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Bears cut Anderson, sign Grant

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The Bears announced they have signed Charles Grant to a one-year contract and terminated the contract of Mark Anderson.

Grant was a productive player for eight years with the Saints before being cut during the offseason. He was waived by Miami during the preseason and played two games with the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL before signing with the Bears.

In his career, Grant has 505 tackles and 47 sacks, 14 forced fumbles, five fumble recoveries, one interception and 24 passes defensed.

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Shouldn't they be trying to fix the OL?

anjello, the man is an IDIOT.

Why does he continue to neglect the offensive line?

Whoa! Didn't see that coming.

I wonder if Harris is next? It looks like he is putting out, but he just looks pitiful out there.

Add another name to the LOOOOOOONG line of bust's during the Jerry Angelo era. How much longer will this loser be gainfully employed by a franchise that he has singlehandedly dismantled. HEY McCASKEY'S WISE UP and dump this chump before next years draft ! He should have been let go 2 years ago based on his draft record. Remember Virginia, stupid is as stupid does !!

A 5th round pick a bust???

Mr.Mick/Creighton/crap-ton Mark Anderson wasnt planned to have 11 sacks his rookie year, if he was he probably would have been picked in the first 3 rounds. No he was a 5th rounder. Picking anyone at any possition(exclude punter and kicker) in the 5th round is NOT a bust.

jerry is a genius! with a bolstered defense, ppl will forgot the porous o-line...until j 'i pray for death' cutler gets nailed again by a DE hitting him on his blindside. funny enough, i think the o-line has reversed the d-line's philosophy of 'bend, don't break'. what i'd like to see, as a arm-chair head coach, are more shotgun plays to give 'ol j more time to lob the pigskin to hester and knox. yada yada yada...GO BEARS!!!

By Brando on October 5, 2010 4:06 PM

"Good move to let Anderson go never was a fan of his."

By Brando on October 5, 2010 4:16 PM
A 5th round pick a bust???

"Mr.Mick/Creighton/crap-ton Mark Anderson wasnt planned to have 11 sacks his rookie year, if he was he probably would have been picked in the first 3 rounds. No he was a 5th rounder. Picking anyone at any possition(exclude punter and kicker) in the 5th round is NOT a bust."

Make up your damn mind. Why are you even brining up Crap-ton? You know who Crap-ton is. You where their when Kevin blew the secret. You acknowledged it.

If Mrmick thinks he is a bust then he has a right to think that. Nobody made the Bears hand Anderson the starting job for the second time again by Lovie. Why, was he chosen over Brown who has identical stats to the guy they just signed and no off field issues? Why was he talked up by Rod as the next big thing which he was. If Mrmick me or anyone else want to have an opinion on it and talk about it on this blog we can. It's not your call and quit trying to change the subject with BS stuff like Crap-ton who is your man crush Kevin. Fans have a right to be happy or disappointed or whatever they want. It's not your call. Quit trying to control the blog or what people say or think. You are the last person on this blog that should be telling anyone anything after the way you have acted the last three years.

Angelo missed another pick and continues his long string of draft picks who are not misses or busts or whatever anyone wants to call them. This is well documented, end of story. Just cause you like Angelo and think he has done a great job and think he is the best G Min football which you have stated more than once, doesn't mean everyone has to feel the same way. You want to argue or debate someones opinion that's fine but it is not yours or anyone elses place to say what anyone's opinion is. Stop trying to pretend people are saying things they are not. Why don't you go post under my name like you always do, then maybe someone will ackowledge you you desperate for attention always looking for a fight child.

Go nit pick a tree. Maybe you should talk about peoples spelling. Just cause you constantly pick fights, lie, pretend to be people, and show little insight into the game of football doesn't mean everyone else does.

Like the move but this isn't going to keep Cutler alive.

this makes them hypocrites. What was the point of cutting Tank Johnson way back when???? Surely he was needed more, and obviously has displayed better moral character than Grant. I am just wondering about the flopping of this organization all of a sudden. Obviously Lovie is giving Jerry Angelo the ol' 1/2 peace sign salute with these roster moves right? I mean Jerry wouldn't get rid of his own picks right?

Giving Grant a shot doesn't really cost anything. Bears need to inquire about Logan Mankins from the Pats...He is still holding out and he would be an instant upgrade to this pitiful offensive line and he would be our best O-Linemen right away!!

Let's see. Picking up someone cut by a UFL team is an upgrade? Get serious. Logan Mankins (patriots guard) and Steven Jackson (chargers receiver) are sitting out the season. Get either or,better, both and both the O-line and receiver corps would be raised to another level. Lovie's optimism will not win games. The present roster will be lucky to end the season 9-7. The latest acquisition will not change this.

Great move. No production(sacks) after 4 games, time to go. This should mean more reps for Henry Melton. Melton has looked good everytime his in there. Now if they can only get some O-line help via trade. In all honesty, I think the O-line is our biggest weakness. Our secondary has played above average and our wide receivers have played above average.

Go Bears

This management team is selling it's soul to win now with no eye on the future! They will all be fired and no good coach will want this job because all the players suck and anybody that is good is too old to help for long! YIKES!!

Well.... the Bears are still 3-1.

Anderson sucked, that is why he is gone.

Grant is better against the run with his size. I don't care if these freaks (athletes) commit crimes anymore. If they can play, then play em. Play em till their bodies are beaten to a pile of crap, and get another who can play. That is why they get paid millions.

I agree with Ray. Melton looks good. He has explosiveness at the snap, and a mean streak. Start him for God's sakes. T. Harris looks like he is done. He simply, and sadly, has no push off his bad leg anymore. He is worthless. Put in Melton.

Every team has a weakness in the NFL except for Pittsburg. Unfortunately, the offensive line is so weak that it probably will mean the difference between making and missing the playoffs.

In other words, Jerry Angelo, the problem is the talent you gave the coaches. The problem is clearly not the coaches. I am not totally in Lovie Smith's corner, yet. But he has done extremely well with the poor talent he has been given. On offense, only Cutler and maybe Kreutz might be able to start for another team. None of the other 9 would start on any other team in the NFL. None of the other lineman would make any the other 31 NFL rosters.

Defense is another story. Peppers, Urlacher, and Briggs figure to all have pro bowl caliber seasons. Tillman would probably start on many other NFL squads. The rest.... doubt it.

With the quick start, and the upcoming 4 games against the Panthers, Redskins, and Seattle, I see them at 5-3 or 6-2 at the half way mark. But I doubt they finish higher than 9-7.

Funny thing I thought about today. In the NFC North, who is the best coach right now? McCarthy? No way. With that talent, they should easily be 4-0. They wouldn't have been close to losing to Detroit, and would not have self destructed against the Bears. Childress? Hell no. The guy in Detroit? Nope. Not one win. You have to give Lovie his props for bringing this D graded talent of the Chicago Bears to a 3-1 record so far. Who woulda thought that before the season?

This is HUGE!!!! Grant made the Omaha Nighthawks! Total beast!

Charles Grant will not help the Bears defense.

Ulysses S. Grant wouldn't help the Chicago Bears defense.

Neil - Here's an idea: Have Tommie Harris or Anthony Adams, or even Henry Melton, practice as offensive guards. At some point in their careers, linemen have played on both side of the ball. I have seen other teams try this and the end result was very positive. One of these guys could move to left guard, move Edwin Williams to left tackle, and keep Shaefer and J'Marcus Webb as right tackles. But they need to do it soon, and they need to stop shifting guys around during a game. That's a Pop Warner League mentality.

I kinda have to agree with most of what Ryan said.

Tripper, jumping ship already? The Bears are 3-1. I thought people who wrote things like you just did were all "fair weather fans!" in your eyes.

I'm sorry Creighton, but you calling out Brando for forcing his opinion onto others is kinda like Sarah Jessica Parker telling Frankenstein's monster it's ugly. You tell people all the time what to think and get on people for liking certain players or having hope for a winning season. Those posts are a fun read btw but I have to call hypocrisy when I see it.

By DagoT on October 6, 2010 6:17 AM
"Charles Grant will not help the Bears defense.

Ulysses S. Grant wouldn't help the Chicago Bears defense."

Hahahaha! Oh man, that's a knee slapper. Wait. I don't get it.


"The problem clearly isn't the coaches"

I'm going to respectfully, but totally, disagree with that. Lovie has shown no ability to develop talent. None. Worse than that, he's actually destroyed it (see Devin Hester, last weeks punt return not withstanding, or Daniell Manning who spent five years being jerked from one position to another). How many players did Lovie cut only for them to become productive somewhere else, while the Bears were left with average to below average talent? Answer: way too many. And not only can't he develop talent, he can't evaluate it either. Why did it take an injury to get Adam Archuletta off the field when everyone could see he stunk? How long will we have to watch Tommie Harris stink it up this season when everyone (including the TV announcers) can see he's got nothing left? Heck, Lovie can't even evaluate his own coaches. He goes through three or four a year.

Angelo has made his share of mistakes and stupid decisions, no denying that. But Lovie is a huge part of the problem with the Bears (in my opinion). I'll give Lovie this: his teams play for him and they never quit. He deserves credit for that (maybe even a lot of credit). But other than that, he's a brain dead moron and the Bears will instantly improve the day he's fired.

At least we know when Grant is suspended the Williams's will be suspended as well. I kinda like the move, not love it. This move probably shoulda been made after Miami cut him.

To the fool who said he was cut by a UFL or USFL team, lol. Get your facts right, but on this blog I notice this is mostly opinion, and not people who actually have played the sport, and can discern at least a little. Jay needs to be Dan Marino to his o-line, he has enough money. Bet he won't get sacked again, lollol!!

I keep seeing fans bring up this great talent that leaves and become stars elsewhere and I am having a hard time remembering who it is exactly that is a star elsewhere. Benson? Who expected him and wanted him before he had a break out season? Jones? Fans here called him 2 yards and a cloud of dust. They wanted Benson starting because he ran so hard. Are we going to keep bringing up the WRs? Gage is a nothing special. Berrian has less catches than Peterson who is actually leading his team. Those other ones are out of the league even though Mike Hass has maybe two catches for the Seahawks. Just about anyone else you can mention isn't setting the NFL on fire. We cut guys who were drafted high this past season and nobody wanted them. Not because they weren't developed but because they don't have talent. Just about every draft over the past few years we've seen fans say that this guy was this and that guy was that. But all of it not good. After the Superbowl backups got great contracts from other teams. It always seem to happen after Super Bowls that guys get credit for helping their team get there. We lost three back ups on the defensive line after the Super Bowl. That's a lot. How many of them even got more than 3 sacks since then? It's not that talent goes to waste. It's that people recognize when a guy just doesn't have talent or a head to play with his talent. That's been the knock against Cutler and even though people were saying he was great three games in they started talking about his head again after the loss Sunday. He has all the talent in the world but when people starting saying you are not cerebral they are just saying you can't think and play at the same time. That's the knock against Manning mainly. Every time we lose people will bring that up. There was less negativity after three straight wins. One loss and the "I told you they suck" fraternity is throwing a keg party on the blog.

I never said stars. I said productive, which is what those players are. And unfortunately they are usually more productive than the players we keep. Berrian wasn't cut. He was allowed to leave which was actually one of Angelos good moves. I acknowledge Angelos mistakes. My point isn't wasn't that the Bears suck. It was that Lovie sucks and I'll stand by that.

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