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Salisbury doesn't see Cutler as a "Super Bowl quarterback"

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Former NFL quarterback and former NFL analyst Sean Salisbury dumped on one NFC North quarterback and gushed about another.

During an interview on, Salisbury called Jay Cutler "overrated," although he expected him to improve under Mike Martz.

"Mike Martz is demanding of his quarterbacks and Jay Cutler should get better. I think he gets a little lazy with his mechanics. I think he's overrated now," Salisbury said. "I'm a little bothered by the mental part of it. I think there's always an excuse."

Asked about the Bears' Super Bowl chances, Salisbury said, "Just being honest from a quarterback position and what I see, that's not a Super Bowl team and he's not a Super Bowl quarterback.

"Super Bowl talent, yes, but the demeanor and the excuses, he has a lot to prove this year. He has to prove that he can go four, five, or six games in a row without throwing interceptions and without forcing it."

Meanwhile, Salisbury is the latest to jump on the sizeable bandwagon of Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers. Salisbury said Rodgers is a top-five quarterback.

"I think he's got the demeanor of a superstar and the poise of a superstar," Salisbury said.

In fact, Salisbury said he would "not be shocked if he's the MVP."

It's been a while since I've heard from Salisbury, after his ouster from ESPN. But, Salisbury never was one to mince his words.

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Sean Salisbury is simply kicking em while their down. Its pretty easy to sit there and rip on a quarterback who is in the middle of learning his second new offense in as many years, and playing with a lot of talented, but yet young receivers.

If you really break it all down, Cutler really didn't do that bad last season. Yeah he had the 26 picks, and a lot of that was on him. But what Salisbury fails to mention is Cutler was throwing to some very young receivers, so some of them picks were on the receivers. And the fact Cutler was playing from behind a lot didn't help, so yeah, a lot of forced throws were to be expected. The guy still put up 3600 yards and 27 tds, and the year before set a Denver Bronco record with 4500 yards passing, the same Denver Bronco team that had a Hall of Famer named John Elway. Once Cutler and his wideout's get on the same page, he's gonna put up some numbers.

As far as Aaron Rodgers, same thing, its pretty easy to talk a guy up after he had such a good season. Lets see Rodgers do what he did last season for 2-3 more seasons before calling him the second coming of Joe Montana. Mark my words, the way Aaron Rodgers holds onto the ball so long, which was a big reason he took so many sacks last season, I doubt he'll be around for as long as Favre was. Aaron Rodgers will end up being Green Bay's Neal Anderson, the guy who replaced a legend and gave his fanbase a couple more good seasons at a certain position, but is now a footnote in his teams lore, thats how I see Aaron Rodgers ending up, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Sean Salisbury--is he still around?

It takes a non-Super Bowl quarterback to know a non-Super Bowl quarterback.

Wow Salisbury likes Rodgers, what a shock. So the genius likes a guy who had great year and is down on a guy who had bad year. I bet he really likes a pair of unknowns like Brees and Manning.

I agree about the excuses though, but that is more of a product of being around Smith then anything else. The entire team does nothing but make excuses.

However taking football advice from a guy who was a career backup and got his TV career start on Battlebots. Salisbury also tends to have a problem with any QB with talent.

“I’d grown tired of being punished for not being an NFL superstar,” He also complained that “analysts who don’t work as hard as me, don’t prepare as hard as me, and don’t have my resume were making more than me just because of their ability to throw or catch a football.”

Not bitter at all.

But hey he has got his act together and is the host of the Lingerie football league.

Oh Dago, Rodgers is a non-Super Bowl QB as well. Perhaps we can trade for Kerry Collins.

My Grandma thinks Cutler is going to turn it around.

I know you don't care what she thinks, but at least my Grandma doesn't sexually harass coworkers. Makes her a little more credible than Salisbury.

Isn't the same guy that said if Hester returns a kick or punt for a TD during the Super Bowl the Bears will win.

I like his steaks.

With the pressure he's been under, since day one, by the lack of blocking and receiving talent, you could feel a little for Cutlers' production. The fact many of his INT's have been on the move or under little duress speak volumes for his decision making; and from a Vandy product at that.

I still have many reservations about this guy, but the exact same was said of Farve so I remain hopeful.

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