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Where was DA?

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The Bears offense took the field the game of "Where's Waldo? began. In this case, however, everybody was looking for Devin Aromashodu.
Not even the Bears receiver could explain why someone who has developed into one of Jay Cutler's favorite receivers couldn't find his way onto the field against the Cowboys.
"That's not my decision," Aromashodu said when asked why he played so sparingly on offense. "Whenever I'm called on I have to be ready to go. That's the main thing."
Bears coach Lovie Smith would say only that it was a coach's decision, which indicates that Aromashodu was either benched because he was still sore after absorbing several blows in last week's win over the Lions, that he was being punished for dropping passes in that game or that he has been replaced by Earl Bennett, who caught five catches for 29 yards after recovering from a groin injury.
Other possibilities include him being disciplined for a violation of team rules or that he was simply not part of the game plan.
"I've never missed or been late to anything in my career playing," Aromashodu said.
Regardless, it was a frustrating day for a player who thought he had finally found a role with the Bears.
"I've been in worst situations before," he said. "I just have to keep fighting and waiting to get a chance. It's like last year, I got hurt early and had to wait until my opportunity. That's all I can do, be ready."

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. . . or it could be that the coaching staff wants to keep teams guessing as to who they will be playing.

Whatever the reason I would have to say Cutler didn't miss him too much. Cutler was great today. Got smacked around early and made them eat it later.

or it could be because there was so much made about Hester last week and Angelo just wants to force feed the fans that Hester is a #1. Hester had a great game today, but he is far from a #1. Angelo is eating so much crap because he did not bring in any o-line or any good safetys.

Getting his oil changed, his service engine light looked at and the tires rotated cuz he's gonna need it against GB.

The Bears make no sense on this one if he wasn't hurt. He is Cutler's favorite target. Was Hester feeling so sad that they had to bench DA so he could get some catches. I hope they explain this one.

He had some big drops last week including a TD pass. Either way it doesn;t matter, Cutler was electric and worked with what he had to work with.

It does matter. To say otherwise avoids the real issue here. To "punish" him for a couple of drops last week is juvenille/petty of this coaching staff. Did they "punish" Knox for running the wrong routes last year that led to a few of Cutler's interceptions? Should they "punish" Hester for his constant side to side running after catching punts or for his lack of blocking when someone else is thrown the ball? {See the 3rd and 8 pass to Forte and Hester let the defender come up and make the tackle 1 yard before the first down marker.}
It wasn't an injury because on one of Gould's kickoffs that went into the end zone for a touch back, DA was the first guy down the field. And although Cutler has made some really great decisions with the ball the first two games {other than throwing into quadruple coverage last week} the floater he threw to Bennett could have easily been picked off because Bennett has the leaping ability of Will Perdue. Yeah, DA dropped a sure TD last week, but he was also the most productive receiver as well. I look across the league and see what a big receiver with speed can do {Thomas for Denver, A.Johnson/HOU, Marshall/MIA, Austin & Bryant/DAL, etc.} and have to laugh at the jokes the Bear's run out there week after week.

They wanted the fastest receivers out there today, not the biggest.

As a veteran fantasy player (Herschel Walker was my first-first round pick), I can tell that y'all are really over analyzing the production of these receivers. Last week everybody was worried about Hester, this week Aromashodu.

Receivers are the caboose of the offense. All they can really do is follow the rest of the train and hope their number comes up.

Take a minute and go look up Andre Johnson's production over the last two weeks. Receivers will drive you crazy trying to predict consistent level of production. This is going to be really true of the system Martz runs. You have to look at it over a period of 3 or 4 games before you can start drawing too many conclusions.


You missed the point. No one is talking about production, but the petty reasons why he's not out there. That was the whole point. And, by the way, in the games that DA has started, he's been the most productive receiver for the Bears.
Hey Joe. If the Bears wanted the fastest receivers out there, how do you explain Rashied Davis and Earl Bennett? D. Aromashodu could run on his knees and still out run those two mediocre receivers.
As happy as beating the cowboys makes you feel, you still have to shrug your shoulders at some of the personel decisions made by this coaching staff.

I was ticked they didn't use him. I had him in on my Final Fantasy team, with Hester on the bench. I lost 15 points.

Oh I get the point. The point is that it's getting really hard for you to find something to complain about. If the Bears don't lose a game soon you will probably be complaining that Angelo bought the wrong color Gatorade.

How do you know the reasons are petty? What possible petty reason would the coaching staff use when they are playing the Dallas Cowboys, at Jerry's house, with their job at stake this season? How about the reason being that Bennett was the starter when he got hurt and now he is healthy? How about the reason being that the Cowboys were blitzing on every play and Bennett is better at making a hot read than Aromashodu?

If they really did sit him because he dropped one too many last week, how is that petty? Dropped passes mean that everybody from the coach to the O-line has done their job, but the play still fails and the offense has to quit playing for awhile. If Aromashodu catches the ball a couple more times last week it completely changes the flow of the game. But hey, he dropped it while going really fast!

Is that too fast for you? I'm going to type this real s-l-o-w. Dropping TD pass? DA, even if you run real fast and get open, t-h-a-t is b-a-d. We score more points last week if you run real fast and then catch the ball instead of dropping the ball. Maybe coach give DA message that if he do that too much he no get to p-l-a-y. Maybe DA remember that and catch it next time.

Once again the simpletons are out. "If Aromashodu catches the ball a couple more times last week it completely changes the game"...LOL...that's too rich. Watching you try to make a football point is like watching a monkey do a math problem.
How about this MS, If the great Brian Urlacher doesn't cheap shot on a fumble recovery with 20 some seconds left in the first half that cost the Bears 15 yards MAYBE they go in at halftime 20-14 instead of 14-13. Why wasn't Urlacher punished?
In 17 games {before yesterdays} Frank Omiyale has done more to damage the Bear's offense than DA or any other Bear. Why hasn't he been "punished" for all the holding penalties, false starts, or better yet, using your weak argument, his missed/wiffed blocks. I mean, "If Frank Omiyale makes 3-4 more blocks last week it completely changes the game"? Or Chris Williams? The human turnstyle. Maybe if Matt Forte and Olsen hadn't fumbled last week {both in the red zone} MAYBE the Bears go in at halftime 24 or 28 to 14. Why weren't they "punished."
THAT is how it is petty. DA is not a Reggie Wayne or Randy Moss, but using them as an example, every WR drops balls. In 1985 Jerry Rice had many drops and it was becoming a worry of the 49ers. If they had a problem with 2 or 3 drops last week, then they should have pulled him from that game, but they didn't and he went on to have 5 catches for 71 yards.
Going by the history of this coaching staff and Angelo, there has been thought on these posts that this might have been to showcase Hester and Bennett {On a national Jerry's house, duh}. One guy being a failed 3 year experiment and the other a "dime a dozen" WR taken in the 3rd round. A coach who stood in front of the media at the "3 stooges day" back in Feb. and smuggly told the world that he wasn't differing from his version of the cover 2. The same HC that has gone through 3 DC since Ron Rivera was let go? The same GM who has wasted high and mid round picks like the Blues Brothers used to waste cars. Yeah, MS, I would garner to think that those 2 would be that petty.
When you are riding a "high" like this team is right now, to single out a player {who happened to be an undrafted FA} when your whole team is making mistakes is PETTY. Oh, one other thing. You have a QB who, by all acounts, has been considered "emotional" throughout his short career {although it does appear that he is maturing with Martz}, and said QB has made it known on several occasions that he likes this kid on the field. Unless there are disciplinary reasons to bench him, shouldn't you try and make your franchise QB happy? {Since he IS getting knocked around like a rodeo barrel every Sunday?}
Stick around, MS you may learn something yet.

No way are we going to know the answer to this one, but I'll go along with the idea that he did not fit this game plan. Bennett has also been a favorite target for Cutler,and maybe they just wanted to have him get his feet wet after being out with injuries until this week.

First of all, Bennett isn't chopped liver. It's not like there is such a huge dropoff in talent from DA, sorry to say. That being said, it is a curious thing and I did notice right away DA's absence on the offense. One factor to consider is that DA plays on ST, while Bennett does not, so perhaps for this particular game the coaches decided to utilize the fresh, healthy body of Bennett. Either way, it was only one game and we'll just have to see if this is repeated in the future. My guess is that won't be the case, especially in this offense. At some point of the season each one of the WRs will have his day, and all will be necessary to contribute to the team's success. Letting Bennett ride the pine for the first few months won't exactly get his head into the game, will it?

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