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The offense will be far from a smooth-running machine but will make big plays and score against an overmatched Lions' secondary.

Say what you want about Lovie Smith, but he has his defense ready for the opener.

The Bears might get exposed eventually, but it won't be this week.

Bears cruise, 31-20.

Now it's your turn. Tell us what's going to happen on Sunday and why along with your final score.

That way, come Sunday night or Monday, we can see who really knew what they were talking about his week.

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31-7 Bears! Gotta have some hope because everyone starts off with a clean slate. Screw the preseason, its all about the present!


27 - 13

The Hayes prediction looks good to me, but it's already taken.

Based on the Aints/Queens game the offenses may be lagging behind the defenses to start this NFL year. I'll throw 20-13 Bears into the hat.

27-20 Bears. If we should lose to Detroit at home in the Season opener, damn i will pickup Bill Cowher personally.

Enough of the whining hypotheses,belching brilliance and backside stench of the packed conference room crowd of Bear naysaying nincompoopery!

Da Bears shall make the playoffs going 10-6 losing the North by technicalities with the Packers also at 10-6. Vikes shall stumble with injuries and whine like last years' Bear fans, and the Lions shall scare the entire league but struggle to win close games with Ndominant Suh winning defensive rookie of the year in the mix.

Coach Smith shall look less incompetent on coin tosses and challenges to officiation, and he will reclaim much love in Chitown as Da Bears win close games and even win from behind. Lovie's tenure will continue into 2011. Martz and Cutler will get the most credit. MTice and Lovie will deserve more credit. Marinelli and Babich will employ a more daring defensive gameplan as the offense gains reputation and confidence. Da Monsters will even begin to be feared for their teeth. Odonyje shall break out and he and Pep will have a greater reputation than Jared the big-mouthed barney and company who will look less like monsters and more like the purple dinosaurs they shall impersonate.

Bears beat Lions in shakee ugly game where both Cutler and Stafford shine and struggle with glimpes of brilliance and occasional loss of poise. Bears 24-17. A defensive touchdown for Da Bears win.

A key to the game is gonna be the play of first year starter right guard Lance Louis, if he can at least slow rookie DT Ndamukong Suh, Chicago will be able to make some plays on offense.

On the other side of the ball there is a mismatch in the making with Lions right tackle Gosder Cherilus and Bears right end Julius Peppers. I realize Peppers will be lined up vs Lions left tackle Jeff Backus, but the Bears already said they want to move Peppers around, lining Peppers up vs Cherilus would create a mismatch that would work in Chicago's favor. Cherilus hasn't become the tackle Detroit thought he would when they drafted him back in 2008, he was benched toward the end of last season and many Lions insiders say he's still struggling with his technique and consistency. With Peppers getting pressure going against Cherilus, this may keep Lions QB Matthew Stafford from getting in sync with Detroit's
beast of a wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who will be doubled probably for most of the game. That mismatch of Peppers vs Cherilus could be a key to the game.

In the end I look for Lance Louis to do a good job vs Suh, and I look for Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli to move Peppers around enough to cause enough havoc in Detroit's backfield for Chicago to have the edge. The Bears defense has played the run pretty good this pre-season, but I still look for Lions rookie runner Jahvid Best to rip a big one on Chicago, but it won't be enough, Bears 17 Lions 10 GO BEARS!!

I say 24 to 14. That would be a good start.

24-21 Bears. I foresee an unconvincing win with the Bears falling flat in the first half only to come back late in the second when they realize how close they are to losing to Lions.

I admit I'm a long-suffering Lions fan but the Martz hiring is a pure desperation move. Your offensive line is offensive and Martz's 5 and 7 step drops are gonna get Cutler killed. Lions are improving but still not good but good enough to beat the Bears. Lions win 31-24 and Lovie Smith gets fired before the end of the season.

21-14 bears But watch out on the rematch. This is pro ball and it's hard to beat anyone twice.

Martz has not made magic in the NFL for years. This year is no different. The Lions secondary is weak at best, but their Dline will not give Cutler the chance to work down field. On the other hand, he Lions have too many offensive weapons to keep them out of the end zone.

Lions 27
Bears 17

The Lions improved everywhere except their secondary. The Bears have yet to show us if they've improved anywhere - nice job Jerry & Lovie! However, Detroit is probably the worst road team in the league and this game won't change that.
I was at the Bears/Lions game last year (my son and I flew in from Detroit for the day)and predict this year's match-up will have similar results:
Bears 41 Lions 23

Bears 27 Lions 13

Martz find way to expose Lions awful back 7. Keeps TE's out of patterns to help with D-Line. Exposes matchups for RB's and slot receivers on safeties and linebackers

24-23 Bears

31-13 BEars.

Cutler will throw early TDs, at least 1 to Olsen, and Forte will break away for a big one at some point in the game and total over 100 yards when the Bears practice protection schemes and run blocking in the 2nd half. Chester Taylor will come in fresh at some point and gain some serious ground himself.

Lions will surprise the bears at some point by slashing up their secondary and get in for a long TD. But Marinelli/Lovie will adjust by ceding rushing yards for added pressure and Stafford will have sneezing fits.(think about it).

if Major Wright sees the field enough, he's going to have at least one hit we all talk about Monday

This team has shut there self down in preseason for one reason!!!!
Super Bowl bears go 13-3 this year

The thing that people forget when they talk about all of the sacks the Lions took under Martz is that the Lions had no running game then. Forte and Taylor will have enough success on the ground to allow some play action to slow down the Lions pass rush. As long as the Bears stay out of 3rd and longs and other predictable passing situations, Cutler should have a good day.

24-14 Bears

Bears 47-13.Come on, Creighton: no guts, no blue chips!I even think Hester might have a great day.

30-24 Bears.

Bears 33-30 in OT.....Urlacher gets an ouchie

Bears 35-10

Paul what are you talking about? Are you just posting random thoughts and words again?

I gave the Bears the win but only becuase Detroit has no secondary. Then again I saw a team with no secondary hold the Saints to 14 at home.

Although I will bet you anything that the score you posted is way off. 47-13, hahahahaha. With all these high scores being posted it all most makes me want to say it will be a low scoring game.

Bears show nothing in first half and fall behind. 22 irate Ditkas replace this bunch of panzies and crush Detroit. Lions 23, Bears 0.. Ditkas 108!

79-0. Bears score 10 touchdowns and 3 field goals.

The San Francisco Chronicle says 20-7 Lions. Just sayin'.

Lions 24 Bears 17. And at least one Bears starter is injured in the first half, ending his season.

Bears 17-10.

23-21 Lions win....Gould misses from 50.1 yards to end the game

Lions 38 Bears 13

This coming from a life long fan who pays Sunday Ticket every season to watch them play. The only reason the offense looked good in training camp is because it was going against our defense. I hope they prove me wrong...

Sorry Creighton, but you had not posted when I sent my prediction.Check the times on the posts. Besides "random thoughts and words" basically describes every post every day, including yours and mine. I'd hate to think these posts were products of intense research and piercing mental acumen.

41-13 Chicago will come out fast and bang it hard. The offence will hit the holes with force and the defence will plug the holes so no back end play go's on. The special team will do what they do best, come out big in the end.

Lions 17 Bears 10

The Bears are who everyone thought they were.

Bonus prediction - Lovie and co. return next year.

LOL! I'm not a great prognosticator, but after reading Bumstead's prediction, let me re-adjust and make a final one. 13-10 Lions. I don't think Omiyale or C. Williams will be able to handle Avril and Vanden Bosch. Cutler will be probably be sacked at least twice. I hope this is wrong. Go Bears.

Hmm their is a difference between coherent thoughts and random thoughts. Your response is coherent thought. It's thought out, it makes sense.

But this:

By Paul Manter on September 10, 2010 4:29 PM
"Bears 47-13.Come on, Creighton: no guts, no blue chips!I even think Hester might have a great day."

No guts? No Blue Chips? Hester will have a great day?

I guess I have no guts, because I have never gone out on a limb on this board, unlike you. No Blue Chips, mmmmmm. Oh and you threw in Hester for some reason.

Not only is that random, you seemed to make a little personal for some reason. That's fine. Sort of funny but the Hester thing is over my I head I guess. Now I have at least 3 posts on this board this week with my pick. All up before this article was even posted. Not to mention I can't be at this boards beck and call 24/7. It would be nice if I had that much free time but I don;t not to mention it's still a day before the game. How soon am I suppose to post. I may change my mind I am still on the bubble.

The Bears have put a lot pressure on this team with all their talk.

The Lions are a less than good football team but so are the Bears and I think the matchups favor Detroit.
Lions 38 Bears 20

Again, Creighton, check the times. My post asking you to predict the time was at 4:29, your prediction was at 4:41. Thank you for responding so promptly. The Hester reference relates to the hope that he will look like the Hester of old on returns and that he might even fight for the ball to make a few catches in the Martz system. Besides , not really personal here, just having fun. If, by some odd quirk of events, the Bears actually win by the score I predicted, I would not chalk it up to brilliance on my part, but to just a "random" and "impersonal" bit of luck.

Each defense will score a touchdown.

The rest of the game will be like watching paint dry.

BEIGE paint. (Flat, of course)

Cutler goes 9 for 28 with 3 interceptions.

If you like defensive line work and 38-yard field goals the game will be a blast for you...for the rest of us, it'll be an excruciatingly tedious 13-13 tie.

Bears go 8-7-1 for the year, in a season fans will struggle to remember two years from now because they couldn't help but sleep through it.

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