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Urlacher: Sacks will come

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The Bears are tied for last in the league with two sacks. At 3-0, however, nobody is pushing panic buttons. Besides, if holding penalties counted as sacks, defensive end Julius Peppers would've had two against the Packers on Monday night.

"We're getting pressure," Urlacher said. "We're getting holding calls. We're not getting him on the ground. [Aaron] Rodgers is tough, man. We've played two good quarterbacks. Rodgers and [Tony] Romo get around. They run around pretty good in the pocket. Those guys are tough. But we are getting back there. Peppers is getting held three or four times a game, you know. The guys in the middle are getting up there, too. So we're getting there. The sacks will come. We will start getting [quarterbacks] on the ground. We've just got to keep being relentless."

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I guess being the face of the franchise, Brian also feels he needs to be the voice as well.Fine, but don't pee on my head and tell me it's raining.Aside from Peppers, there is NO pressure on the opposing QB. Watching the Green Bay game on replay -NFL network , I couldn't believe how much time Rodgers had, and how easy it was for him to march right down the field. Mark Anderson is AWFUL. If Lovie is holding players accountable, this guy BETTER be sitting against the Giants.Peppers is earning his $$, nobody else on that D-line.

Didn't you write this last week? Not a joke, I am pretty sure I read this last week. Except for the 3 and 0 part.

I think you should watch the game one more time, concentrating on the DLine play. Numbers don't lie but numbers don't give you the full story, and Rodgers was under a lot more pressure than you give them credit for. Both Romo and Rodgers throw a lot of passes in their offences, and Romo's been sacked just once in 3 games, Rodgers 3 times. We'll have a better outing numbers-wise against Eli.

u have to understand da bears defense. for one dey only rush 4 on most of der plays and dey get great pressure on da opposing QB. Pressure is just as important as sacks. wen a QB have to scramble to look for his recievers ders pressure on him, it disrupt da timin and makes dem rush der throws or look to throw to dat RB dat is da QB insurance. da bears played 2 of da best scrambling QB's in da NFL and still held dem wen dey needed. i still think certain holdin calls shud b sacks. now i do agree who ever is opposite of PEPPERS on defense shud have a biggier impact. but u have to give da BEARS D der props cuz dey make teams one dimensional and dey get turnovers wen dey need it.

I agree with Urlacher that indeed sacks will assuredly come, but on the other hand, one could hardly expect him to say, " No,I don't think we will get any more sacks this season." I do think less mobile quarterbacks will boost the number.If Manning is forced into the passing mode Sunday night, the sack total will be solidly increased before the game is over.

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