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Prediction time. Bears or Cowboys?

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This is a tough one.

The line is 8 1/2 points but I think it could go either way. I see a defensive-oriented, low-scoring, hard-hitting game. Dallas' defensive line could cause nightmares for the Bears offense.

But the same could be said about Julius Peppers and Co. against a makeshift Dallas unit.

In the end, the desperation of the 0-1 Cowboys, plus home-field advantage, results in a 24-20 Dallas win in a memorable game.

Of course, my opinion is no better than yours. Tell me why I'm wrong ...

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Bears 21 - Cowgirls 20. Enough said!


Reasonable enough, Neal, but I think the Bears' offense is ready to roll. I'll go Bears 33, Cowboys 21. The Bears have had a week to correct the problems they had against Detroit,and Harris will push the offensive line bask, making things easier for Peppers and company.

Won't be that close. The Bears are not a big game team and this is a big game for the 'Boys.

Something is misisng from the Bears, call it hunger, fire, whatever, they don't have it. Cows 24 Bears 17

My prediction: Cutler 1 TD, 3 sacks and an Int... You heard it hear first.

49-0 Bears!

Da Bears are commin' out of hibernation with monsterous teeth. The critical experts are goin' into their well-deserved cave this fall to drink apple cider vinegar and wallow in self-righteous bat dook. Da lassies are going to join the pundants in the 0 & loss loss pit of despair. Jerry the Angel gonna be happy with his off-season acquisitions, and Jerry the media-sponge Joneser gonna be soakin' in all-American disgrace. Da Bears 31-17--3 sacks, 2 picks, and 2 fumble reco's, as our D' shows out. Dboys gonna do some embarassing things. The media blitz in Dallas is gonna be more ferocious than the boys' front seven. Jay gonna get nicked some but light it up with a solid performance. Either Manning, Hester or Knox is goin' the distance on a kick return. By next week Bears koolaid will begin to pick up sales at the media lemonade stands around the nation. The cup is already more than half full, go Lovie and co. Go Bears.


Cowboys will run over the Bears, Colombo and Davis will abuse Anderson and Harris. Cowboys defense is to good and they will run at will on the Bears. Bears will put up some yards in the passing game but not the points to go with it. 24-13 Boys.

Paul what's the matter last week you had them scoring 47, only 33 this week?

After a few quick sacks, the Boy's will be in max protect most of the game. If we can continue to stop the run, we should easily win the game. As much as people talk about the Bears line, it was getting better toward the end of last week's game.

bears will win 7-8 games this year......dallas 27 bears 13

Bears 13 - Cows 20 Chicago won't be able to get the run game going with their offensive line, leaving Cutler to try to win it with his arm. Turnovers and special teams will decide this one.

Bears 27 Boys 23. Cutler to...somebody with 1:38 remaining.

I just dont see the bears hanging with the Cowboys. I see the Cowboys as all around the better team. Make me look like a fool Bears but its all Cowboys in this one 34-13

Let's see, what did I say last week? Oh yeah, I said 20-13 Bears on a 19-14 game. Said it looked like the defenses were ahead of the offenses at this point of the year. Really blew it.

After this weekend maybe the conversation is going to be that Philly found out the hard way that the Bears O-line is better than everybody thought, because the Lions D-line is tougher than everybody thought. The other conversation might be that the game against a mediocre Redskin team was not a fluke. Dallas looked better on paper than they actually are on the field. I also wonder if Dallas will be unhappy that Warren Sapp ran his mouth.

30-20 Bears.

Cowboys by at least 14.

Unfortunately, I think this will be the Dallas offense's coming out party. Bears secondary can't match up with Dallas' receiving corps and Miles Austin will kill them in the 1st half. In the 2nd half, Barber and the Dallas run game will take over and grind the Bears out of the building, with a key injury or two hurting the Bears D.

With Matt Forte's recent baby drama, his heart won't be in it and the Bears run/screen game will not get going. Dallas D will sit back in coverage and make Cutler force throws. 31-13 Dallas is how I see it. Oh well, it could be a good lesson for them for the next game.

ahhhh.....Cowboys will run over the Bears, Colombo and Davis will abuse Anderson and Harris. Cowboys defense is to good and they will run at will on the Bears. Bears will put up some yards in the passing game but not the points to go with it. 24-13 Boys. you herd it here first.

Paul what's the matter looser last week you had them scoring 47, only 33 this week? man waht a chump.

but you guys now me old crap-ton just tryinjg to be posative....

ps feelas i am going into the jets lockeroom with my pink panties on....donut they now how too treat a lady??? :)

Bears eliminate 3 three lost fumbles from week 1. Cutler will throw an interception probably every week in this offense, but thats fine if you are scoring 30 points a game like they would have last week without the fumbles. Lets not forget the Bears gave up 120 yards the entire game before the last drive against Detroit, and I dont care if it was "Just Detroit" they are an NFL team, and to dominate like that for that long against any team means your defense is good. In a shocker, Bears in the upset, 33 - 17.


Do you think that the loss of the starting FB for the Cowboys will have a negative impact on the Cowboys running game? The backup stepping in is a rookie and played little last week. Will this give the Bears' linebackers a leg-up?

HAYES HERE: It doesn't hurt, that's for sure. But they can alleviate any problems by using less fullback-oriented formations. I don't see it being a big factor.

Bears-38 Cowboys-20. Early mistakes by the Cowboys will haunt them in the first half. The Bears will have the lead at half time and never look back.

Cowboys 24 Bears 7

Having watched both of their games last weekend, I can tell you the Bears looked a lot better than the cows. The cows haven't looked good all preseason and their first game continued that trend.

I think the Bears can take advantage of the corners and Forte can have another big game vs their LBs.

I'll be going to the game so I'm probably thinking more with my heart than my head but I think the final score will be;

Bears 24 cows 10

Bears will have no running game (again), Cutler will be running for his life (again), Bears DB's will be torched (as usual), Peppers will be doubled all game, Devin will dance around on punt returns (as usual)......Cowboys in a cakewalk......

Cowboys - 34
Bears - 9

I love the bears - but please - I can't see picking the Bears over anyone, especially on the road, until they look better

The Bears will win a squeaker 20-17. Cutler will look much more efficient. Watch for Aromashodu to light it up in this game like the end of last year. Peppers and Urlacher will have big games. The Cowboy's line will still struggle because Colombo isn't yet 100%.....Peppers/whoever will run right past him.

21-17 Bears

The D continues to shine, special teams steps up and either special teams or the defense will score a TD. The offense will score as well but not be that impressive.

Turnovers and sacks decide the game either way but I am saying the Bears pull the upset in Dallas.

This game is gonna come down to who's offensive line wants it more? I think inside wise for Chicago on the offensive front, Garza, Kerutz, and Louis should be able to handle LDE Marcus Spears, NT Jay Ratliff, and RDE Igor Olshansky. Its the outside thats gonna be key for Chicago. Bears left tackle Chris Williams shut out Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, but this week's matchup is gonna be a little more tricky. Williams is matched up vs one of the games premier pass rushers in DeMarcus Ware, Chris Williams play is gonna be key, if Williams can shut him out, the Bears will have a better chance of winning. Frank Omiyale vs Anthony Spencer will be another matchup to watch, Omiyale like Williams, simply needs to show up.

The key matchup will be Zack Bowman vs Miles Austin, who's coming off a 10 catch 146 yard game vs the Skins, I'm sure Bowman will get safety help, but his play is gonna be key. Austin is quietly becoming one of the games better wideouts, and unlike Calvin Johnson last week, has one of the games better passers in Tony Romo throwing him the ball, that will be the games key matchup Bowman vs Austin.

Its gonna be another tight one, but I think Chicago's offensive line will come to play and seemed to get better vs Detroit sunday, and DeMarcus Ware is coming off an injury. On the other side of the ball, Julius Peppers should have another big game for Chicago, and Dallas doesn't have a very good run game with Marion Barber & Felix Jones, who aren't anything special vs Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs who are, Bears 14, Dallas 9 GO BEARS!!

I can see the bears dominating on D they just are going to get better and better as the year goes on, After last weeks performance there offensive line came together towards the end of the game which should lead into this game. Cutler will rack up another 300+ performance and forte will do enough in the run game to open up some play action and keep Da boys on there toes.. Bears 27 Cowboys 10 miles austin will have a aright game but come on against a vet like tillman I dont see that happening

my crystal ball says bears 42 cowboys 40. bears win on a last second field goal. both romo and cutler will throw for over 400 yards. both will be sacked 6 times. 3 peppers, 1 urlacher, 1 anderson and 1 tommy.
also, bears will announce they have given a second round draft choice for the rights to vincent jackson. biggest reason- to keep him from minnesota.
bears go on to be the surprize team of the nfc. beat the packers and vikings on the way to the nfc championship game where they lose to new orleans because of injuries. lovie and company are safe. bears hire tony dungy as head coach and front office guru and hire jim mora as consultant or gm.
dream on.

although it's a game the Bears could pull off an unexpected win (see 2008 opener at the Colts) I think the Cowboys will win by about 10-14 points in a fairly competitive game through 2-3 quarters. i think the Bears will end up making some mistakes giving up some big plays even if they play well on defense for most of the game. if the Bears are able to pull off an upset it would change the attitude of pundits throughout the country and setup a very interesting game against Green Bay a week from Monday.

As this game goes on I believe our DEFENSE will be the key 3-turnovers, then the offense needs to keep the turnovers down. Bears in a squeaker: 20-17!!!

Bears were beat last week by a much lesser team than the Cowboys. STupoid rule.

30-13 boys.

Bears are not there yet. It's going to be a long season.
27-10 Cowboys

Bears 24 Cowboys 14.......and here comes all the fairweather fans back on the bandwagon!!

Looking forward to seeing Martz's offense on turf. We have some fast receivers. 34-31 cowboys due to home field

I agree with Neil, low scoring game due to 2 good defenses and 2 poor offenses. At least so far; I think the Bears will score enough to stay in the game and win on takeaways. Bears 20 Cowboys 17.
Take the 8 points and run to the bank.

Get real. The Bears had their hands full with the Lions, minus their starting QB for the second half. And that was at home, this is on the road against a Cowboys team that blew one last week. Dallas will blow them out 35-13

Don't know what to make of this one. Bears D played GREAT in Week One, and the O tripped over their own feet repeatedly. But, BU back, and in form... along with LB and the addition of Peppers? HAH! This can be both a Statement Game and a launching pad for a great season for the Bears if only they can get this one. IF. Just wait and see... we'll find out on Sunday.

Here's a little advice my daddy used to give me-before he gave me all my money.

"a cowboy taint never takin down a bear without a gun." Romo aint no gun these days, unless you're a figurin' on a capgun. That there aint no varmin scrum I'm feeding you neither.

Seedy, happy to read your comments again. This Dallas team is not Indy in midseason form. 1 playoff win, and now they are worldbeaters??? Been thinking about this game for a min. after watching Washington with their vaunted defense hold the Boys to 7 pts.

Gotta admit, as a admirer of offensive line play, I really want to go against the Bears. But there is something about the Mike Martz offense that makes me say BEARS!! I like his aggressive playcalling, and creative use of talent. I still have visions of Ricky Proehl running down the sideline.....WOW! Is all I can muster. The defense came back last week, Jay looks pretty good in this offense, and most people still are not giving the Bears their due.

barnburner 27-24, bearssssss.

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