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Quotes from Thursday night's scrimmage

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Charles Tillman, CB

On the play of the first-team defense tonight

"We just wanted to come out and start fast and getting a turnover on the first play is the best way to start fast. I'm pretty happy about our performance."

On if Kevin Malast should get the game ball for helping the first-team defense off the field in one play

"Yes, I recommend him getting the game ball if we win this game. I thought it was a great job on his part, being tuned in and that was a key first play. It was a great move on his part. He did a nice job filling in for Brian Urlacher."

Greg Olsen, TE

On it feeling good scoring a touchdown

"It's nice to end the preseason on that note. You go out there and get a few plays and get a little workout in. The preseason is now wrapped up and we're getting ready for Detroit now."

On the play of QB Todd Collins

"I think he did a good job. It was tough - he didn't get many practice reps other than this week. He was kind of a late addition to this team - obviously - but he's a veteran and he has been in there before. I think he did a really good job."

On if he is going to have fun in this offense

"I think I am. I've had a great time this offseason with the different things that we've implemented, the things that we've played in and during practice moving around and such. I've had a great time learning the offense and I think everyone else has too."

Brian Urlacher, LB

On if he'll play in the season opener

"I'm going to play against the Lions. September 12th."

On what he believes the first-team defense will be like during the season

"I think we're going to be good. Once we're all together and healthy during the September 12th game (versus Detroit) we're going to be good. I think we're going to get a lot of pressure on the quarterback and hopefully a lot of takeaways."

On what he looks to learn from a fourth preseason game

"I just want our guys to stay healthy, No. 1. You see a lot of the backups that we'll have during the season playing tonight and you just want them to stay healthy and tomorrow we'll see who is on the team."

Todd Collins, QB

On his first game with the Bears

"It was pretty comfortable on most things. The formations and play-calling, some of them I wasn't as sharp as I needed to be, but overall I thought it was a pretty decent effort other than the mishap we had on the shotgun snap."

On what happened on that snap

"I wasn't sure about the formation, there was some confusion, so with one second left I tried to call a timeout, but I was mid-cadence so the center [Josh Beekman] you can't fault him. It was just an unfortunate incident."

On his comfort level running this offense

"Philosophically, I'm very comfortable running it. I just need to sharpen up on some things: the blitz reads, and the formations, getting the plays out quicker and things like that."

Lovie Smith, Bears Head Coach

On the first-half playoff the offense

"We did a few good things. Some of the mistakes, losing the clock a few times that hurt us a little bit. We moved the ball, but we're just kind of killing ourselves late."

On the first-team defense getting a takeaway on the first play of the fourth preseason game two years in-a-row

"We want to see that next week. That's what we're preaching. We've got to take the ball away. They did a great job tonight."

On the overall performance of the first-half

"Right now we're playing decent ball. We're playing good ball on the defense side of the football. We'll get a chance to evaluate some of the players. The second half is big for a couple of guys."

On the importance of this game for some of the players on the bubble

"Our back end guys are getting a lot of reps tonight showing what they can do. Hopefully they can make a couple of plays and make us put them on the roster."

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So Colt McCoy had a perfect night against the Bears. The Bears have been making a habit of helping whatever opposing QB they face look like a Pro Bowler. Frustrating. It's not just preseason either. It's a very serious pattern over the past three years that is not being talked about enough. If memory serves correct, there have been at least 4 opposing QB's to have a career best in one statistical category or another (e.g., QB rating, % completion, etc) against the Bears. Seems like Kerry Collins, Matt Ryan, even Brett Favre and I believe at least one other have had career bests in a single statistical category. Neil or Sean, any insight on this or am I just remembering it incorrectly? Seems like if I'm on the right track, it would be a good story to pursue.....Bears D having QB-career-bests posted on them more than once or twice over the past 2-3 years.

Lobo-that's because you have a mlb that can't stop anything. He runs around but stops nothing. Other teams have no fear, he does not want to be a "sh&tbird" out there. He goes to niteclubs not to the corner tap where guys like Nitschke, Butkus, George, would go. Heck, it would be great if he would just even eat a raw onion before a game, so he would have bad breath in a pile up.
It will be a long season.

I agree. The Bears must be in la la land on 3rd and long. They seem to have no awareness or their plays or the play call just suck. Lovie's cover 2 isn't very effective. It seems that Teams just know how to exploit the holes of their defensive schemes. Mainly, pass it some where in the middle cause most of the holes are their. Lovie doesn't adjust very well to changes and it shows in his complete confidence in sticking with for instance their QB Grossman instead of Orton, which wasn't better but it would've given them a better chance of winning. So in a nutshell without getting into details. Lovie just polishes a turd and hopes that it will be better than before, which we know happens next.

You mean like in 2008 where Brian Griese was starting for the Bucs and went 38/67 for 407 yards and 2 TDs without getting sacked a single time? Stuff like that?

So...let me get this straight...If Brian Urlacher went to a corner tavern he would play better? That has to be one of the most idiotic statements ever made. Let me ask you this? How many championships did Butkus win? I have seen BU do things on a football field that Butkus only had dreams of. {One on one open field tackles of Vick, dropping to cover a WR (Colston in the 06 NFC Championship game), and run back a fumble 90 some yards}. I am not saying he was a better player than Butkus, but he's got far more physical skills than Butkus ever thought of having.
The Bear's problems have less to do with Brian over the years than they had to do with "Alex" "Tom" "Wale" and you fill in the blank at either safety position. As long as the Bear's continue to not generate a pass rush along with being able to blanket receivers so the QB has to look at other options in his reads, you will see no other outcome.

Thats almost painful to read. They actually think they forced a turnover on that first snap.

Well at least football is here, the heat is dying away, and bad football is better than no football.

What to look forward too this season?

1. The Bears get the Lions in the opener and they have a shot at winning that game.

2. Watching Lovie, Angelo, and Phillips squirm like fish on hooks.

3. Watching the Bears go 6-10 or 7-9 and then watching the organization keep the stooges in place because of contracts and say boy we feel really good about what's going on.

4. Me losing it at least a dozen times.

5. Kevin Armstead crying.

6. Brando saying "you see I called it all along I never liked Lovie or Angelo and I secretly new all of this would happen said the exact opposite for year because it made good copy."

7. Sean Jensen trying to figure out why he came to Chicago.

8. Angelo reapeating over and over "I really like these players"

9. Jay Cutler speaking from a hospital bed about how good he thinks the offensive line is.

10. End of the season finger pointing, and the Bears firing some assistant coaches again and saying now we got it figured out.

I don't understand how the starting Defense can be so proud of themselves after last night for only being on the field for one play. It's not like THEY forced McCoy's fumbled snap. I could have recovered that ball if I had been standing in Malast's position. Then the rookie goes 13-13, which (albeit against mostly backups), if you've been watching other starting QBs during the preseason, was no anomaly. There's a reason the Defense has done so poorly on 3rd down over the past year- it's the pass defense strategy, which is basically this: Lineup 15 yards deep, let the receiver make the catch, then try to tackle him before he gets to the first down marker. This used to work when the Bears had speedier LBs, more talented D-Linemen, and more competent DBs. This was also why Lovie's Defenses caused more turnovers than other teams- it's because they had more tackling opportunities. You can't strip the ball from the WR if you force an incompletion (Tillman), but by letting players catch the ball the Defense is relying on their tackling skills and speed. Well, guess what, this philosophy is not going to work unless everything goes perfectly on each play. So there you have it, the reason QBs will continue to look good against this ailing Defense, and the reason Bears fans will be forced to watch another frustrating 7-9 season in 2010.

Hey Creighton, you beat me to it. I was going to ask you whether you think the Bears will have a successful 6 or 7 win season, or totally suck winning only 4 or 5. See, you've turned into an optimist!

BTW, I like No. 2, but if the result is No. 3 I'll be even more angry than I was during Phillips's press conference at the end of last season, which I had the displeasure of seeing when in Chicago for my niece's wedding. And I almost lost it during that press conference; it was hard not putting my foot through my brother's TV.

Gearheadboy-Yeah he would play better if he was a shot and a beer guy. As far as 3 plays that you That bu can run better than a guy playing with 2 bad I think your really his brother or even bu himself. Kinda thin skinned?

Pretty funny today, Creighton, but I hope you are wrong about your predictions. I prefer to think that the Bears will get it all together and finish 12 and 4, with Cutler leding the Martz offense brilliantly all season without even a hip pointer. I particularly liked your comment about your losing it at least a dozen times and sincerely hope I do not have to join you. My Packer fan kids and grandkids like to kick me when the Bears are down.

Let me break it down for a simpleton like you Pumpkin. The football has two points. It has 8 vertical and 2 horizontal laces. The offense gets 4 down to travel 10 yards for a 1st down. I feel that this is necessary due to the lack of knowledge posted above.
Do you have any "football" smarts at all? Dick Butkus was 6'3" 245#. Nitschke was 6'3" 235#. I did some research just on the 6 guards and 3 centers {other than the Bears} in the Bears' division back in the mid-late 60's. Of the 6 starting guards, 4 were 6'3" and 2 were listed at 6'2". Of the 3 centers, 1 was listed at 6'2" and 2 were listed at 6'3". But here's the kicker. No guard was over 255# and their average weight was 250#. The heaviest center was 245#. With the other two @ 230# & 237# respectively. Are you getting the picture yet? Butkus went against guys that were his size and we marvel at how he dominated. Plus he, like Urlacher was a freak of nature back then. An average guard in today's game is 310-320#. Centers might be shy that by 10-15 pounds. Brian Urlacher goes 6'4" 250-255#. He gives up 50-60 pounds to the guards and centers. Full backs and H-backs are bigger now than G & C's were back in the 60's and early 70's.
No, I am not related to BU and if you'ver ever been to a WSCR event in the NW/W burbs then I am not hard to find. Thin skinned?..maybe, but only towards football ignorance. And if you have read these posts for more than a week, I have had plenty of criticism of Brian. Namely his lack of desire/heart or whatever it may be. I have often said that if BU had 1/4 of Butkus' desire, he would have been the most dominate MLB of all time. But a combination of lack of desire and plus the fact that Lovie has this guy running all over the field in different coverages has limited his effectiveness over the years. {The ones he's not been hurt in.}
Have the "shots and brews" helped you with your football knowledge? Obviously not. Maybe next time you sit down on a barstool maybe you should ask for a wine spritzer instead. And any time you need more football lessons, feel free to ask the Gearheadboy.

Gearhead you do realize the moment you got into an argument with a guy who believes a corner tavern will make Urlacher better, you had already lost.

I mean really what does he do if he is on vacation? Can he drink from the mini bar? Or what about Beer in his house can he drink beer he got at Jewel? It goes against the Corner Tavern theory. My god what if he is a friends BBQ? Will this be a corner Tavern football greatness violation?

Personally I am of the mind that if your a pro athlete you probably don't want to drink much or very often. Call me crazy.

Now Gearsofwarboy you really need to stop picking on Pumpkin. First it's pretty clear pumpkin is not the shiniest star in the sky. Second, I do like typing pumpkin, I need the characters man I hat e a boring board. What would B@B without their callers? Like drunk Mike?

Well you know me Wrigley I am a glass half full kinda guy.

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