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After a several week sabbatical, we are reviving the weekly Q & A.

Sends us your questions and we will provide answers on-line on Friday.

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Does any Chicago reporter that covers the Bears have the guts to ask either Lovie, Angelo or Phillips:

"If the Bears fail to make the playoffs for the fourth straight year, will you resign?"

Why is it so difficult to develop offensive lineman? It is footwork, or balance or technique? If it is so difficult why have the Bears in past years not spent the money and/or hired the coaches that can develop these offensive lineman?

How are Larry Mayer and Dan Pompei able to type their columns with their lips so firmly planted on Jerry Angelo's posterior ?

Is there any GM with as long a tenure as Angelo who has had nearly as many draft misses (aka crummy drafts)? Yes, I know we went to the Super Bowl a few years ago and I'm not getting out my pitchfork but am truely curious, seems like he has a few big hits but a vast number of busts. Which GM's have worse draft records?

Is it just me or does leadership (Gm and owners) seems basically scitzo regarding team direction? Drafting certain type players, then shifting to coaches who have different philosophy making those players useless in the new system. So then we need new players with different sizes or skillsets.

It seems that the Bears have released a high percentage of recent draft picks. Can you compare the percentage of yearly draft picks retained by the Bears with the rest of the league? I want to know if this is an indictment of recent draft classes as a whole, or our current GM and his regime.

Every year, a team or two comes out of nowhere and surprises everyone......This year...WHY NOT US????

Jay Cutler is in the tabloid news again...can this guy keep is pecker in his pants and start learning Martz's offense, instead of hunting tail?!?!?!

The Miami Herald reported he is in a love triangle with a comedian and another blonde Cavallari look alike.


Am I right in thinking that the RAIDERS are outdrafting Angelo these days??

Josh Beekman started 19 of 27 games he played in for the Bears and IMO was the best run blocker, pulling lineman, and had the best technique. Now, why was he let go and were there things we (the fans) didn't know about and was his contract a factor?

Is there any chance that the Bears opt for safe game-planning (a la '05-'06 under Orton)? Assuming the defense is improved with the addition of Peppers, I can see where the Bears play boring football with field position strategy and sound special-teams yielding 11 wins.

I realize this probably wouldn't meld with Martz and Cutler gun-slinger mentality...

why dont the bears go for vincent jackson? (broke?)
who was the last true #1 reciever for the bears? (none?)
if major wright is so good why wasnt he drafted higher.
will the midgets we have at cb be able to cover anyone over 6'?
will the bears set a franchise record for sacks allowed?
will cutler and the wr's click or fail? that is the big one.

Follow up to Bearstadamus' question:

Was Beekman's downfall due to his play at guard, or his play (during practice presumably) at center?

I liked his potential at guard, and thought he did a good job, though I'm no great judge of O-line talent. But he was drafted to be the successor to Kreutz, so maybe he wasn't that good at center, so they cut him?

Or was it just that Mike Tice doesn't like his play/potential (as much as the last line coach did?)


I have done plenty of background work on Angelo's drafts for past posts on here and let me start by answering Alec and Beer's Questions for you...Yes, I have long stated that Angelo is by far the worst GM in the League and the Raiders have been out drafting him for years. They just have more turmoil than the Bear's and are never allowed to develop players at the coaching level without interference from Al Davis. There are weak draft classes, but in those classes, Angelo seems to be behind even that curve to a worse extent.
Now for my question. Why does Jerry Angelo have a repeated pattern of drafing smaller guys {even with middle round picks} and then fails with those guys instead of drafting bigger guys. Here's a short list.

DJ Moore, Josh Moore {decent "size" but way too weak with regard to upper body strength.}
Michael Okwo, Dan Bazuin, Keith Jennings {I know, he was a FA pick up, but small non the less.}
Rex Grossman, Major Wright. Even a guy like Beekman.
Those are just a few off the top of my head. Does Jerry still hold to the old, but false, claim that smaller guys are quicker and faster? I would dare say that if you put Randy Moss [circa 2001} and Devin Hester in a foot race, Hester would be looking at his taillights. The reason I bring this up is I was watching the Bears/AZ preseason game and that receiver Stephen Williams was unstoppable. His Combine stats were really good too. I don't expect JA to find everybody, but if I am going to fail, I want all the measurables to be there.

I was wondering if Angelo is willing to admit that he needs help making selections. He has been horrible and most of the 2009 draft is no longer with the team. Also since the Bears are determined to develop an offensive line will they finally draft more then one in the next decade?

They games starting counting this weekend. I'ts part of the fun that Lovie Smith's decisions on the sideline will be up for debate almost every week. Go on 4th down or kick, blitz or play coverage, run or pass, call timeout or spike it, run out the half or try to score?

Since we don't have any real controversy yet, it might be a good time to ask about the process Smith goes through to prepare for these decision and how they are made on the field. What's he hearing in his headset, does he ask the appropriate coordinator for advice? Is there a "book" he uses, as in "go by the book"? Do they examine statistics ahead of time on the historical success of options? Is there a member of his staff he specifically uses to advise him on strategy?

@Freddie Choi:

Is this the same approach that you'd like to have seen taken with Lance Briggs when he totalled his Lambo and ran from the scene? How about when Brian Urlacher was having his way with Paris Hilton? Right, they both should have been released outright because 'their heads weren't in the game.'

Thank goodness you aren't charged with making decisions for this football team; believe it or not we'd be in even worse shape than now.

Bears have needs and are in a must win situation this year. What do you think about acquiring Haynesworth for 3rd or 4th pick, its not like we produce product players from the draft. Also, acquire LT McNeil from the chargers for combination of draft picks and olsen. What do you think? THanks

Can we get a-


article out of EITHER OF YOU GUYS before Sunday's game???

After sifting through articles from both papers, The NEGATIVITY towards the team, has me ready to slit my wrists. PLUS- The Bears have YET to play a GAME.

Since Kevin Payne was not cut but was put on IR, do the Bears still get that conditional 7th round pick from the Rams?

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