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Should Lovie have taken a knee?

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Whether Lovie Smith should've taken a knee or run the ball to milk the clock late in the Bears 20-17 win over the Packers has been debated here. Taking a knee is the safer play. Losing some yardage so kicker Robbie Gould wouldn't have had such a sharp angle on the game-winning attempt might also have been adventageous.

Given the Bears problems on the goal-line, however, problems that continued on Monday night, I would've done the same thing. If Matt Forte could've punched it in it would've made a statement that this offense needs to make. The unit has been explosive at times but impotent on the goal line. Sometimes one play can reverse that kind of negative trend.

Plus, I like the idea of attacking at all opportunities. It creates a mentality that can be infectious. There's nothing worse than watching a coach whose game plan is to try not to lose. We've seen that strategy a lot in Chicago. That's why I'm not even critical of Jay Cutler's attempted pass to Desmond Clark on fourth-and-goal from the 1. If there's one thing I always respected about Martz's offense it was his ability to get people open in the red zone. There's nothing wrong with calling a pass down there, just like there's nothing wrong with going for it --- as long as you make it.

I remember covering a Raiders-Buccaneers game in Tampa Stadium in 1995, by the way. The Raiders had the ball near the goal line, took a knee three times to milk the clock and then sent their kicker out for a can't-miss field goal. Not only did he miss but he missed the net! True story. Raiders lost. Worst kick I've ever seen.

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there's nothing wrong with going for it --- as long as you make it.

Are you kidding me?

Both times Lovie went for it they were struggling to score. You ALWAYS take the points when the team is struggling to score like they were and when it's to tie or take the lead. Didn't Lovie learn a thing?

Running up the middle for a touchdown was definitely the way to go. If they score, Rodgers has to go the length of the field to tie. If they don't convert, as was the case, then at least the clock runs down. What I DID have an issue with, however, was Lovie instructing Cutler to call timeout with 1 second left on the play clock (and 8 seconds left in the game). I was yelling at the t.v. for them to just let the play clock run out and take a delay of game penalty, which would only move the ball back to the six yard line. That way, Chicago could have kept their last timeout in case they needed it in the event of any confusion or emergency before attempting the final field goal.


Hayes it's kind of confusing when you make perfect sense like that.


If any of the two games were lost that lovie went for it at the goal line, you would be singing a different tune.
Us fans aren't that stupid. What did the bears pay you to write this article?

You can criticize 50 moves per game if you really want to. And you can bring up a bunch of stats that say the Bears shouldn't be where they are right now.

But, you can say that about every team in the league right now. Every team has weaknesses, and every team has strengths.

I only have 2 beefs with what Lovie called on Monday Night.
1. Not about whether going for it on 4th and goal was the right or wrong move. But rather, why not go with the highest percentage play when you need one foot. The Quarterback sneak. Probably woulda worked. Of course, then the Packers might not be backed up, and have to punt to Hester. So who knows.

2. This is a no brainer. Rodgers has a calf cramp. It is obvious that it affects his mobility at the time. Maybe the Bears were not set on defense, maybe they were. All I know is, that without Lovie calling that timeout and allowing Rodgers to rest his cramp, no way he beats Urlacher to the endzone on the next play with a calf cramp. I thought it was a bad call, and I still do.

Despite these 2 calls, the Bears won, and are 3-0. The Packers weaknesses on the offensive line, and secondary (just like the Bears) turned out to be worse than the Bear's weaknesses.

Sure, they outgained Chicago 350 yards to 250 yards. Sure they held a big advantage in Time of Posession. They had more sacks, and more of a bunch of stuff (like penalties...haha).

But the most important stat is Bears have 3 wins and zero losses.

Just to weigh in, I think they should have taken the three points. I would feel the same way if Clark had caught the somewhat iffy pass he dropped. Ican understand a coach wanting to show he has confidence in his players, but there comes a point when safe beats sorry,and I think this is an instance. The Bears recovered, but it could easily have cost them the victory.

Hell naw. Take the 7 always. You're at home play for the win. Only media scrutinize stuff like that. Football has been around long before TV media, sportsmedia, and this new age of questioning everythinng

BTW how are the Jets reanked #2 when they barely beat the Fins. Did the win over NE count for double? And KC just gets dissed. Oh and tell those Pack crybaby fans to get over it, and stop holding.

PS#2...How is it Dallas and GB gave the game to the Bears. Dallas stomped Texans sun. Maybe the Bears are better than most of the pundits thought.

You probably didn't notice that no one was covering the WR in the slot, it would have been an easy 6 points without the timeout.

Why din't the Packers take I-94 home?

They didn't want to see 6 more flags!!!

It was said previously in BLEACHER REPORT that Lovie does not have what it takes to be a good head coach! The Bears current success is all about Martz and Rod M!

Among other qualities, a head coach's ability to hire good coordinators is essential, and it was Lovie Smith who hired Martz and Marinelli. Doesn't that mean that Lovie Smith has "what it takes to be a good head coach"? I think we all know he wanted both of these guys years ago, but they just weren't available. Give Lovie Smith credit!

"Not only did he miss but he missed the net! True story. Raiders lost. Worst kick I've ever seen."

May not qualify for the worst kick ever but definitely the worst looking.....

A few years ago, I believe it was Gould kicking in Soldier Field when the winds were swirling in off the lake. The attempt was from maybe 35-40 yds and it sailed 15 rows into the the 10 yard line!!!!!!! That was the worst looking kick ever and who didn't say OMG and laugh.

I think taking the knee on that play at the end was the right move. However, I'm glad Gould did not miss; I don't think I could have survived an overtime gake.

A comment for the writer of this article....Take a Knee huh? Kinda like The New Orleans Saints did in overtime this past week...and LOST. I think the Bears played the end of the Game Perfectly. for the 4th and 1 play at the Goal line...I thought the call was see how WIDE OPEN Clark was???????? He just didnt make the catch! It was one of those was so easy he didnt even concentrate. I liked the call.

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