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Urlacher dominant in first game back

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In his first game back since missing last season with a wrist injury, Brian Urlacher played one of his best games since the Super Bowl season of 2006. Urlacher and Lance Briggs were all over the field, combining for 18 tackles. Urlacher also had a sack and Briggs forced and recovered a fumble when he knifed through the line in the third quarter.
"We ran a lot of sub packages so I was able to watch them and it was awesome," fellow linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa said. "They were great."

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Urlacher looks like he is back to form. He still has sideline to sideline speed. He was a man on a mission today.

Glad to see Urlacher being Urlacher of old even if it was against the Lions. Briggs...WOW what a play too bad the offense couldn't punch it in from the half yardline in 4 plays. How sad is that

Well it wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. The defense played better than the offense because they constantly gave the offense field position,but the offensive turnovers and those pathetic goal line attempts from the one made them look sick. Cutler had a great game, and so did Forte, in spite of his fumbles.Let's hope the turnovers and pathetic goal line incompetence are things of the past.Next week is a lot tougher test, and blunders like those in this game will lead to a definite loss.Still some pretty weak pass protection, but maybe they'll get things together by next Sunday.

If you look at the possibilities there is so much to be positive about. I will not be lying if I say Da Bears flashed dominance. Until the final drive, the D killed the kitties. Cutler connected often in long yardage situations and the O attacked continually though often with stumblings. Talent and scheme were not lacking. If health continues and confidence grows, Da Bears will begin to put fear in the opponents, which in football is a must for sustained success. Those looking for some perfect display of execution are looking for something to look for in about a month-- the Packer game especially. If Da Bears can just continue to build and increase their flashes of dominance, Da Bears can get all their opponents on their heals, and they can begin to roll a little. Peppers and front seven are already scaring Dallas I guarantee. D gettin' swagger watch out Dallas. Cutler and the aggressive diversified O is already scaring Dallas as well. If Jay gets protected and gains confidence, he will stop making as many mistakes because he will relax.

Well if Briggs would have got another foot of turf on his big play my progno for last week would have been about right on. I believe next weeks execution WILL be better and Bears will take Dallas 31-17 sending all of Dallas into a tizzy and the NFL nation into Cutler/Martz mania. The tone for a successful and exciting season will be set. Keep doin' whatya doin' Coach Lovie and Co. Shut down the naysayin'nincompoopery!

Hello front 7! I can't remember such an impressive start from Urlacher since 2001. I mean, say what you want about a sloppy game, but Brian Urlacher turned in another highlight reel. That sack gave me goosebumps!

Lance had the play of the day of course, but Urlacher had about 7 runner ups. Anyone know the tackle counts for the game>

Anyone who says he's lost his edge or whatever should just try going for a jog around the block after the injuries he's played through. Either way he looks healthy now and hopefully can continue to wreak havoc in Dallas enxt week! Great to have you back 54

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