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I'll answer them on Friday.

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The team is 3-0. The Chicago Bears have just come off back to back wins against two top tier teams in the NFC and remain as the NFC's only unbeaten squad. Cutler has looked legendary. The defense is nothing like the wet paper towel it was in the years before. Hester is back.

And yet looking through the comments, all some people can do is whine, complain and moan about the team they supposedly root for. They nitpick the stats rather than the results and come to some wild conclusion that the Bears stink. Why, some even have love affairs with players from other teams they wanted Angelo to obtain, like Morgan Burnett for instance.

So my question is simple. Do you think this team is for real and can make a deep post-season run? I've watched every game on Sunday and I like what I'm seeing from this years Chicago Bears.

I want to rant for a minute. I do not understand all of these whiners on this blog site. The team is UNDEFEATED and there are still people that want to bit@@ and moan. The team is winning games. An ugly win is still a win. I have been coaching for a long time and all that matters at the end of the day is your wins and losses. A Win is still a Win. Stop all your nitpicking, over analyzing, just minusha of sh## that you post each and every day.

The team is 3-0 and up 2 games in the division. Each week has been entertaining, unlike last season. The offense looks better than it has in years (O-line still needs work but they have 13 games left). The run will come. Martz is doing a great job. Marinelli is doing a great job. The D is aggressive and hitting the hell out of people. They have never looked better against the run and will fix the issues with the pass, but again they are winning! No team is perfect.

Please go support another team or if you stay stop all the over analyzing bullsh@$! This season has just started and many of you still think its last season. Get over it and ENJOY!

GO BEARS!!! Bear Down!

I know he only played a series or two, but what are your thoughts on J'Marcus Webb's opportunity on Monday? Any chance he sees the field on Sunday against the Giants?

You folks see the Bears personnel almost daily. Does Lovie Smith look and act the same as previous years? To me he is still Lovie, but is looking and acting differently. For example he is (and this is relative) a little more animated on the sideline. He seems a lot quicker on the trigger with making moves too. Does last year's Lovie sit Tommy Harris or give Bowman the hook in the third game? Does any of that come through to someone who sees the Bears a lot off camera?

What will it take to get the Bears running game on track? I'm happy for their success through the air, of course, but they're going to have to get that ground game going when it gets colder.

Also, what about Henry Melton at the goal line? I'd like to see him torpedo through the line Refrigerator Perry style.

Neil, when the Bears had the Pack pinned down on the goal line during sunday nights game, and the Pack had back to back penalties, why didn't the Bears just deny both penalties and put the Pack in thrid and long instead of taking the penalties and only sending the Pack back a few inches and giving them another chance to advance? GO BEARS!!

Neil, as a big supporter of Lovie Smith( or any headcoach of the Bears), I clearly realize that the Bears have basically been in the same position as last year, except for a few luck plays, they could be 1-2. Remember the Steelers last year....and what a huge win we thought it would be? Should we think the same about the V against the Cowboys? Should we expect defensive collapses like last year as well? Can we honestly expect the Bears D to play consistenly this year? Will the Giants do what the Bengals and Cardinals did to us last year? After all , they DO have a running game. We did lose two formidable players (alex Brown, and Ogun), yet only gained one in Peppers. No matter how good he is, he is just one player. Just as Cutler proved last year. Can we expect Julius to take the blame for the inevitable downfall like Jay did though? Do you Miss ROn Turner yet?
OH...and most importantly, can you help me find my friends from Full Court Press??????


It seems like every week there is a play or two where Jay Cutler and Johnny Knox aren't on the same page. I know Cutler took the blame for the one in Week 1, but the fact that it keeps on happening makes me wonder if he was just covering for Knox. This was a problem last year and it resulted in a bunch of interceptions. Do you think there is a communication problem between the two players or is it just happenstance?


Can you do me a favor. Can you please explain to Mikey that being a true fan of a team isn't sitting around when the team is doing well with a blue/orange kool-aid mustache, brown lips, and a throwback Ditka jersey stretched over your beer gut. But when the team is horrible jumping on the band wagon of every other intelligent posting from more knowledgeable fans.

A true fan wants their team to win every game, heaps praise on it, management, and players when deserved, but also realizes that in order to attain the real goal...{psst..hey Mikey, it's the Super Bowl} certain aspects of the team's play has to be corrected and presses the team to correct those short comings.

Now Neil, you will have to talk slow, throw in a couple of "DA's" and "my friend's" in there so he can comprehend and also you might need to talk out of both sides of your mouth like Mikey does. Below you will see a few excerpts of Mikey's posts over the weeks and months. Imagine my surprise when I read what only can be described as...WHINING. The only difference is that now is the regular season where it all counts and if they don't improve in some areas, then at the END of the season we'll still be watching other teams go deep in the playoffs.

By Mike on September 13, 2010 1:40 PM
"Also, did anyone else feel their stomach churn when the Lions, led by QB Shaun Hill marched, no, sprinted down the field at the end when they needed a score? The Bears went into this plain look Cover-2 and everytime I've seen the other teams offense initiate a comeback drive the Bears do this.
Gawd I hate you Lovie and your stupid scheme.

By Mike on August 19, 2010 10:21 PM
The OL "performed well overall"? 2.6 yards per carry and 6 sacks? I would hate to see them play poorly.

By Mike on August 1, 2010 1:39 PM
"Tell me, why else do the Bears bring in a whole slew of ex-head coaches to try and make Lovie look at least somewhat competent???"

By Mike on April 26, 2010 7:24 PM
"The Bears medical staff believes Wootton's knee is structurally sound."
Wasn't this the same medical staff that looked at Adams and Chris Williams (pre-draft) and found them both to be relatively healthy?
I think I'd rather be on an airplane flown by Stevie Wonder than have the bears med-staff give me a physical.

By Mike on February 11, 2010 8:48 PM
How can anyone put faith in Omiyale starting at RT? I mean, ok, the dude should perform better at tackle given that he actually is one, but c'mon! Martz says some nice things in his interviews and all of a sudden the fans see SBXLV in the horizon. Nevermind the fact that we've been a .500 team since the '06 season and the same cardboard cutout who Bears players refer to as coach every now and then is still calling the shots.

You're a clown. Go back downstairs to your mommy's basement, pick up your X-Box controller and fantasize that it could be you on the field if only you had gotten a few lucky breaks.

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