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Urlacher: Lovie hasn't changed

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First, he benched Devin Aromashodu. Then Tommie Harris. Finally, Lovie Smith pulled starting cornerback Zack Bowman from Monday night's game against Green Bay and replaced him with Tim Jennings.

Some are convinced the patience coach Lovie Smith has been known for is beginning to wain. Brian Urlacher disagrees. This isn't a new era of accountability, as some have labeled it. In his mind, nothing has changed, least of all his head coach.

"He's the same guy," Urlacher said. "It's maybe more noticeable now because you guys are paying attention more now. But he's been doing the same thing since he's been here."

Smith is so adamant that he making decisions the same way he always has that he interrupted a reporter in the middle of a question about whether his philosophy has changed.

"No. Not at all," Smith said. "It's the same philosophy we've always had. We hold the players accountable on the football field. We look at what they do on the field, and we play the guys that give us the best opportunity to win. Go back over the video. That's what I've said from the start, that's what we're saying right now. Players realize that, too. That's why they're anxious to go out there on the football field and prove that they can help the team win that week, and that's who we're going to go with."

In Harris' case, it wouldn't be the first time that a coach has benched a player as a motivational ploy, but Smith said that wasn't the case, either.

"For you that really know me and how we do things, we don't try to send messages and things like that," Smith said. "It's pretty simple. As far as who dressed, we look at how they practice and take some other things into consideration. We have a lot of players that we like. Only so many guys can dress. And as far as playing time, we look at that also during the course of a game. Zack had done some good things here, but there's a reason why Tim Jennings is our third corner. I just felt like we needed a boost at the position, to give Tim an opportunity, and he made the most of it."

Urlacher said that while it may appear as if Smith makes spur-of-the-moment judgements, his decision-making process is very methodical.

"Everything he does is thought out," Urlacher said. "It's not, 'That guy missed a tackle, get him out of the game.' It's not that way. 'He blew a coverage; get him out of the game.' Everything he does is over time and thought out. Everyone thinks it was just spur of the moment. I don't think it's that way at all. He thinks things through. It may not [have] been just last game. It may have been building up. I don't know. But he doesn't just do things spur of the moment like that. There are reasons behind what he does. They're usually for the better of our team."

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Rex is our QB.
Benson is are running back.

"Urlacher said that while it may appear as if Smith makes spur-of-the-moment judgements, his decision-making process is very methodical."

Yeah we know it's methodical, it took him 3 years to bench Harris because of performance rather than stupidity. He has not covered for him at all like last year when he said Tommie had almost a dozen sacks, but he never got to the QB so I guess almost sacks don;t count.

His job is on the line and he is doing everything he can to keep. Heck in a few years he may realize that Chris Williams is bad and cut him.

It's hard to really argue with Lovie Smith's personnel moves so far this season for the simple fact the team is winning, and in the end, thats all that really counts.

As far as Harris and Bowman, these moves had to be made, but the one I'm not in total agreement with is the Aromashodu benching. I realize Aromashodu might not be the best slot guy, and the fact he short armed some balls might not have sat well with the coaching staff, but as far as playing outside, Aromashodu is probably still one of Chicago's best options. The guys a bigger target and can make your team a lot of plays down field and in the red zone. I'd still like to see Aromashodu lined up outside along with Johnny Knox, and use Hester as the slot guy. Throw in tight end Greg Olsen (who is quietly having a very nice season for Chicago), and you have some pretty good playmakers at Cutlers disposal, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

I know there are not a lot of Lovie Smith fans out there but it is nice to see the players remain loyal to him. I believe when his coaching career is over people will realize the man is an excellent coach. Like any good coach, he just needs the right talent to work with. As long as he had the talent and they were healthy, Smith's defenses have always been competitive. Coaching means everything in a parity league. It can be the only apparent edge when talent is so evenly disbursed.

Speaking of personnel..

How is it that Mike Martz can get better results from the same talent Ron Turner could get no results from? It was reported that the Bears receivers were not smart enough to pick up on Turner’s motion plays. Guess Martz proved that notion wrong, those guys are efficiently moving all over the place with no problems.. Go Bears!!!


You can bet on that. Lovie will never change. Cover-2 (cover none) all the way. Blame everyone but himself. Yep...he will never change.

Neil you have me looking over my shoulder and I'm considering getting my office swept for bugs. I posted a question on this subject at 2:27 and you posted an answer, including several quotes, at 2:36?

That's not just intuitive, it's a little freaky. Does the Suntimes have any secret ties to Big Brother?

dont let the "love boat" fool you his job is on the line!!!! and its about time he holds players accountable.. urlacher is just being respectfull which is admirable but if the bears want to win everyone needs to be held accountable...

pleased with how better coached the bears are and they have the talent.. peppers and urlacher are playing pro bowl style and if they beat the giants on sunday its really going to say something.. they have a tough schedule this season and staying healthy is a must... they need to run the ball more and play better against the pass... time will tell... BEAR DOWN

Come on "54". Lovie has been a do nothing until two seasons go by kind of guy all along. He must know that his 6-season probation period finally ended. I love it when the Bears win, but the big picture is more failure as long as Lovie is around.

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