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Adams draws short straw day after tough loss

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Players are brought into the media room for interviews on Monday's after losses. The day after Jay Cutler threw four interceptions and lost a fumble the Bears trotted out ... Anthony Adams?

Adams is a great guy and a solid player, just so you know, but not exactly someone who could answer the most pertinent questions after this game.

Give him credit, though. He tried.

"We all just have to play together," he said. "That's everybody across the board --- offense, defense, special teams, just have a complete game. Get turnovers, create turnovers and not turn the ball over and we'll fare pretty well. We're still in a good position. We're 4-3. We still haven't played Minnesota. We have to play Green Bay one more time and Detroit one more time so we can still make a run at this thing. It's not over for us at all."

The defense has been the strength of the team but Adams said he's not satisfied with how the unit has performed, especially after Ryan Torain rushed for 125 yards on 21 carries.

"I take it personal," Adams said. "Anytime a back gets 100 yards on you that's never good. If you're getting double teamed or whatever the case may be --- if you miss a tackle --- you have to rectify that and correct that situation and not have repeat performances like that.

"The coaching staff is doing a good job of putting us in a lot of tough situations in practice. There's a lot of times where I feel like practice is harder than the games sometimes. We put that on our shoulders to stop the run but once we get that attitude everything else is going to fall into place."

Adams said defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli and the rest of the staff have prepared them well for every game they've played, which only makes three losses on four games more frustrating.

"You've got somebody sitting here telling you in meetings that this guy is going to do this or going to run this scheme, be aware of this, read your keys but at the same time use your instincts and we weren't able to stop the run a few times to get the ball back to our offense," he said. "That hurts. Like coach said, we let one slip away from us."

Adams retrieved the ball after D.J. Moore's 54-yard interception return and made sure it got to the equipment manager so that Moore could keep it as a memento. He also tried to chest-bump Danieal Manning after Manning's interception and ended up levelling the safety in one of the harder hits of the game.

"I was going for the chest bump," he said. "We joke around all the time. I usually jump first so it seems like I have more ups than he does. I thought he saw me but he didn't. It was a fail, a chest-bump fail."

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Did Adams conclude any of his sentences with, "... and we will go from there"?

Instead of talking about Green Bay and Detroit, Adams should worry about Buffalo. They put up a lot of points against the Ravens. And as the last two games have demonstrated, struggling teams tend to get healthy against the Bears.

The Bears scored a touchdown on 1st and goal with the QB sneak.

Replays clearly show Cutler extending his arms and the ball crossing the plane before he got knocked back. We should have been up by 11 after that and in prime position to win the game.

Lovie Smith failed the Chicago Bears yesterday by not challenging that play. He became scared of doing what needed to be done after his inexplicably boneheaded challenge the play before failed.

How can any team win when they have to overcome their own head coach and his sheer incompetence? They can't.

Neil, you, Sean and the rest of the local media have to be bringing the heat on this clueless scarecrow impersonating a head coach. Who cares if he gets a little annoyed whenever a critical yet honest question is asked. He is collecting millions from the Chicago Bears while leading them to defeat. How 'bout a little fire?

The Bears will win their next three games.

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