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Who do YOU think has stood out?

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Blog reader Bill Holland emailed me with a great idea.

He wanted to know who has stood out to other Bears fans.

But here's the thing: subtract the Pro Bowl players, and the entrenched starters.

Without further ado, here are his thoughts, and we would like your take, too.

From Bill: I have really taken notice of undrafted rookie free agent DT Mick Williams, particularly his explosiveness, aggression and ability to instinctively play his gap responsibilities when he's been in at the three-technique.

He has outplayed bigger names like Melton and Gilbert, and has certainly
deserved a longer look on Thursday night in Cleveland. Another player I love who curiously continues to get minimal time in the preseason games is CB Woodny Turenne. Unlike some of our corners he plays tight coverage and seems to play with excellent instincts. He really needs to have more opportunities out there in the game situations to show all his ability.

James Marten has also looked physical at guard, and certainly LB Brian Iwuh has been impressive. I think it should be interesting to see Josh Bullocks on Thursday night for the first time. When you look at the free safety position, he might be the most natural
fit there athletically after Major Wright.

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The guy who has showed up on game film to me so far this preseason is Corey Graham. He has been flying all over the field and making tackles. I think he is the only recognizeable name on defense that I have not seen miss a tackle, but I might have missed one if he had it. I have not seen the ball skills on display in the games, but then again, none of our guys are getting picks this preseason. He did make some nice plays on the ball from the highlight reels from training camp on the Bears site though. He seems to be playing with a lot more confidence, and he looks a lot faster. I think he deserves the nickel back job, and could even be a candidate to push the starters. The Bears seem to think Bowman is their best corner by moving Tillman to the other side, which also means they think Tillman is losing some speed, and the backside exposes us to less risk downfield. Tillman obviously has been playing hurt for the better part of the last 2 seasons, but he has never been a speed guy, and we are going to be facing a lot of speed at the WR position this year.

Another one who is playing well is Kellen Davis. If they trade Olsen, it is not just because of Manumaleuna, but because Davis appears to be a better complete package from what I am seeing. he has good speed, has solid hands, and can become a solid force in the run game. He is way more athletic than Manumaleuna, and more of a matchup problem than Dez Clark. He ran a great deep out route against the Cards and made a spectacular catch on a spot throw by Lefevour that I just don't think Olsen could have made. Olsen seems to fight the ball instead of catching it, and Davis is a more natural pass catcher.

I'm having a hard time thinking of anybody to tell you the truth. I agree with Corey Graham, also D.J. Moore has looked good. The one guy that has stood out to me has been Dan LeFevour but just in the Arizona game. I know he was going against the 2nd and 3rd team but he looked like a new man compared to the first two games. I think the Bears will end up losing him because someone will pluck him off our practice squad. That will be a mistake. I think his future is brighter than Caleb Hanies' but this coaching staff has to win now so they sign a 38yr old geezer for this year, not caring about the future because the staff doesn't have a future!

Agreed on Kellen Davis. He's been a blocking machine, and has proven in the past that he has the hands.

I was impressed with Henry Melton in the San Diego game -- he seemed to be in the backfield on every play. Then he disappeared against the Cardinals.

Brian Iwuh has been around the pile quite a bit.

I also thought Matt Mayberry looked good, but apparently the Bears disagreed, as they cut him.

Finally, despite his struggles pass-blocking it looks like Louis Lance is starting to become a solid run-blocker.

To me, the young player that has really stood out is rookie 7th rounder J'Marcus Webb, who Angelo nabbed out of West Texas A&M with the #218th pick this april.

Webb came in as a 7th rounder and has already established himself as the second team right tackle. Webb seems to be in the same position, as far as where he stands with the team as a rookie, as last years 7th rounder guard Lance Louis, who came in as a 7th rounder and made the 53-man roster last season as a rookie. Also, like Louis, in a season here Webb could be in a position to start in his second season, it wouldn't surprise me if Webb pushes Omiyale next summer for the right tackle spot. It also wouldn't surprise me if Webb makes the 53-man roster this season.

You gotta like Webb for his size he brings to Chicago's line at 6-8 328lbs, and while the guy has made a couple mistakes during his action this pre-season, a lot of the time he will lock onto his opponent and take him out out of the play, and I've noticed Webb gets pretty good push at the point of attack. Give the kid a season and he could be a pleasant surprise GO BEARS!!

Kahlil Bell. This guy explodes through the hole and runs with a purpose. He even made a solo tackle on a punt return against the Cards. I think Garrett Wolfes' days are over in Chicago. (unless the Bears keep 4 RBs and no FBs)

One guy who stood out for me in the Oakland game and possibly the Cardinals game was Barry Turner from Nebraska. I know he'll probably be cut, but he made several plays in the backfield when I went back and watched the games.

Phillip Rivers, Billy Volek, Jonathan Crompton, Jason Campbell, Kyle Boller, Derek Anderson and Matt Leinart have really stood out for me during Bears games.

DJ Moore, played much better than I ever expected him to play, EVER. I was surprised when the Bears drafted him, thought he would get cut but has put together some decent work and I can see him taking over the nickle position once Graham moves to the other CB spot when Tillman or Bowman go down with an injury.

J'Marcus Webb is already as good as Omiyale. He has the size and hands this team needs in pass blocking. Frank has been a turnstile for the most part in the preseason.
All this crap about trading Olsen may be the most disheartening thing I've heard as a Bears fan in a long time. Who has been more consistent in the passing game? Maybe Knox? Why not do the obvious thing and trade Hester!

Kellen Davis and Isreal Idonije always stand out, games, practice, preseason, schoolyard, sandlot; wherever. Why these two don't get more time is beyond me.

Corey Graham and Knox have been solid, and Major Wright and Joshua Moore are my bet for two of the best players on the team not yet known.

Hmmmm I am flabbergasted, such strong cases for such amazing talents, your arguments are both compelling and rich. Kudos to all of you.

I think Lance Louis has stood out. He went up against one of the best DT's in the game last week in Darnell Dockett and held him in check for the entire time he was in the game. I think he's got a lot of potential and he should continue to grow as the season goes along.

I think Lance Louis has stood out. He went up against one of the best DT's in the game last week in Darnell Dockett and held him in check for the entire time he was in the game. I think he's got a lot of potential and he should continue to grow as the season goes along.

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