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Prediction time: Bears or Packers?

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OK, it's that time of the week. Prediction time.

I think the Packers are probably the better team but the better team doesn't always win, especially on the road.

Plus, these Bears are giving off a vibe as if they know something we don't.

Both defenses have beneficial matchups with star players (Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers) because of potential problems along the offensive lines.

Both offenses will score but most of the scoring will come late.

Bears come from behind and win on a late field goal, 27-24.

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I dont see it close at all...27-17 Bears...Bears are playing with confidence. The packers are playing good, but not with the emotion the Bears have. Put all that in Soldier Field...Long day for the Packers

Bears 27, Pack 17

While I am no fan of Lovie, he seems to have some kind of magic stored away in a little box that he releases when it comes time to facing Green Bay. Also, we're at home and as great as everyone says the Packers are, throttling the Bills and besting the Eagles by one score when Kevin Kolb was in a whole half doesn't impress me that much. Don't get me wrong, they're good, but they're not great.

Sean and Neil, Da Bears beat-da-packers reporters who feel the pulse!

Da more I see of the prickly cactus pundits who have tried to play god with Lovie and Co, the more I wish the tables could be turned and Lovie could have a few press conferences and suggest that the big bosses at the Times throw a few naysayin' cacti into the fire. And the prickly cacti wonder why Lovie don't give 'em no hugs? No Love for the naysayers! How many of Jerry's kids make the pro bowl this year? Hm.

Da Bears shall squish the Packers like I94 roadkill in close pressure-packed game with Da Bears opening it the 4th quarter and winning by 10. JayMar are actually hoping for the Packers crazy blitz packages. Da Bears are going to ground and pound and pick apart everything the cheddarheads threaten. Pack will get less than 50 yards rushing in cheese ground meltdown. Airin Aaron Rodgers will put up decent numbers, but be picked once and fumble once on a sack. Da Bears front seven shall be established as the NFL's best by Tuesday morning. Da Bears win turnover battle 3-1 and win 31-21.

Da Bears cover in USA today, sporting news, ESPN... Time to serve up some MonsterofdaMidway energy drinks around the nation. Da Bears and DaPrognisticator go 3-0.

Where was lovie's magic box last season? Yes, when he took the job, he said one of his main goals was to beat the packers, and he did... during the twilight of brett's career and a-rod's first season as a starter. Things are different now... we got arguably one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the league, several pro-bowl caliber receivers, an emerging superstar at tight end, a commitee of backs who aren't great but can get the job done, a defense that may not be great, but good enough, considering our offensive firepower, and a freak of a pass rusher who will pressure cutler into throwing at least a couple picks (that is, of course, if poor little jay isn't stuffed into the ground before he gets the ball out of his hands). That's just my opinion... the bears do look pretty good this year though... if two nfc north teams make the playoffs, it won't include minnesota or detroit, but the playoffs go through titletown this year.

Mike, thats exactly what us GB fans thank of the bears. they beat a WAY overrated cowboys. and they 'beat' the lions(i dont even have to go there)both 0-2 teams. i cant believe i havent heard from a bears fan all year then you guys win two games and your everywhere. every1 just needs to chill out on all this on it wont even be close talk and maybe realize your playing a better offensive team, that has a better shutdown defense. you guys have a good run defense. ok but now what about aaron rodgers and his 5 weapons.

The Packers will win. They are simply better than the Bears. Don't forget, the Bears lucked out against the Lions. But as these games always seem to turn out, it will be close. Packers 24, Bears 21.

Packers 27, Bears 16

I dont know what people are talking about the Bears are not good. They should of lost to Detroit and Dallas can lose to the bills right now they are way off. The Packers can go head to head with anyone. Even if Cutler can get some kind of offense going Rodgers will come right back. The proof is in the pudding Rodgers went head to head with Warner and he lost to a BS play in OT. Packers had the Bears number last year and they will this year too. Good luck next year...

Julius Peppers will be going against either a banged up left tackle, or a rookie, so yeah, its gonna be a long day for Mr.Rogers.

On the other side of the ball for Chicago, the matchup that could decide the game will be the Bears receivers vs the Packers corners. The Packers boast probably the best set of corners that Chicago will face this season, Charles Woodson was the NFL's defensive player of the year in 2009, him and Al Harris are probably the main reason the Packers have such a great defense. What make the Packers corners elite is their ability to jam, and that could be a problem for an offense that is based on so many timing routes like Chicago's is, look for a lot of stuff underneath to Forte and Olsen. This might be the game that Chicago's running game needs to come to life, Bears 21 Packers 17 GO FORTE!! and as always GO BEARS!!

This is a tough call. I'm going low-ball, figuring the Bears will control the clock with short passes and the running game.I look for some delayed runs and screen passes from the Bears.If the Bears cannot pressure Aaron R. though,a shootout is a viable possibility. Bears 17, Packers 10.

ahhhh......hey Neal IS TAHT EWVEN A QUESSTION????? of corse my packers will DRUSH teh bears ans tehn all tgose LOOSER bear fans will bee crying al nite....ahhhh MUSIC ATO MY EARS!!! arron rofgers (total dream ans wahat a HUNK!) wil pass for 9 million yards ands throw a td every second against those LOOSER bears ans all teh BUSTYS on tah tTEAM!!!!! ohh it wils happe sense ia am allways right ans o inoly give FACTS.

but uou ugys now me old crap-ton,,justt tyint tro pe bosative

ps ohhhhhhh.....BRRRAANNDOOOOOOOO!!!! so AMD he maks me somtims!!!

85-0 Bears.

The Packers have more talent. But so did the Cowboys.

If the Bears win the turnover battle, they will win. If they lose the turnover battle, they will lose.

If they force Green Bay to throw it 50+ times, they will win the turnover battle.

I see this happening.

Go Bears!

The Packers will crush da lowly bears.....not even a contest. J Cuttooth throws 4 pics and is laid out flat on his back most of the night and ARodg throws for 400 yards. This is not even close...Packers 38-14....

BEARS win the game and dominate.

The Bears should have won last years 1st game with GB and they lost both last year.

This year the defense with Peppers, the linebacking corp and with better playing safety and corner play, this game will not be close.

Peppers and the line will get pressure on Rodgers and he will have a bad game. He will be sacked a few times maybe as many as four times. The Bears will create turnovers, interceptions and put some points on the Board.

The packer defense will put some pressure on Cutler but hot reads and some nifty outlet and screen passes to the RB's, tight ends and receivers will create big plays.

This will be the Bears night, they will dominate and play physical ball all night and the Packers will leave town with their tail between their legs and cry to their mommies after the Bears thrash them.

Bears win 27-13

20-17 overtime win for the Bears. Defense will be the key in this game. Just like last week the Bears might give up alot of passing yards but the need to keep the Packers in front of them. As far as the Bears go on offense the need to get their running game going and I see this game they will.

I made a mistake in my above post, the Packers corners are Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams, the 4th year player out of Louisiana Tech, he's solid but no Al Harris. As far as Woodson, so far this season he has 10 tackles and 0 ints, the matchup of Chicago's receivers vs the Packers corners might not be so bad after all, but still one worth watching and probably still a key to the game GO BEARS!!

Jake, KB(Kabeer?), Mark, that's exactly what we Bears fans think about the Pack. Who have you beat, Kevin Kolb's Eagles...Vick would've won that game. The Bills at home? OOOHHHHH!!! Scary.

The more I think of this game, and I know the Pack want to come here and make a statement, and one will be made.

5 weapons, who. Oh I know, Kolb, Edwards, Ref, Line judge, Chan Gailey. We know at least 3 will not be there on the field to dictate the game.

Bears 27 Pack 21.

P.S. The only team more overrated than the Boys is the Pack.

Will its going to be a great game the bears have been working hard and getting better but the packers airnt going to lose this game are D is better and are off.. is better and better every game the score is going to be 13-24 packers game

Tough game to call.

After watching week-3. The underlying factor in most game was the ability of team's to minimize turnovers, field position, discipline, coaching and execution. Another thing I saw/realized (this week)is that there isn't much difference between NFL teams except the things I mentioned. Lions have Vikes reeling, until rookie muffs punt, Vikes recover muffed punt, Vikes score, game(in effect) over. Orton throws for almost 500 yards,young coach "Eschews" chippy fg, goes for 4th down play no-good, teams goes 0-5 in red zone, Indy wins. Saints PK blows easy chip-shot FG, Atlanta's kicker does not, Atlanta wins. Veteran kicker for Raiders also blows chip-shot, Raiders lose. Interesting week-3.

This game will come down to the Bears being able to put pressure on Rodgers, the play of bears secondary, a few GOOD special team plays and The arm of Cutler.

This will either be a coming out party for Cutler and the 2010 Bears, or a lock and re-load for a dysfunctional opponent The NY Giants next week.
Peppers reeks havoc on Rodgers, Special team takes 1(or 2) to the house, Cutler shows off his cannon and the Bears win 27-20

I'm nervous about this one because it is on Monday Night Football. Why do the Bears have such a dismal record on MNF? Had it been scheduled for noon yesterday, it would be a no-brainer pick for Chicago.

I think both offenses, and especially Cutler and Rogers, will be the talk before the game. Then we will see an ugly/beautiful NFC North game where the defenses take over. 17-13 Bears.

The Bears could have easily lost to the Lions, and the Cowboys practically threw the game away. Still, a win is a win, and the Bears are looking better than last year with the addition of Peppers, a healthy Urlacher, a smarter offensive coordinator and a more experienced receiving core.

But the Packers are looking unstoppable at this point, both offensively and defensively.

Sadly, Packers win 24 to 21.

Don't know the weather situation in Chicago will be tonight, but if it's dry, the Bears will win 24-21. If it's wet, then I like the Bears 17-10. All of these posts about how Peppers is going to go up against an injured or inexperienced tackle and that is going to lead to a dominating game sounds a lot like last week in describing the Cowboys OL, how Peppers was going to run wild there, and you couldn't find Peppers with a search party and a St. Bernard. Maybe a "Fox" nationally televised game isn't enough to get his motor going and an ESPN one is.

27th against the pass is what scares me the most. The Bears have to get off the field in situations where it's 3rd and more than 6. being good against the run in a pass happy league is ok, but when you are not even 3 full weeks into a season and you have already had several 400 yard passing games you can see where the emphasis is.

If the Bear's play their cards right and don't get out over their skis, they could be 5-0. The Giants are in disarray and the Panthers just plain suck.

Too bad the anonymous entry was anonomous. I liked what he/she said.

dude r u vears fans foreallll????? hahahahha you have no chance I mean NO CHANCE TODAY haha u think that the packs didnt even see the tapes of the bears first two drives against the cowboys were they had there fingers up there butts wondering wah to do hahahahahahhaa dude i have no idea why the cowboyz stop blitzing this sory team but u best believe clay all day is gonna be on jay alll day hahahahahhahahaha you guys are jokes GB win 21-7

The biggest regular season game the Bears have played in five years. It's the only time in my lifetime that two topped ranked QB's and an undefeated Bear team and Packer team have locked horns.

The Packers defense vs. The Bears offense. The Puncher vs. the Counter puncher. Matthews can't continue on his current trend nobody is getting 48 sacks in a season. The Bears OT's are bad and the O-Line is bad and faces the best pressure team in football right now. The Bears offense will not look to have a dominant run game against the Packers but they will run the ball to help keep the packers honest and because you don't want to be the team throwing the Ball 50+ times in a game. It may give you great yardage but usually if you throw the ball that much you lose. The Bears offense will use motion to try and create mismatches with Forte, Bennett, Taylor and Olsen. The Packers corners are better than the Cowboys and will look to work the Jam more. Martz has shown he can couter punch with the best of them.

Bears Defense vs. Packers offense. Rodgers is one of the best in the game but sits behind a bad O-Line that is also beatup. They are not a threat to run the ball but like the Bears they still use the run to keep defenses honest. Packers will also use bunch formations and motion like the Bears do to create mismatches. The Bears face a huge challenge on third downs dealing with Finley, but Driver scares me more than him. Someone other than Peppers needs to step up on the D-Line for the Bears tonight or this will be a long game for the Bears defense. Rodgers is too good to let go unchecked.

The Bears have the advantage of playing at home and this will help. But the Packers have an offensive advantage, they have played in the same system for years, while the Bears are still leaning their offense. However Rodgers has not been as sharp as Cutler this season. In Rodgers three biggest games last year the two Vikings games and the Arizona game he played great, the Packers also lost all three of those games. The Bears have not had a ton of players step up Urlacher, Briggs, Cutler, and Peppers although he is usually facing doubles, but the Bears are playing good unselfish team football right now. The Packers have more talent and have been in their offensive system a lot longer than the Bears who are still learning their system.

Could be a shoot out. Packers by 7, but Bears make it a game and earn some respect around the league.

Ummm its gunna be like vitnam in soldier field...duhhh
The bears are actually 1-1 the lions beat em come on now....hahaha Smokey the bear is about to be smokeddddd!!!!

CheeseheADS 31-13

Yeah, that's about all I can take of the cheese whiz crew. Vietnam? I don't think so. To much smelly cheese stinking up this joint.

Bears win, Cutler leads a game winning drive and Golden boy kicks a game winning field goal. I don't care if I am wrong I can't take the Chedder Heads and hairy animal women of Green Bay.

Time to send you all back home to momma with tears in your eyes. Someone hide the sheep and other defensless animals Packer fans are going to be looking for comfort after tonight.

I have never taken the Packers before and I won't start now with this over hyped injury riddled team.

Bears by three.

Da Bears D will tear it up tonight. The offence speaks for itself. I hope the Packers fans dont poop their pants tonight when the bears win to the tune of 41-16.

Ditka 40, Hurricane 0.

The comment left by anonymous saying "I dont know what people are talking about the Bears are not good," has absolutely no validity. Reading comments like that literally make me laugh. If a football team is playing for a conference title and a shot at the superbowl there is no way in hell anyone can claim that that particular team is not good. What a joke. Sure Green Bay beat Philly, but so did Chicago. Sure they beat Atlanta, but that was a dome game against a mediocre defense (16th in the regular season). The Bears' run defense (2nd in the regular season) will shut down Starks just like they completely shut down Marshawn Lynch last week and force the Pack to go to the air much more often. Throwing the ball in 20 degree weather is a lot different from throwing the ball in a dome and Rodgers and the Pack haven't been great offensively against the Bears this season. I like the Bears.


this going to be a good game but u have to remember they comming to the windy city.bears over pack 24-17

The Bears Love Cheese.

@ crap-ton, learn to spell loser. go back to school. bears win 20-17

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