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Win over Lions not all bad

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I'm driving home last night after the game listening to everybody bash the Bears on sports-talk radio. Then I read the mostly negative comments on this blog.

Sorry. I'm not as down on this team as many of you.

Yes, Sunday's win was ugly. Is the offensive line a mess? No question about it. But they moved the ball all over the field. If they can find a way to get out of their own way --- penalties, turnovers, miscues --- the offense can be potent. Defensively, I thought the Bears played pretty darn well. They should not have given up that final drive, sure enough. Overall, however, I thought there were a lot more positives than negatives on the defensive side of the ball.

As I've written before, this is a team that has to keep getting better as the season goes on. They left themselves plenty of room for improvement.

The Cowboys looked terrible last night. These Bears could go 2-0. No need to apologize for that.

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Attaboy Hayes.

The Bears dominated that game, except the score. Anybody else ever watch the Bears before? They've played ugly football for at least 50 years that I know about. If you want pretty, move because I'm convinced Da will never be pretty.

Yes the O-line still has issues, but they are getting better. They are a LOT better than in the preseason. Did you see that Dallas game? Now that is a team with O-line issues!! Tony Romo would swap lines with Cutler in a heartbeat. Now he get's to watch the film this week and see what happened to Stafford. Who is the backup QB in Dallas?

Yes the offense had problems in the red zone, but they moved the ball. Red zone offense is the last part to fall into place. If they can move the ball between the 20s, the redzone performance will come.

Worst case the Bears will play the Pack in two weeks with at least a share of the lead in the NFC North. I find that beautiful.

I sometimes wonder what purpose those negative comments fullfills. I do not think that media comments should be like cheer leading, but negativity beyond reason and reality simply is not constructive or pleasant. I would not get satisfaction out of predicting 4-12 season and The Bears achieve it. From this view point, your article is appreciated.

Neil you are the ultimate optimist because I do not view the Bears going 2-0. If a team cannot score from the one foot line the offense is more than a little inept. It is horrible. Where is the push up the middle? There was none, that is why the running back kept running off to the side. No way you do that!

It is not about being down on the team, it is facing reality and the fact the Bears were given a win. What is the purpose of having instance replay if it takes a win away from the opposing team?

There is no new rules discussed in the off-season that can express the horrendous outcome of the Bears-Lions game. I am a Bears fan, but when you lose, you lose and tape up your wounds and prepare for next week.

Fans need to stop with all the negativity. Yes, it was UGLY, but it was a win. Stop with all the hate. This offense is going to gel and when it does it is going to be great. When have the Bears moved the ball this well and had 463 yards? Not over the last 3 years thats for sure! When they fix the turnovers and mistakes they are going to be great.

I would rather have the mistakes now and the team play excellent in December! Thats when you need to be playing good ball.

I'm with Hayes on this one! Bears 2-0 after this Sunday.


Except for the fumbles and pass protection, the offense was great. Cutler's numbers show that unequivocably. The defense was pretty solid by consistently giving the offense great field position, but gave up too much at crunch time at the end of the game. Maybe the prevent defense was to blame, but in any case the Bears were damned lucky to win the game on that possesion rule decision.The Cowboys lost at the last second as well because of an obvious holding call, but that call was nowhere near as iffy as the one in the Bear game.

Hey, I don't ever want to hear a member of the media call MY outlook on MY Bears negative again! Read my comments, Neil, nothing but love and truisms.

In fact, read my prediction for the game from last friday's blog post. Pretty spot on, wouldn't you say?

All in all no one in Chicago has any right to be down on the defense. Of course there were a few spotty plays, including the coverage that led to Johnson's controversial no catch (which was NOT a bad call, just an enforcement of a bad rule as anyone who paid attention to the NFL the last few years would know).

But the Bears looked like the defense of old and Briggs and Urlacher silenced critics about their age and speed. I already think we've seen a play of the year in briggs's sack/strip/fumble recovery.

Offense has its issues...the right side of the line is a red carpet, there is no daylight inside the tackles, receivers had the wrong routes and dropsies. But considering how much went against us in turnovers people need to realize 460 yeards of offense is amazing. I mean, if the team stays on the field instead what kind of day would we have had?

The redzone is another area of concern, but Cutler took a big step forward in my mind in his game managing. He ran smartly and quickly, only threw a couple passes into risky areas (including the pick), seemed to play conservative after his mistake, had his timing real good to overthrow defensive backs and allow receivers to meet the ball at the spot, and dropped back and rolled out pretty smoothly when the pocket broke down.

Its not unreasonable to hope for the timing to improve with the receivers and the running routes to open up a little bit. The line won't be great but I bet they gel together and figure some things out. The Bears need to play better than they did yesterday, but I bet they clean up the mistakes and turn in a very competitive year.

I can tell you this we are in trouble against the cowboys. Ware will eat us alive.

Since you mentioned the Cowboys, Neil, I'll predict a Bear win there, but not with a bundle of confidence. I thought the Bears would destroy the Lions, and they really squeaked out a feeble win.I'd like to think the offense will perform as well against the Cowboys but without the turnovers and goalline fiasco. Tony Romo is not a youngster like Stafford and clearly poses greater problems for the defense.Let's hope the Cowboys are still unable to click at least for another week.

The oline wasnt the problem Cutler wasnt hgetting rid of the ball. As soon as Cutler finishes his drop the ball should be out of his hands. Wacth the Charger game who run a similar system and Rivers will show how this offense should be ran when he finishes his 3,5,7 step drop the bll will be out of his hands

Actually Paul the offense wasn't great. Yards mean nothing. It's all about points. Run Blocking is horrible, the red zone offense is bad, and pass blocking was bad. Cutler was great, Forte was almost great(fumbles), everyone else was mediocre or bad. The offense put up yards but not the points to match and that was against the worst secondary in the NFL.

The defense was real good except in the second quarter, and when the game was on the line. Blitz man free, who the heck runs blitz man free and leaves Johnson in man coverage.

The Lions had no buisness being in that game. The only reason they where in that game is the standard Lovie era bone head mistakes.


I'll tell you what was so bad about that game:

1. Consider the competition. Yes, Detroit should be better this year just because they've been so awful for so long. But they're far from being a good team, especially their defense.

2. The offensive line can't block, period. Little or no pass protection and no opening of holes for the running game, against a lousy defense no less.

3. The offense can't get into the end zone from the red zone. Why? Because they can't run. Why? Because they can't block. If you can't run you'll suck in the red zone. Same problems the last few years, nothing's improved.

4. Points mean everything and the Bears managed a mere two TDs and two field goals against one of the worst defenses in the league. True, Detroit's front four is pretty good, but they've got nothing behind it. Moving the ball all over the field, which you used as an example of why the Bears weren't as bad as people said, means nothing. If you want to look at stats beside the score, look at red zone efficiency. Detroit was 2-2, the Bears 0-4. That stat tells far more about who played better when it counted than total yards, and is usually a much better predictor of who won. Remove the idiotic rule -- which, BTW the jerks running the league have the nerve to defend even while the rest of the country is up in arms about how Detroit had the game stolen from it -- and it would have predicted this game correctly, too.

5. Finally, while the defense played very well -- Detroit has a pretty decent offense -- Lovie Smith will make sure they never win by playing not to lose at the end of games like he did in this one. Only a fool or an idiot would change a defense at the end of the game that dominated the entire half, but that's what we have to look forward to. Smith has never learned that the best defenses are aggressive and that you don't stop offenses by sitting back and letting them attack you.

If you think the Bears had trouble blocking v. Detroit, just wait. Dallas has a much a better defense than Detroit. If the Bears couldn't block Detroit, how are they going to block Dallas? Or Green Bay? Or the Giants? Etc.

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