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Tommie Harris informed of decision last week

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Just to be clear, the Bears didn't make a knee-jerk decision to deactivate Tommie Harris.

I'm told by several sources that Harris knew he would not start on either Wednesday or Thursday.

It's also been stressed to me that Harris is/ was healthy and that this was not disciplinary.

They've liked what Matt Toeaina has done, and they also wanted to get a look at Henry Melton and Marcus Harrison.

And whether he wants to be traded or not, that doesn't seem to be the Bears' intention.

Harris didn't have much to say last night, after the game. But, it'll be interesting to see how he responds to this. Will this fire him up? Will he become complacent? Or, will he become a distraction?

We'll find out.

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I hope this gets him fired up, if not they should cut their losses and get what ever they can in a traid.

Wow.. damage control here by the Bears. Bottom line.. you dont sit your so called star player to let some other guys get reps. Harris is making big money.. he is supposed to be the key piece on this D that Lovie runs.. the 3 tackle is the chaos creator. The guy who shoots the gap to blow up runs and make the QB move outa the pocket. Tommie has lost it. Sorry, but injuries/mental issues/whatever have taken their toll and Harris just cant do it. So glad we cut Alex Brown to keep good 'ol #91. They should just cut him loose now. Not only can he not rush the passer, but he cant hold the point against the run either. Ah JA.. your logic in roster management is astounding.

About damned time they sat his unproductive butt down! Amazing how a "win or you're gone" ultimatum to Lovie has changed the "Rex Grossman is our quarterback" and "There is nothing wrong with Tommie Harris" types of tunes isnt it? And pretty amazing what a difference an ACTUAL COACHING STAFF (instead of old buddies from around the league) makes! GO BEARS!!!

why not package up tommie harris and swap like 3rd rd picks for vincent jackson? the chargers are giving up alot of yds and pts plus reunite harris with rivera and we get a go to top flight wr for the tougher part of the schedule and a run to the playoffs

No way do I want Harris traded! I want him to start playing up to and beyond his potential.With him and Peppers both playin at their top level, opposing quarterbacks would be stupid not to be running scared.Maybe Tommy needs a psychiatrist/hypnotist to resolve his issues and break out of his doldrums.Sort of like prayer--can't hurt, might help.

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