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So, what do you think of Frank Omiyale now?

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Frank Omiyale considered the question. When was the last time he played left tackle during a game or a full-contact practice? He thought some more before answering.
"I guess it had to be when I was in Carolina and we played the Saints," he said.
That was the final game of the 2008 season. Fortunately for the Bears, Omiyale hadn't forgotten how to protect the quarterback's blind side. The starting right tackle moved to left tackle after Chris Williams left the game with a hamstring injury and Kevin Schafer had been unable to handle Dallas defensive end DeMarcus Ware during the second offensive series.
The Bears offense settled in after that, and Ware was much less of a factor for the rest of the game.
"Veteran players know that just because you start bad doesn't mean you have to finish bad," Omiyale said. "Olin [Kreutz] pulled us together on the sideline and we straighted up.

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NOW can we get some

"POSITIVE" articles about the Bears now???

Just a thought...

Have to say Omiyale shocked me and deserves major credit. Not perfect but very solid in my eyes against a good deffensive front.

2 wins against 2 unimpressive teams doesn't make a superbowl team. Lets see how they look after the next 3-4 games, this is the hardest part of there schedule

Omiyale did Jack. The Bears line is on pace for over 80 knockdowns. Martz switched to a quick drop and that kept the Cowboys off balance. Cutler was still getting hit even with that.

Up rooted I would have to say the last 4 games of the year are the hardest part of the schedule. Creighton its called adjusting to the blitz. I do recall a lot of 5-7 drops when Omiyale was at LT. How on earth can't you give Omiyale credit? Seriously man it wasn't perfect but was very solid. So whatare you saying they messed up by not letting Kevin there? My god give the man and the Bears some props. It was a solid win.

ahhh.....Omiyale did Jack. The Bears line is on pace for over 80 knockdowns. Martz switched to a quick drop and that kept the Cowboys off balance. Cutler was still getting hit even with that.

i am king.

Omiyale did Jack. The Bears line is on pace for over 80 knockdowns. Martz switched to a quick drop and that kept the Cowboys off balance. Cutler was still getting hit even with that.

Up yours... By your logic the Bears are also on pace for a 16-0 season

Go Bears

LOL...who did jack??? Quite these Lovie haters...Go Bears!!!

Quit saying that quick drop garbage.

Paul P. the Defensive Coordinator said it's because the team changed protection schemes. That would include line adjustments such as moving Omiyale.

You just can't bring yourself to credit Tice or Omiyale

By up rooted to TX on September 19, 2010 6:25 PM

2 wins against 2 unimpressive teams doesn't make a superbowl team. Lets see how they look after the next 3-4 games, this is the hardest part of there schedule

Uprooted to TX...
WHO said anything about a Superbowl???

It's this very NEGATIVE attitude, that I'm talking about.
You play what's on your schedule, and you don't "apologize" for winning.

Geesh, the team is 2-0 for cries sake. you think Kansas City or Texas is "Apologizing" or OVER-Analyzing their 2-0 records? NOPE! They are celebrating leading their division.

You (negative)people just kill me.

Martz and Tice did a nice job today with adjustments, and Omiyale had a solid performance also. I was in a bar with over 50 Cowboys fans, (only about 8 of us) and still have not gotten my voice back. Got the slackers coming in town mext week, and we need to get this one cause it's a home game. Defense is playing well against the run, and getting some pressure on the QB, Romo was getting the ball out fast because their line is also under reconstruction. Well, if nothing else we sure know that Lovie works on the tip drill, Moors's two INT's came off tip balls, the team still needs to improve week to week, but I'll take 2-0 anytime....Go BEARS

Creighton, you probably whined while yer mamma was giving birth to you.......!! Give Omiyale his credit, its definitely due. Ware is probably one of the best pure rushers in the game, and after williams went down, how many sacks did WARE have in the game? You can say the Bears shortened up Cutler's drop back steps, but the MAN held his own against WARE. Thanks ChiFan for shoving the same logic down Creighton's throat! GO BEARS!

Go Bears!!!

Frank did well.

Hope they keep it rolling next week.

Omiyale is a good guy and I'm glad he got the chance to step up...I'm even happier that he stepped up! Chris Williams may be in a battle with Shaffer when he finally comes back. Go Bears and congrats to Frank!

First, CONGRATS to the Bears AND the coaches for a win against the Cowgirls. It's always more fun to debate a win than a loss, and all of us Bear fans have every right to enjoy this one.

BUT... two wins does not a season make. This is still a shaky team with unreliable play at Safety, the OL, the WRs, and even sometimes the DL. MAYBE, just maybe they are starting to jell. It can happen!

But, unless they beat Packers and the Giants we really don't know enough about this team to get too excited. 4-0 I'll start to believe. If they go 3-1, I have to assume these are just flukes. Sorry, I have seen too much bad Bears football for years to believe otherwise.

I was on Omiyale a little bit last week and give him credit. He played a lot better Sunday. To me both Williams and Omiyale are really left tackles. It will be interesting to see how this plays out because, even though they both belong on the left, Williams is probably a better right tackle than Omiyale.

I actually expected the O-line to play better this week because they had better matchups. The 'boys have a very good front 7, but they are a bit lighter and quicker bunch than Detroit. The Bears o-line may lack brute strength, but they are athletic, so they matched up better. The "where's the beef" lines in places like Detroit and Minnesota will tend to give them more trouble. It would be interesting to see how the Bears would match up with a defense like at Indy. Those guys are lighting in a bottle.

This line probably will never dominate anybody. They played pretty good, but certainly did not dominate Dallas. It OK, because in Martz's system they don't have to do that. They just have to be in the right place at the right time, and not allow themselves to BE dominated.

The one thing that is really encouraging is that the Bears are winning the battle of in-game adjustments. They have been losing that battle for at least two years. They finally have assembled a coaching staff that can put the players in a position to win.

Creighton is right to be skeptical of Omiayle's ability to pass-block at the Tackle position.

HOWEVER, he should note, as others have, no Tackle in the National Football League can block Ware in a known passing situation with 5 and 7 seven step drops. Ware gets to the quarterback 90% of the time in those situations against all 32 teams. Frank did okay.


And how about some GD props for Chicago's D? I was really worried about them going into the season, but they have played well against a capable Lion's team and a very talented Dallas unit.

The big test is next week.

Anyone watching that game could see what kind of impact the shorter drops and shorter passes had on the Bears' performance.The adjustment , though pretty obviously a necessity considering how Cutler was getting pounded,worked fantastically and seemed to add life and energy into the receivers as well. The defensive backs played better, but were also pretty lucky.Romo missed some key passes to open receivers or underthrew them.

What do I think of Omiyale? I still think he is overpaid, and he doesn't move his feet well enough to protect Cutler long term, regardless of the position he plays. He had a good game once they moved him over there, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. This line is average on their best day, and marginal or bad on all the others. We are not getting running lanes, and we are not driving the defense off the ball AT ALL. Short yardage may as well be 5 wide, shotgun formation, because we are not going to get any push up front to get the tough yard. Tice is going to have to work miracles to not get Cutler killed early while we adjust to what the defense is doing. We should be counting on heavy blitzing early, so let's shift to screens, slants, and quick throws in the first quarter to slow them down sooner, and keep Jay from bouncing off the turf for the first 15 minutes....Establish a rhythm on offense, and make the defense adjust to us for once.

We are 2-0, one by a weird rule loophole, and the other because Wade Phillips is even more clueless than Lovie as far as in-game adjustments. Martz will adapt, which means Tice can adapt. The defense is about as adaptable as a BETA video tape. We are going to need to be on our best behavior Monday night if we want to go 3-0, and that may not be enough.

Everybody is giving Coach Mike Tice props for coaching the O-Line on the sideline and preparing them "on the fly" in between series. How about props to the Bears Defense for helping out the O-Line? They made sure the Cowboys never went 3-and-out, and stayed on the field for lengthy drives throughout the game, giving Coach Tice enough time to get through the first four chapters of "War and Peace' with his linemen. Thanks, guys.

Gee willikers! Frank Omiyale is the bestest and wonderfulest tackle in the NFL. Not that I have facts or stats. It is because I say so!

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