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Random observations from first half

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Courageous might be the best way to describe Jay Cutler's performance in the first half.

Dallas receivers may be hearing the footsteps of Bears linebackers, resulting in drops.

Mike Martz did a brilliant job of making adjustments after the first few series and bringing the Bears back.

Great football game. If second half is as good as first this one will be barn burner.

Not sure why Devin Aromashodu is not playing a larger role. He has played some special teams but I haven't seen him in on offense yet. It might have something to do with protections. I'll be sure to find out after the game.

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Vanderbilt has sent you another Bill Wade ! Great job Jay , ,


I am very curious as to the Aromashodu situation. Why is it that they keep shoving Bennett down our throats? Are the Bear's coaches doing this because of the couple of drops DA had last week? Because if this is some sort of "punishment" shouldn't half the team be benched? You have your frnachise QB telling you and anyone that will listen that he likes this kid and you pull this crap. BTW, who wants to bet that DA out jumps Jenkins on that jump ball Cutler threw in the first half?
And since I have hammered Omiyale time and time again on here, he's doing an above average job on the left side. I am still troubled by the ability of an opposing offense to convert 3rd and long time and time again.

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