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Wright won't start right away

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Earlier in training camp, general manager Jerry Angelo said he didn't believe Major Wright would be able to start after breaking his finger and missing the final three preseason games. His opinion hasn't changed, although the rookie could assume a starting role later in the season.

"That will be a coach's call when they feel he's ready to start," Angelo said. "Maybe he could've been that exception to the rule as a rookie and he could've come in here and started. Safety is a tough position to start at. It's not like the corner[back] position. There's a lot more going on in terms of learning and adjusting. But I feel as long as he's out there practicing he'll get playing time and we'll see where it goes from there."

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A broken finger will not make a worse tackler than Harris has looked like, so I say put the kid in the game. Get he and Manning as your starting two safeties, and use Harris when we go three safety against the 3 TE formations in short yardage as an extra strong.

The safety position may end up being even more of a weakness than the offensive line play if Wright is not out there. Chris Harris was never very good in coverage, and now he is taking bad angles, missing tackles, and his lack of speed is even more exaggerated at free safety...

This might be fun to watch. If it really is a coach decision I dunno how long Wright sits during the regular season. He missed a couple preseason games, but I'm not sure the dude missed that much practice time. He couldn't hit, but from what we could see he already knows how to hit.

Lovie Smith has shown in the past that he will start a rookie at safety. In my opinion he will play behind Harris at free until Harris has another bad game. I was really glad they got him back, but Harris is starting to make me kind of Archuleta nervous. If they put Wright at free, Harris is a lot better at strong, but Manning has looked good at strong. If Manning is playing well you about have to play him because of his speed.

Wright belongs at SS just like every other safety on the Bears. His biggest nock in college was his coverage ability and the reason he didn't go back for his senior year was because he was about to lose his starting job.

People saw him make some good plays, in run support. Nobody has actually seen him play yet, we all just got a little sample. He does not know the defense yet.

Harris has been horrible and word was he was going to be cut if nobody traded for him. Good thing we sent them Williams cause the Bears have not had any injury problems at LB.

Funny how Morgan Burnett is starting for the packers. As I said last week, why hasn't someone from the media asked either Lovie or JA why this kid couldn't cast up hisd hand and get in there? If the Bears don't really tackle during camp and the "reps" are so valuable why couldn't they put a cast or splint on him?

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