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Troy Aikman thinks Bears can be good, especially on defense

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I visited with iconic Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, who will be an analyst for Sunday's game between his former team and the Bears.

I've had the pleasure to know him for a couple of years, and I always appreciate his perspective, given how successful he was on the field. But, even more impressive, is the fact that he's able to clearly communicate his insights to the average Joe.

Aikman likes the potential of the Bears.

"I think they can be a good team. Defensively, they've got a chance to be an awfully good unit," he said. "It's hard to beat against some of these guys. If they can stay healthy, they can play well."

Aikman said he doesn't see how Mike Martz doesn't get the offense to be more productive.

Here are some others we talked about:

* On the Cowboys 13-7 loss to the Washington Redskins last weekend: "On the one hand, you expected them to play better. But considering how they played throughout the preseason, I don't know that it was a complete surprise. A lot of offense around the leagues struggled."

* On the play of backup offensive tackle Alex Barron: "You lose a couple of guys up front, and it affects everything."

* On what to expect from Marc Colombo, who will return to right tackle after missing the opener with an injury: "Not having gotten much work, because of the injury, you can't simulate that in practice. You just don't get those kinds of looks. So here you are not having had much work, not having had any contact in a couple of weeks, to all of a sudden facing one of the premier pass rushers in the league [in Julius Peppers]. Now, that's a tall task. They'll give him some help. But, this is going to be another test for this Cowboys offense."

* On the Bears defense: "It's a defense that looked good. When you do what they were able to do, that's awfully impressive (the Bears). I don't care who it was against."

* On Mark Anderson and Israel Idonije: "When you have a guy like Julius Peppers, who is able to attract so much attention, that guy opposite him is going to get a lot of opportunities. And all you can ask for in this league is one on one matches, and you've got to be able to win those. And if you don't consistently, then you don't stay on the field very long. There's no question, if I'm getting ready to play the Bears, Peppers is going to attract all the protection."

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Aikman is right, the defense has the potential to be special, particularly if they play aggressively instead of playing soft as they have in the past three years.

Other than the prevent on the last series against Detroit, I think Marinelli called a good defensive game plan against the Lions. Lets hope that the aggressive defense is the rule and really truly get back to Bear football.

Knock off some heads and kick tail.

The Defense and special teams may have a great game against the Cows.

Go Bears

Creighton that is you boy, Troy Aikman saying the Bears have the makings to be really good. Watch Out NFC the champs are back!

Oh Brando shush. Hi guys its the NimerB or as some of you on here may no be better Creighton. I have been doing these youtube vids on CHicago sports teams sense last season and thought now would be a good time to showe all of you.

Check me out. This i s me on MArtz joining the bears. Its an old video but I think everything Isaid has been right so far no joke.

By Brando on September 18, 2010 4:07 PM
"Creighton that is you boy"

I don't understand, what is me? Are you just saying strange things again?

"Troy Aikman saying the Bears have the makings to be really good."

That's not what Aikman said, he said this:

"I think they can be a good team."

See, he didn't say "the makings of" or anything like that. He didn't actually even say they are good. He said they could be, which is what he says about most teams. They could be good "IF".

I will bet you anything the Bears will not be the NFC Champs, Hahahahaha. It doesn't take much to get you worked up does it?

You need to learn to read clearly and how to comprehend what you read.

"It is a poor person who insists on seeing things not as they are, but as he wants them to be. One day reality hits, and his illusions fail him, then what is he left with? Nothing."

Creighton what I posted I posted it that way on purpose. You twist everybodys words around and by the way your horrible at reading and comprehending or your just a selective reader.
What I did to you you do to everyone else on this board including the blog owners.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

My hope is that the "other" DE and the secondary have a much better game today. Because my view is that the game will be won on the D side of the ball. I don't think the O will play particularly well today - especially the line - so the D HAS to shut down Dallas' O by dominating their line.

Will Peppers play better this week - pressure, sacks and crushing Romo like Stafford? Will Tommie Harris (c. ’05-’06) "show up"? How will the D handle a much larger O-line? Can the secondary handle the Cowboys receivers?

I can't stand "america's team"! I want the Bears to trounce them! But given all things, (Cowboys loss last week vs. Redskins, “Grand Opening” of “Jerry’s Palace”, etc.) I'm not overly optimistic. But at least Lovie isn't at a disadvantage against "Bum's Son".

So, can the Bears win, today? Sure. ...Will they? I see the 'Boys winning 27-13.

But, truly, I'd love to see an '85 Bears-type 44-0 victory!

This is a game the BEARS need to keep close, to WIN. All the pressure is on the Cowboys, they will come out early and try to get on top of the BEARS quickly to be able to relax and play their game. If we can get an early lead and allow the Defense to preessure Romo and take away their running game the BEARS can Win,if Dallas scores early we will be in for a long day. What does Marinelli dial up today on Defense, this is a game we can win....Go BEARS!

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