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Wolfe, Bell make final roster

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Instead of deciding between Garrett Wolfe and Kahlil Bell to fill the roster spot as the Bears' third running back, general manager Jerry Angelo kept both when final cuts were announced on Saturday evening. The news must have come as a relief to Wolfe. The former Holy Cross and NIU running back was braced for the worst after the Bears' 13-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns in Thursday night's final exhibition game.

"At this point in my life, I've accomplished more than anybody ever gave me credit for," the 5-foot-7, 185-pound running back and special teams ace said. "I remember being in college and people saying there was no place for me in the league. This will be my fourth year. I've played three years in this league of extremely large humans being a small guy. I've done alright for myself thus far."

Josh Beekman wasn't as fortunate when the Bears trimmed the roster to 53 by Saturday's deadline. The fourth-year went from Olin Kreutz's heir apparent at center to the most logical candidate to start at left guard to being released in what might have been the most surprising move. Roberto Garza will assume the backup center job.

Other players released were safety Al Afalava, center/guard Josh Beekman, cornerback Cornelius Brown, defensive linemen Jarron Gilbert, offensive linemen Levi Horn, receiver Juaquin Iglesias, quarterback Dan LeFevour, linebacker Kevin Malast, offensive linemen James Marten, receiver Greg Mathews, safety Quentin Scott, linebacker Tim Shaw, linebacker Kelvin Smith, cornerback Woodny Turenne, defensive end Barry Turner, center Tim Walter, safety Aaron Webster, fullback Eddie Williams, guard/center Edwin Williams, defensive end Mick Williams.

The Bears also terminated the contract of tight end Richard Angulo.

Shaw set a team record with 30 special teams tackles last season despite playing in only 15 games. Ironically enough, he lost his roster spot to Brian Iwuh, who beat out Shaw when they were both members of the Jacksonville Jaguars during last season's training camp, which allowed the Bears to sign Shaw.

"Tim did a great job on special teams," Angelo told the team's website. "But we replaced him with Brian. We felt Brian was more tailored for our scheme defensively and did a real good job on special teams as well. It was a tough call. Tim was an excellent player for us."

Gilbert and Iglesias were third-round picks in the 2009 draft. Beekman was a fourth-rounder in 2007.

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Couple of points here.

#1: One of the reasons {and maybe not a main reason, but a reason none the less} the Bear's fail to improve from year to year is their unrelenting attachment to veteran players. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problems with cutting Iglesias, but when you keep a guy like Rashied Davis year after year because of his "special teams contributions" it's garbage. I would rather see J. Iglesias make the team and play special teams than to have this re-tread year after year. And here we are again with Olin Kreutz at center and your backup center has been in the league almost as long as Olin has {Garza}.
So, where are all the people on this blog who 2-3 months ago were tauting the Bear's WR's as a "team strenth"? I see where the Cowboys traded Crayton for a Charger's 7th round pick next year. Yeah, wouldn't want to trade a potential pick of a J. Webb, or player of that ilk for a WR who would automatically be one of your top 2 WR's on the Bears. So, fellow Bears fans, here's your 2010 WR's. Hester {I really do have to stop laughing, it's affecting my typing}, Knox, Aromashodu, Bennett, and the re-tread Davis. Wow, I am sure Cutler can't tell the difference in them from Marshall and Royal back in the day in Denver.
#2: Another in a long line of indictments of JA and his staff's talent evaluating and drafting ability. Both of your 3rd's from last year are gone. And to think, a guy who could jump out of a swimming pool let go. And once again, where are those on here who back in April were talking about how the Bears got a 1st round talent in the 4th round with Wooten? If he was a 1st round talent then he's the quietest 1st rounder I have seen in years. He didn't even dominate against 2nd and 3rd stringers when given the chance. Although he does "pile on" at the end of a play really well.
#3: As we all know, JA is a liar with regard {well, to almost everything} to his statement that they will use tape to help determine the roster. Webb did not out play Marten or even Walter for that matter, but since one is a draft pick {albeit a very low one} and the other two were not, Webb is going to make the team.
The only thing I am hoping for is the belief that JA can still make a trade before the deadline where he vastly over pays for mediocre or bust players.

Here's my hopes for tomorrow's practice squad roster. DT Mick Williams, CB Woodny Turenne, LB Kevin Malast, DE Barry Turner, T/G James Marten, QB Dan LeFevour, G/T Levi Horn and WR Juaquin Iglesias. By the way, Turenne out performed both Joshua Moore and Tim Jennings but yet still got cut. He absolutly did not receive enough play time during the pre-season. Also DT Mick Williams (just watch the Raiders and Browns games) outplayed both Henry Melton and Marcus Harrison yet because both him and Turenne were not DRAFT PICKS, they were both cut. It's rediculous that the players who perform at the highest levels don't ALWAYS get the job, as opposed to playing politics with the roster and keeping guys based on their drafting position or simply their "recognizeable" names.

I cried tears of joy that Garrett made the team. He's going to be the bestest and wonderfulest back since Wally Payton.

WOW! That's all I can say. This team is so good that the 4th best guard in NFL history can't even crack the line. I am so excited I am shaking. i will miss my belvoed Joshy Beekers, but just think on the talent on that line.

Wolvesy made it. Wow with the three best running back ever ahead of him this team is super legit. I do not wish to see anyone cut that is why I am creating my own football league, I hope to merge with the nfl one day but for now I will be signing players to min contracts. Those contracts really only include room and board at my moms house but she does make a mean meatloaf and mashed taders and we even got cable.

My BFF Brando is also starting his own team in Indiana the "Brando Bears". My team is called the Bumstead Bears. These teams are total beasts, I am currently trying to work a trade for Mike Hass but Seattle said they had no use for my little brother, is he good for anything?

This is really exciting. So who wants some meatloaf? I know Beekster will.

How can you "fans" talk about this guy outplaying this guy or this guy didn't get enough playing time in preseason? That is what training camp is for. Only if you "fans" attended every meeting, practice and OTA, then you can truly judge a player. He didn't get enough time in the preseason games because he sucked in practice and didn't deserve the playing time! GO BEARS!

Mock all you want, Wolfe will rush for 1000 yards this year. Write it down.

*typo, 100 yards*

Malast and Turenne, seemed to have what it takes to stick but it appears just a slight edge was given to others like Jennings instead of Turenne and Uwoh instead of Malast.

How about a new idea, give the fans a vote for the coaching staff. Let the fans vote on the head coach, GM and President, but lets make a 2/3rd's vote to have anyone replaced.

I think if the fans could vote, Lovie, Angelo and Phillips would be cut but would never be put on the practice coaching team because no matter how much practice they have had for the last three years they have proved to be completely inept and there is little hope for these three stooges.

The heart and soul of any good team right now should be coming from the 2005-2008 drafts. Players in those drafts are now in their prime. The best player drafted by the Bears from those drafts is playing for the Bengals, while the best player from those drafts still on the roster is either Hester, Olsen, Forte, or Bowman. Ouch. The Bears are counting on so many players who are 29 or older to be stars not just role players. I hope I am wrong, but that has the potential for disaster.

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