilize the presents ones.

Let's be happy we have a Defense that can stuff opposing teams offenses. Our defense is going to start scoring as well. We have great Special Teams play as well

On Todd Collins play - I do not know what to say. Really what do you say? Let's move on and be glad the Bears won.

Go Bears!

Come on offense & read the book on "The Little Engine That Could"

Don't laugh people, our offense need all the help it can get.

Collins should have been pulled at halftime. The fact he started the third quarter is but one indication that the Bears have one messed up coaching staff. Fire Lovie Smith and move on.

'Probably my worst game ever' Is that a joke? Could he have actually had a worse than that at some point in his career, OMG.

Chuck what are you going on about?

Heck yeah fire Smith, been to the playoffs twice in 6 years with him, twice in 8 years with Angelo. You actually think because he went to the Super Bowl that he is a star. Lots of coaches have been to the Super Bowl, they have also been fired. Look at Gruden, and Martz.

Being consistant is what count's and Smith and Angelo have been consistantly mediocre. You think maybe making the playoff's this year means he is good. That would be once in 4 years. That would be bad. Even 3 times in 7 years is not good. Not to mention the only way the Bears make the playioff's is because of players they didn't draft. That's why they are inconsistant. The 05-06 teams the offense was made up mostly of FA or trades. This year it's Urlacher, and Peppers on defense who are making it go. On offense it's pretty clear now without a doubt it's Cutler.

4-1 is great, but the 6-2 lions with Martz didn't do so well in the second half of that season. By the way yo usay the media does not know how to spot talent, half the sports media out their are former head coaches. Their more than a few writers that used to be scouts and writers actually talk to scouts for information. I am just a fan but my track record on talent has been pretty darn good. Better than Angelo's that's for sure. Heck the head of the ESPN draft is a former college fan boy named Kiper. Clearly someone can spir something.

As for what coaches are out their. I am pretty sure Super Bowl winning Head Coach Bill Cowher is out there and he was never fired and his record put's Smith to shame. His first 6 years he went to the playoff's 6 times, won his div 5 times, played in the afc Championship game 3 times and went to the Super Bowl. He mad the playoff's 3 times more often than Smith has in his first 6.

I will go ahead and say he is a good head coach. Just for the record, he also uses a 3 digit offense but sets it up off a power run game. Sounds pretty good to me.

I am not arguing with Chuck you can love Smith all you want, that's cool he has his fans, and he has been the best coach the bears have had out of the last 3 coaches. But that is not really a challenge is it? I am just not one of them and you did ask some questions. Like the head coach thing.

I have a few questions for all of the "If we make the playoffs this year, you can't fire Lovie" crowd.

What do you do if we DO make the playoffs this year (which I doubt) and we go one and done, or win one and lose one - and then Lovie asks for yet another 5 year extension? Angelo made Lovie the second highest paid coach in the league after the SB debacle and getting scorched in 2005 against Carolina.

Are you satisfied with the every-five-years playoff appearance? Do you extend him AGAIN and wait another five years?

Or do you want a consistently competitive football team rather than the feast and famine Lovie/Angelo Bears?

What exactly are you guys seeing in Lovie that gives you so much confidence in him? Because we lucked out against the Lions? because the Cowboys and Packers marched up and down the field but turned the ball over at critical times? Because I am just not seeing it.

I base my lack of faith in Lovie (and Angelo) on his (their) entire body of work, not the occasional playoff appearance.

Ask yourself - do you want to be the Patriots, Steelers, Colts, or Ravens.....or are you content to have the occasional lucky year, followed by mediocrity.

If you like mediocrity, then you have the right guys in place.

Changing the subject, how about a little love for my Skins and Southside Donovan F. McNabb taking down the Pack and giving Rogers a concussion after knocking The Vickster out of the game last week? See ya in two weeks! Go Skins and Go Bears when you're not playing the Skins!

p.s. Carolina, like Buffalo, is a semi-pro team at best!

Chuck, Cowher has been the only name mentioned because that is who most of us want. I'll throw out a couple of other names, Rivera, Frazier,Buddy Ryan's other son and I'm sure Singeltary will be avaliable at the end of this season. To be honest I would take anyone of them over Lovie. Please follow anonymous's advice and put down the kool-aid.

I have no idea how it happened, but the above post under "anonymous" is mine and I don't post under any other name but Gearheadboy. I only use the one e-mail address so I have no idea how that happened. The only thing I can think of, is that after typing out my post, I noticed that the letters in the "captcha" box were missing, so I copied my text, closed out the, re-opened it and pasted the text in the new box. My apologies.


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