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Warren Sapp calls Tommie Harris "blind dog in meat house"

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Warren Sapp appeared on the "Mully and Hanley" show this morning on WSCR (AM 670) and had some interesting insights into what Tommie Harris must do in order to make defensive end Julius Peppers as a effective as he can be.

The former Buccaneers defensive tackle who pioneered the "three-technique" tackle position that Harris now plays, said it was his job to keep the quarterback from stepping up in the pocket so former teammate Simeon Rice could come around the corner and get the sack. He thinks Harris should do the same for Peppers

"You have to work together," said Sapp, currently an NFL network analyst. "There might not be any glory in it. Pushing the pocket and making sure that the quarterback can't setup and get away from the rush but it definitely gets the job done for your defense. That's the thing I'm worried about with Tommie. There's no gratification in setting the stage but you have to set the stage. If you don't push the pocket and the quarterback is able to step up Julius's rush off the edge is null and void."

I don't always agree with this guy, just so you know. But he makes a good point here. The focus has been on how Peppers will draw double-teams, allowing Harris and other defensive linemen more opportunities. He's saying the opposite is true, at least in Tommie's case. It makes all the sense in the world.

Sapp isn't a big fan of Harris, who he says lacks "awareness" and compared to a "blind dog in a meat house."

"I never got in his corner," Sapp said. "He was never my guy. He was supposed to be this and he was supposed to be that and now he says he is healthy again so we'll see."

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Gotta agree with Sapp on Harris.

Will Tommie Harris turn the last three years around and show the physical talent he has or will he continue to be the selfish player he has been the last few years?

Time will tell and the Bears D will be even better if T Harris would commit to Sapp's philosophy of defense noted above.

Oh that meanie! Tommie Harris plays foer the bears wich means he is 100 times the player Warren Sapp is. Total beast he is. Oh I'd like to give this Warren Sapp a peice of my mind I would. Bear down!

Neil Hayes's comments on Tommy Harris is 101% correct! Unlike the 85 Bears wherein the push in middle created by defensive tackles Dan Hampton and Steve McMichael enabled defensive-end Richard Dent to sack the quarterback, this team now does not have the size (except for Julius peppers and Lance Briggs) nor the speed to create an effective pass rush. That is exactly what happen last Sunday in the controversal call where Lions calvin Johnson caught a pass from QB Matt Stafford. The lack of "pass rush" is the main reason why such a throw appeared initially successful then later overruled. When there is no push in the middle, the QB will have all the time in the world to find open receivers. I don't know if the Bears won that game but for sure there is not going to be another overturn call in the future. The Bears better be prepared to face good teams and not rely on overturn calls.

Well at least they don't face a top O-Line until NY. Tommie is about Tommie always has been. What was the first thing he said about Peppers? "Now I will see more one on one." Harris forgot to mention and I pointed it out last year, he is not facing many double teams. But hey Lovie said he had 20 almost sacks this week.

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