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Third quarter report

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If the Bears can't find a way to win this game they are going to regret it for a long time.

Lions quarterback Matt Stafford is out with a bum shoulder. The offense is putting up whopping totals. Everything is going the Bears' way, and still they trail 14-13.

Yet another fumble contributed the Bears' inability to put points on the board during the third quarter.

Turk McBride beat right tackle Frank Omiyale badly late in the third quarter. McBride hit Jay Cutler from behind and Sammie Hill recovered the fumble to thwart yet another drive.

It was the Bears' fourth turnover of the game. They would have five if guard Lance Louis hadn't recovered a Forte fumble early in the period.

The Lions couldn't cash in on the miscue, however. The Bears got a turnover for themselves when Calvin Johnson slipped and fell, allowing Charles Tillman to make an easy interception.

Jay Cutler has completed 17 of 26 passes for 303 yards with one touchdown and one interception after three periods, but the offensive line is beginning to break down and he's consistently getting flushed from the pocket.

The Bears have outgained the Lions 368-109.

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It's going to be a LONG season

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