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Props for Peanut

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Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams blamed himself for getting stripped by Charles Tillman in the fourth quarter that all but ended the Cowboys' hopes for a comeback victory. He knows he should have known better.

''That's the first thign we talked about was Tillman -- said Williams, who had four catches for 53 yards. ''I know him from Detroit. He's going to get the ball out. I tried to hold onto that thing, too.''

Sorry about that

Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking was apologetic after getting called for a personal foul when he and DeMarcus Ware sacked Cutler. Brooking twisted Cutler's head as he took him down. The penalty negated the play.

''That was a mistake on my part,'' Brooking said. ''I kind of bent him back when I had him down. I knew he was going down. I have to just take him down to the ground without twisting him like I did.''

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The refs missed an additional infraction that should have been called for a face mask penalty on the Bear's first drive. I couldn't believe they didn't call it. His head was clearly twisted around to the right, I think, by Spencer.

He will get a hefty fine later this week for it.

You are right.. But "homer" Troy Aikman kept complaining about Bear clean hits on Romo. Fox should "recuse" him from Cowboy games, from now on. his "homerism" was showing.

Peanut Tillman should find him a new pair of cleats. he was slipping all over the place.

I told you all.......Jay Cutler MVP! The bandwagon is getting full now. You all want Lovie fired....The Bears already fired the coach that deserved to be fired, Ron Turner! Go Bears! It feels so good to be right!

I predicted a crazy stat that Charles Tillman could get 6+ forced Fumbles and 6 interceptions. Well he has one of each and is looking healthy.
This Bears defense looks like they went to the fountain of youth. Looking back the last 2 years some player looked like they were playing in sand and looking old. This year they look fresh and hungry Lets hope the Bears stay healthy and keep looking like their young.

Any talk on Greg Olsen.That 39 yard TD was a thing of beauty. It wasnt the catch it wasnt the throw it was his run after catch that was great. Not only did he out run players but put some moves on defenders. Give the man some props.

Gee!! you nailed it tillman slipped on every play.

Brando --

What made that play was Earl Bennett's block. Not to take anything away from Olsen, but it was easy because Bennett glued the defender.

Blocking, BTW, is one of the reasons DA didn't play, based upon the Chalk Talk on the Bears website. DA can't do it, and that combined with his dropped did him in the first week.

ummm Brando didnt DA put jennings out of the game with a block for Hester????? he can block we just have to use more tight ends bc our line isnt solid thats y u dont see much 4 or 5 wide reciever sets

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