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Peppers needs to step up vs. Packers

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Julius Peppers should be licking his chops and rubbing his hands together greedily because the Packers are vulnerable at left tackle heading into Monday night's showdown at Soldier Field.

Veteran Chad Clifton started at left tackle in the Packers 34-7 win over the Bills last week before being pulled by Mike McCarthy because the coach didn't feel Clifton was moving well enough on a sore knee. Rookie Bryan Bulaga replaced him.

It appears McCarthy's options this week are to rehab Clifton with hopes of getting him back on the field, even if it means he will miss multiple practices, or to start Bulaga.

Either way, advantage Peppers.

"What is 100%?" McCarthy told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "This is the National Football League. The medical staff has a lot of history with Chad, and when we get him to the point where we feel he's ready to go, he'll go. He's our starting left tackle. He's battling through a rough spot right now medically.

"We have Bryan Bulaga getting ready. I thought Bryan played well with his opportunity yesterday."

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Does not matter who starts, Pack will win!
Go Green Bay!!!

Does this news make the game the "One-legged Left Tackle Bowl"?

McCarthy's a pretty good offensive coach(for a cheesehead). After what happened to Stafford, I doubt Peppers is going to get a lot of one-on-one free shots at Rogers. That doesn't mean the Bears won't have some opportunities to make defensive plays because of the situation.

Not only is Clifton hurting, but Tauscher is playing equally as badly without injury on the other side. Pep should be able to get all kinds of matchup advantages on Monday. Anderson should be able to cause trouble for both as well, as neither Clifton or Tauscher are good at controlling a speed rusher, and Bulaga may not have gotten that kind of competition from the Bills.

But all of that is moot if Tommie Harris, Matt Toeaina, and Anthony Adams do not make some headway in getting pressure up the middle. Harris has been a non-factor in the passing game, and Toeaina is the only one showing up in the backfield on a regular basis. Not sure what Harrison did or didn't do to get de-activated, but he was our best pass rushing DT last year, and we might need him. Melton got some time on Sunday, but he was playing end, not tackle when I noticed him, and he did very little other than special teams.

The 3 technique is the driver of this whole offense, and Warren Sapp was not wrong when he said Tommie plays the position like a blind dog...We need a lot better out of him to maintain the defensive pressure.

Peppers will be double teamed and a non factor unless the rest of the d-line steps up and starts taking pressure off of him. I would really love to see the Bears make this a statement game, a positve statement. To all you kool-aid drinkers, if you are real fans then you will start calling out the bears who need to be called out. Yes they have done some good things this year, but it is way to early to say that they will make the playoffs or that they will win more than 5-7 games. I have been watching the bears since 1972, seen a lot of great players but bad teams. Please start being realistic on your posts.

I like it!!!! Play both at left tackle, lol. They will need it.

Where are all the posters? Seems like every time the Bears play bad the same people come here and say 'fire Lovie', 'fire Jerry', 'Mc Caskey gotta go', 'fire the OC','fire the DC'.

When they win these same "fans" are nowhere to post. But others man up and support our hometown team no matter what. I think some are Packer fans, you know who you are. Others are fans of other teams. That doesn't bother me, what bothers me is the fact they pose as Bear fans. I think these posters should just admit their admiration for their team and then make the comment, or leave sports talk radio alone and just make their own opinions and not just rehash the same garbage as these so called radio experts.

And don't tell me it's just an opinion, they want you to think their way or use name calling to arouse emotion. Win or lose, I love being a Bears fan.

Peppers will get chipped and double-teamed as usual. Since the rest of the D-line has yet to prove it can step up consistently, the Bears will need to blitz. Otherwise, Rodgers will have too much time to pick apart the Bear secondary. The good news is the Chicago rush defense should take away the running game. This game has shootout written all over it. The Bears will probably have less than 100 yards rushing again.

I also thought the game would be a shootout, but in retropect,a good way to control the clock and keep Rodgers off the field would be to establish and maintain a solid running game.I think the Packers may be vulnerable to a running offense, but Martz is clearly a good game-plan coordinater, so I'll just watch and see, hoping that whatever the approach, the Bears come up as winners.

at least Rodgers only has to deal with peppers. Cutler has to be so scared thinking about having clay matthews in your face. and some of the best ballhawks out there in the secondary.

This is the most relevant topic of the week. Peppers needs to prove his worth Monday Night, as this is the biggest game of the first half of the season. There will be a big difference between 2-1 and 3-0, trust me.
And if I was Peppers, I would be trying to light a fire all this week under Harris, Adams, and Toeaina, because without those three pushing the pocket up on Rodgers, the Defensive Ends on either side will NOT be very effective. The only shot at disrupting the Packers passing game will be for the Defensive Ends to get consistent pressure on him. Otherwise, its going to be a long night of getting picked apart on 10-12 play drives.

Last I checked Peppers has had 2 good games but not great games against two teams with bad lines and bad left tackles and right tackles. Peppers faced off against Colombo more than Free and the Bears have no problem moving him around. But unless someone else on the line steps up Peppers is not going to have huge games. The Packers can Blitz Roid Rage, bring on the rush or use him to disguise a blitz. You can't Blitz Peppers. He is on the line and he is comming and everyone knows it and that's how teams will play him. Make Harris or Adams or Anderson beat them.

Packers and Bears have not had a shoot out in a long time.

Again all the negativity about the DT position and the Bears are LEADING THE NFL in rushing defense! Do you guys watch the games? Part of the reason Urlacher and Briggs have looked so good is because of the play of all of the Bear DT's -- including Tommie Harris.

HEY CHUCK, I'm right here !! Lovie, Jerry and the McCaskey clan are ALL riding the coat tails of Mike Martz up to this point ! But that's not why I'm here, Mr. Peppers is doing everything we hoped he would. My concern is the total lack of pressure from the opposite end of the line !! Where are Izzy and Anderson ?? Jerry let Alex Brown go for this ? Anderson has been a no-show, sit him and let Cory Wootton play. He can't disappear any more than Anderson has !

I love how people are now on the Martz bandwagon.

In February, he was just an arrogant failed coach and a Lovie Buddy. People said the offense was far too complex to pick up.

Now, he is a genuis who is bailing out Lovie Smith.

Nevermind that it was Smith who had targeted Martz from day one (and Tice, for that matter).

Advantage Bears! I think Peppers is going to have a lobster bib with a picture of Rogers on it. Go BEARS!

Funny how it looks like the Bears might be missing their LT and they are going up against the hottest pass rusher in the NFL, Clay Matthews. This is a non-story. Both teams are hurting at LT and going up against a top-notch pass rusher. I think this will be a classic Bears/Packers slugfest. The score should be about 24-21 or 27-24. Either team will have to fight hard to win. The Bears always play the Packers tough and the Packers really don't get blown out very much. Should be a great game.

Packer fan right here! I live in Naperville and unfortunately am only able to watch the bear games and read all the bear tidbits and listen to all the radio coverage on the bears. So I believe I am fairly knowledgable on bears football. Everyone is talking about the Bears D and understandably so, there playing fantastic. 54 looks like hes in his early twenties. But to be quite honest what should be discussed right now is the packers D agains the bears offense. Clay Matthews is playing scary good right now. And the bears oline has not been the greatest lately. I think we all need to consider this could be a shootout. neither teams running game is that great. and this game has the chance to be a real barn burner. Any ways thats my two cents. ill be prepared to be degraded and mocked within the next several posts. good luck bears.
regardless who wins this will be the most exciting packers bears game in a while.

Wassup, Chuck? I read but refuse to post because negativity is pervasive on here that I would get a head ache with the responses that my positive posts would get. Too many wanna-be coaches and comedians for me. I will let them duke it out and leave it at that. I will at least say that Alex Brown has about 2 total tackles with the Saints after registering half a tackle in their first game against a QB won't can't avoid pressure in Favre. I said tackles not sacks. He's a non factor with the Saints. But we have to bring him up to knock down what we have. There is no argument started, just a statement of a fact. I saw Peppers get tripled teamed and held so bad that the back of his jersey was reading PEP or ERS just before a play was over. QBs are being sacked a lot less because even when you get to them there is liable to be a penalty called. So pressure is good enough. Pressure was so good that this past game Romo was getting happy feet while he was throwing behind or over guys. Can't we be happy about that?

I personally think it is time to consider sharing the workload between Harrison and Harris. We have given Harris way too long to prove everyone wrong. He does look like a blind dog at times. He consistently takes the wrong hole and puts himself out of the play. Harrison is still getting better. Again I am not sure what put him in the doghouse to begin with. As far as the "other end" whoever it is is non existent. Wooten cannot be any worse. Let's try it.

roger you should read my earlier post about being realistic. Yes they are 1st in rushing D, but they are 27th in passing D. They faced a rookie, and the 3 cowgirls didn't have very many individual carries( I believe not 1 of them had 10 carries). The o-lines of these 2 teams are pretty bad, yes Toe is really coming on, AA is his normal consistent self but TH is not doing what he is capable of. A true bear fan will call them out when they are not playing up to there capability, Harris is not. 2 games does not make pro bowl seasons or playoff seasons. This game could be a good start for the bears to make a statement, but the must keep it up, no let downs.

WRD, yeah it's me i'm back. You gotta tell me what you have seen of this Bears team so far, glad to be back. I agree with your post, but you know from my days with Hitman, Villano, and the like, I am not going to have it. Love your input though.

mrmick...kinda agree with you, Lovie wanted this offense installed from getgo, and Martz was not available I believe.

Chris...way off, Bears do not, I repeat do not always play the Pack tough. In my 40 years on this earth I know of 10 games Farve just killed them. Also, Matthews is a LB, so he will not be lining up over Omiyale all day, and when he blitzes, his spot will be free, and we saw last week what happens when you go after a Martz offense.

IDC, I have always been on the Martz bandwagon. Any man that turns a stockboy into a hall of fame QB is a genius.

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